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She's Glitter and Gold


I wake up feeling groggy and disoriented, and when I roll over I'm alone in my dark room.
I yawn and sit up and stretch my arms outwards, causing my back to crack.
I stand up and stumble around the room until I find the light switch. The sudden light irritates my eyes and causes me to sneeze.
When my eyes finally adjust I walk to my dresser and pull a hoodie and shorts on over the lingerie I still wore, since taking it off seems like a large task to my tired self.
I yawn again and look at the time on my phone. 6:07. The lack of light coming in my window suggests later, but in winter time you can never really tell.
I zombie-walk out of my room and downstairs into the living room where I find Jack screaming at Alex, who my sister is sleeping on, as they play video games.
"Maybe I wouldn't have if you weren't so busy teabagging people that you were letting the enemy get at me," Alex replies calmly, but he sounds equally as annoyed.
Jack opens his mouth to reply, but then he notices me standing at the foot of the stairs and the anger leaves his face. "Well, if it isn't Sleeping Beauty."
I yawn in response, then ask, "Where's my mom?"
"Sleeping," Alex answers. "I'm pretty sure Jack drugged you guys."
I smile a little, then the smell of food hits my nose. "Did you guys eat already?"
"Yeah, your mom put together a plate for you," Alex says over the sound of Jack, who's begun swearing at the game again.
I go into the kitchen and open the fridge and pull out the plate of food. I stick it in the microwave and while it warms up I pour myself a glass of wine.
I juggle my food and drink as I walk back into the living room where I sit on the couch next to Jack. I eat as the two boys bicker over the game, but suddenly Alex turns his attention to me. "So what exactly is the ring for?" he asks as he points to the piece of jewelry that Jack still wears. "He won't tell me."
I grin and say, "It's a purity ring."
Alex stares at me for a minute, then starts cracking up, which makes Bonnie stir. "What?" she mumbles sleepily.
"Your sister bought Jack a purity ring!" he says between laughs.
"Mhmm," she hums sleepily. "And he bought her lingerie."
"I know that," the singer says with an eye roll. "He called me asking if he should get her that or chocolate."
My eyes widen and I look from Alex to Jack who, for some reason, is blushing. "And you told him lingerie?" I ask with a small pout.
"I thought you'd get more use of it," Alex sends a wink in my direction, and my face turns pink.
"We're not sleeping together!" I exclaim.
"I know that now," Alex explains in a teasing voice. "But at the time I didn't know about the purity ring."
"Oh, shut up," Jack grumbles under his breath.
We all fall into silence, and the only sound is Bonnie's soft snoring and my fork clinking against my plate.
I finish my food and set the plate on the coffee table and lean against Jack a little. "We should watch a movie," I suggest since the shooting game they're so entranced with is extremely uninteresting to me.
"We're kind of in the middle of a gam-" Alex is interrupted by Jack ending the game and going onto Netflix. "Dude, what the fuck?!"
"The lady has spoken," Jack says in explanation, and Alex mutters something about him being whipped. Jack ignores him and looks down at me. "Any suggestions?" he asks.
I shrug my shoulders and say, "Let Alex pick since I ruined his game."
"I like you," Alex declares happily before telling Jack what movie to put on.
Jack throws his arm around my shoulder, and I try to ignore it, but my body just moves closer to him.

The movie turns out to be a horror, and even though I try my hardest not to freak out, I'm burying my face into Jack's neck halfway through.
Bonnie had recently resurfaced from unconsciousness, and was laughing at me. "Watching a scary movie with her was probably the worst choice ever," she informs the boys.
Alex giggles but Jack hugs me tightly and quietly says, "I can turn it off," as he rubs comforting circles in my back.
I pull my face out of the crook of his neck and shake it. "I'm fine," I say, which is kind of a lie, and turn to watch the movie again.
I try to block out the amount of gore and creepy demons, but every time someone's killed I can't help but flinch a little.
Jack pulls me closer to him, and I gratefully cuddle up against him and rest my head on his shoulder. I make myself focus on him rather than the movie that I'll most likely be reliving tonight in my dreams.
I can feel his chest rising and falling, and if I tilt my head up just a little I can feel the stubble on his face scratch against my forehead.
I close my eyes and take in the faint smell of his cologne, and the way his arms feel around me.
I could get used to this ...
When the movie finally ends I feel Jack's body shift a little, and then he whispers, "Are you asleep?"
"No, I'm dead," I mumble sarcastically. "The demons have taken me."
He laughs softly, and I can feel his chest shaking a little. "Damn it, they always go for the people I like."
I smile a little and lift my head off of his shoulder and cover my mouth as I yawn. "Only the good die young." I rub my eyes a little, then look over to see Alex and Bonnie sleeping on the other couch, then back to Jack. "Did I fall asleep?" I ask, a little confused. I was sure Alex had just been yelling at someone to 'NOT GO THE FUCK BACK INTO THAT FUCKING HOUSE' but he was now snoring.
Jack shrugs his shoulders and stands up, leaving me suddenly cold. "I think. They passed out while the exorcism was going down."
