Our First Year

One of One.

“What about this one?” Louis mumbled from behind the scarf he had wrapped around his neck and cheeks. We were both bundled up in our winter coats and matching Christmas jumpers. It was pretty cold, I was definitely having a hard time adjusting to the climate seeing as it was the opposite of my home, Australia.

Louis and I had only moved in together a few months ago. We had found a good sized home in the outskirts of London. Even though it wasn’t the biggest, I was thoroughly in love with it. It was our place, we could decorate it ourselves, decide what we wanted it to look like completely. But best of all make our own memories and make it our home.

“That looks perfect babe.” I smiled as I sipped at the hot chocolate, that I had clutched in my mitten covered hands.

“Then I will get them to load it up.” He nodded and motioned for the man who was in charge of the lot.

“Is this the one Sir?” The man asked.

“This is it my good man, this is the perfect tree!” Louis exclaimed, shooting his fist into the air in triumph. I just chuckled and shook my head at my silly boyfriend’s antics.

Once they had the tree strapped onto the top of my mini cooper, I buckled into the passenger seat as Louis climbed behind the wheel. I turned the heat all the way up, pulled off the mittens, and held my hands up to the vent. Louis started the car and pulled out onto the road as we headed home.

“I’m so excited to decorate!” I smiled as I pulled Louis grey beanie off of my head, running my fingers through my long red hair to work out the tangles.

“I am too, love.” He replied as he grabbed my hand, lacing his fingers with mine, and pulled it to his lips to place a soft kiss on the back.


“A little to the left.” I instructed as motioned with my hands.

“That’s what you said last night!” Louis teased as he pinned a tinsel covered garland over one of the doorways.

“Shut it, or you won’t be getting any of the cookies we made!” I laughed as I hung up our stockings over the fire place.

“I’m not sure if Santa will come for you. I am a firsthand witness at how naughty you have been this year.” He whispered in my ear as he placed his hands on my hips.

“Don’t act like you’re so innocent Mr. Tomlinson.” I winked as I pulled away to turn off the timer and pull the cookies out of the oven.

“Never claimed I was.” He chuckled as he swatted my ass and followed me into the kitchen, sitting on one of our bar stools at the island counter.

“You have to wait until they’re cooler to ice them.” I swatted his hand away as I placed the cookies on the cooling racks.

“Well maybe I want to eat one hot.” He stuck his tongue out as he quickly snatched one anyway.

“You’re such a brat.” I laughed at his childish actions. “Too bad you’re turning twenty-one tomorrow. Or else your mother would still be able to spank you.”

“I would much rather you do it, love.” He winked as he stood and waltzed out of the kitchen. Rolling my eyes I continued placing the last of the cookies on the cooling racks.


“Babe wake up and give me a birthday present.” Louis’ deep morning voice pulled me out of my slumber.
“Let me at least have breakfast first, Lou.” I moaned as he kissed down my neck.

“Fine Rayney,” he whined placing one more kiss on my neck. “but I’m not to blame if any of the toppings follow us back into bed.” He added with a chuckle as he released his grip around my waist.

“Sometimes you’re too much.” I giggled. “Happy Birthday babe.” I added as I placed a firm kiss on his lips.

“It’s already starting out as a great year.” He smiled as he plopped back onto his pillow raising his arms and locking his fingers behind his head.

“You want crepes with your tea?” I asked as I pulled my robe on.

“That sounds perfect babe.” He answered as he burrowed under the covers once again. I smiled as I padded into the kitchen to start making his birthday breakfast.


“You both have it decorated so cute!” Louis mom Johannah complemented as she helped me light the candles on the cake.

“Thanks, it was fun to put everything up.” I nodded. “Okay, girls go make sure that Lou is sitting in his chair and start the song!” I smiled as Phoebe and Daisy skipped into the living room. Felicity and Lottie following after them.

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to Lou!” Everyone sang as I carried in the cake and held it for him to blow out his candles.

“Make a wish!” The twins squealed in unison, followed by a puff of smoke blowing into my face.