I wrinkle my nose and stand up and grab my empty dinner plate off of the coffee table and walk towards the kitchen, with Jack trailing behind. "Yeah, thanks to that I'm probably going to be hiding in my bed, surrounded by salt for the next few days."
He grins at me and leans against the counter. "I could always stay and protect you..."
I roll my eyes and set the plate in the sink. "That wouldn't work. Stoner rockstars are always one of the first to die."
"I'm not a stoner!" he says defensively. "Alcoholic, yes. Stoner, no."
I laugh and grab his hand. "Well, Mr. Alcoholic, walk me to my room so I don't get my soul eaten."
"They don't eat your soul," he explains as we walk towards the stairs. "They-"
"Don't remind me!" I interrupt with a whine in my voice. "I'm probably going to die from being so scared as it is."
I open my door and sit on my bed, and pull my legs up against my chest in the fetal position. "Did it scare you that much?" he asks as he closes the door and sits on the edge of my bed.
Memories of the few scenes I'd actually focused on flash into my mind and I shiver subconsciously. "I'm not good with stuff like that."
"Have I ever told you about the..." he leans in close and lowers his voice. "curse on this house?"
I narrow my eyes and frown at him, then, mocking his low voice, lean in closer and ask, "Have I ever told you that... I hate you?"
His lip quirks up on the side, but he tries desperately to keep the serious look on his face. "I'm serious. Every time a twenty-two year old girl has stayed here during Christmas, she's woken up dead."
I roll my eyes at his lame story. "First off, you can't 'wake up dead', second, go fuck yourself." I lay down on my back, and stretch my legs out to the edge of the bed and cross my arms over my chest.
He crawls over and grins down at me. "I'd rather fuck you."
I stretch out my hand to smack his arm. "If you're gonna be a poop face you can go home," I say as I roll onto my stomach and bury my face in my pillows.
I feel him moving around on the bed, and for a second I'm scared that he actually is leaving.
Not that I want him to stay ...
"So," his voice is right next to me, and I feel his body lay down beside mine. "If I'm not a poop head I can stay?"
I can't help but smile, and I'm glad that I'm currently suffocating myself with a pillow so he can't see me. "Maybe," my voice comes out muffled, and I lift my head up, partly to breathe, partly to look at the smiling boy next to me. "You have to shut up about demons and protect me from said demons, should they attack."
He laughs, then leans forward and plants a simple kiss on my lips, resulting in an imaginary fire exploding
on my mouth. "Deal."
I pull away from him a little, and frown. "Why do you...keep doing that?"
He raises an eyebrow and cocks his head to the side. "Doing what?"
"Kissing me..." I say as I raise my eyebrows slightly.
He smiles again and moves his face close to mine again. "Why wouldn't I?"
I give him a dirty look and lay back down on my back. "Because we're friends," I remind him. "Friends don't kiss each other."
"So you don't want me to kiss you?" he asks, his face looking a little hurt.
"No-" I say a little too quickly. "I mean, it's just... we're um... friends."
His lips curve upwards, and for some reason I can't seem to take my eyes off of them. "There's no law that says friends can't kiss," he points out, and I'm vaguely aware of his face moving closer to mine.
His smile widens and he moves closer and I close my eyes just as his lips connect with mine.
The kiss starts off simple and sweet, like the other ones, but he deepens it and I let out a surprised moan when his teeth tug on my bottom lip.
I open my mouth and press my hands on either side of his face as his tongue traces my lips. His body moves over mine, and my legs -without my permission!- lock around his waist.
The weird feeling I randomly get when I'm around him hits me with full force. It feels like butterflies took steroids and decided to move into my stomach.
Did I ever feel like this with Jim ?
I push thoughts of him out of my mind and focus more on the guy I'm currently making out with.
The way he keeps biting and the soft moans he makes whenever I return the bites or fight his tongue for dominance...
Suddenly he rolls us over, so I'm on top, straddling him, and his hands start tugging on my shirt.
"Jack," I murmur between kisses. He lets out a 'hmm?' as he continues tugging on my shirt. I pull my lips fully away and push his hands away from my shirt. "My mom's right down the hall," I whisper breathlessly.
He sticks out his bottom lip that's a little swollen and lined with teeth marks that I must have given him. "Such a cock block," he says with a dramatic sigh as his hands move to my thighs.
I smile and lean back down to kiss him once more, before climbing off of him. I slide under the blankets and whisper, "Goodnight," before closing my eyes and rolling over so my back is to him.
I feel one of his arms wrap over my body, and his warm lips press against my neck. "Goodnight," he replies, his warm breath sending a shiver down my spine.
All worries about demons and horror movies have completely vanished from my mind, because I'm now thinking about everything that just happened.
We kissed- no, made out. Really made out. And I liked it. A lot
After a while I hear Jack's breathing deepen as he falls asleep, and I wish I knew how he could not be freaking out right now.
If my mom wasn't sleeping a couple rooms down, would we be having sex right now? Would I have let it go that far?
I know I would have. Self control isn't one of my virtues.
I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, and try to push away the thoughts bombing my brain.
Are things going to be awkward now? What does one say to their friend that they almost slept with What if this happens again and we don't have any reasons to stop ?
What the hell did I get myself into ?
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