“Lou! You had so many candles you could burn the house down.” Lottie teased.
“Aye! You’re next little miss!” He chuckled as he pulled me down onto his lap, after I handed the cake to his mum.

“What did you wish for?” I asked.

“If I told you it won’t come true, but I will let you know that it involves you and me alone.” He whispered the last part quietly.

“You’re an animal.” I exclaimed as I hit him gently on the chest. He just bit his lip and growled.

“Who wants ice cream?” Mark, Louis’ step dad asked from the kitchen doorway.


“Okay girls, everyone in bed!” Lou yelled as he chased them down the hall and into rooms they we’re sharing. The twins we’re in one, Phoebe and Lottie in the next.

“He’s going to make such a great dad.” I smiled.

“That he is. So when are you two planning to treat me to some grandchildren?” Johannah questioned with a small smile.

“Oh we’re not planning on doing that for quite a few years. Sorry Momma Jo.” I laughed.

“That’s a shame. You two are going to have the prettiest babies.” Mark added as he nudged me gently with his elbow.

“I agree, but they will be just as cute in a few years.” I smiled and nudged him back.

“What are you all going on about?” Louis asked as he walked back into the living room.

“Oh just how cute our kids are going to be in the far future.” I answered as I sipped on my tea.

“and just how far are we talking?” He asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“A few years.” I shrugged.

“Hmm.” He nodded.

“Alright well, we’re going to head to bed. The girls are always early risers on Christmas.” Johannah stated as she stood.

“Okay, Love you mum. Good night.” Louis said as he hugged her.

“Happy Birthday Dear.” She spoke as she placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Night Rayne.” She smiled as she pulled me into a hug.

“Night, Merry almost Christmas.” I smiled.

“Night Mark.” I added as hugged him as well.

“Good night, sweetie.” He smiled.


“So did you have a good birthday?” I asked as I slipped my pajamas on. We had just finished putting the Santa presents and filling the stockings for the girls.

“The best love.” He answered as he stripped down to his boxers.

“I’m glad.” I smiled as I climbed under the covers.

“So why was mum bothering you about grandkids again?” He asked as he flipped the covers over his legs.

“Oh I just commented about how good you are with the girls and what a good dad you’re going to be.” I smiled as I curled up to his side.

“Well I think you will make a brilliant mum Ranyey.” He smiled as he kissed my forehead.

“Why thank you birthday boy.” I muttered into his chest. “Merry Christmas Louis.” I spoke when I saw that the clock had changed to midnight.

“Merry Christmas Rayne. I love you.” He whispered pulling my lips up to his with a finger under my chin.

“I love you too.” I spoke against his lips.


“Rayney! Lou! Get up! Santa’s been here! Hurry! It’s Christmas!” The twins screamed as they jumped on our bed!
“Sorry, we tried to get them to let you sleep a bit longer.” Lottie apologized as she stood with Felicity in our doorway.

“It’s alright. We can handle these little bugs!” Lou answered as he pulled a girl down on each side of him and wrapped him in his arms.

“Be careful they seem to be quite squirmy!” I chuckled as I started tickling Daisy and he started tickling Phoebe. They twisted and laughed as hard as their little bodies would allow.

“Don’t think you girls are safe!” Lou called as he leaped up and caught Lottie and Felicity pulling them onto the bed. The twins helped us tickle their older sisters laughing just as hard if not harder than they were.

We we’re all stopped by a pair of flashes going off from the door way. Johannah and Mark stood with their camera and ours catching the fun family moment.

“Come on girls! Let’s go see what Santa left in your stockings!” Johannah smiled as all of the girls launched off of our bed and into the living room. Louis’ parents followed them out.

“Well we better hurry up love. Or else they will open our presents too!” He laughed pulling me up of the bed.

“I can tell!” I laughed with him.

“Merry Christmas Rayne. I can’t wait to spend next year with you too.” Louis smiled down at me, his blue eyes meeting my own, as he placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

“Merry Christmas Lou, I can’t wait either but let’s enjoy our first year while its here.” I spoke as I reached up and pressed my lips on his again.
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