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She's Glitter and Gold



When I wake up I'm aware of a, now familiar, body pressed against mine.
I open my eyes and look at Rihanna, who's sleeping soundly with her head on my chest. I smile and close my eyes again.
Memories of last night flicker through my mind, and the butterflies I've been getting a lot lately attack my stomach.
She stirs in her sleep and lets out a small sigh, and her breathing loses the deep and even, sleep-like quality. "Morning," I say softly as I open my eyes again.
She lifts her head up and looks at me through half-open, tired eyes. "I'm tired," she declares, before putting her head back on my chest.
I smile and ignore my insane need to pee and re-close my eyes. "You were tossing and turning all night," I inform her. She had been really restless, waking me up a few times when she rolled over.
"I know," she groans, and as she talks her lips brush against my bare chest, causing goosebumps to grow across the skin.
"You should have woken me up," I say as I brush my fingers through her soft hair. "I could have... tired you out."
She lets out a sarcastic laugh and murmurs, "I'm sure you could have..." I feel her cold fingertips tracing the area my tattoo is, and I feel even more goosebumps spring up, and my usual morning wood seems to be more of a problem. "You should teach me more guitar today," she says as she sits up.
I open my eyes and look up at her, and my heart feels like it's pounding up my throat. Somehow she manages to look gorgeous, even with dark circles and messy hair. Fuck. "Okay," I say simply as I watch her use a hair tie to pull her hair up into a bun on the top of her head.
She crawls over me, and it takes every ounce of self control not to grab her. "Close your eyes," she instructs as she starts pulling clothes out of her dresser.
"Make me," I tease. She gives me a dirty look, and I roll my eyes then shut them. After about two seconds though, I re-open them and stand up. "I have to pee," I announce as I glance at the topless girl who hurriedly covers her chest.
"Get out, perv," she says with a frown.
I laugh and skip out of her room, and into the bathroom. After relieving myself and thinking about my mom and grandma to solve the problem in my pants, I go back into my room where I find the, unfortunately, dressed Rihanna applying her makeup.
"You ready?" I ask as I slide my hands around her waist and rest my chin on her shoulder.
She elbows me softly then closes her tube of mascara and walks out of my embrace and to the door. "You better have food. I'm fucking starving."

I don't know exactly how it happened, but one minute I was teaching her the chords to Therapy, and the next I was on top of her, and we were making out again.
Her hands run through my hair and mine are on the skin that her ridden-up sweater had revealed.
My lips leave her mouth and trail down to her neck, and all I can hear is her heavy breathing and my own pounding heart.
I suck on her skin, purposely leaving marks across her collar bone before moving up to her lips again.
My hands move down to her thighs and I pull them around my waist and feel her hands move down to tug off my shirt.
She pulls it over my head and throws it across the room and my hands start working on taking her's off, which is hard since my body is pressed on top of her.
She arches her back to help with the process, and it's almost over her head when the sound of the front door opening interrupts us. "HEY, JACK ASS, YOU HOME?" at the sound of Alex's voice, Rihanna pushes me off and hurriedly pulls her shirt back on and smooths out her hair that I'd messed up.
I grin at her, before yelling, "NO," over my shoulder.
Alex walks in a second later, and pauses at the sight of Rihanna. "Woah, did I interrupt something?" he asks as he looks from the blushing, disheveled girl to the shirtless me.
I'm about to say that he had, but Rihanna interrupts. "No, Jack was just uh, teaching me a song."
Her story would have been more convincing if the guitar wasn't on the stand. "I'm sure," Alex says with a wink at the embarrassed girl.
"Did you want something?" I don't hide the annoyance in my voice.
He smirks at me, then points down the hall in the direction of the kitchen. "I was hungry and driving by. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me."
He turns and leaves the room, making a show of closing the door before walking down the hall. I look back over at Rihanna, who's still beet red. "So, where were we?" I ask as I move closer to her.
She inches away a little and grabs the guitar off of the stand. "You were, uh, teaching me the chorus," she says as she places her fingers on the chords.
I roll my eyes and put my arm around her so it's mirroring her's on the guitar. "So you strum it like this..." I pull her hand along with mine across the strings, up and down. "And then you change the chord to this..." I try my best to focus on the song, but that's a little impossible since less than five minutes ago I had my tongue down her throat, and her shirt almost off.
"Okay, I think I've got it," she says as she starts playing the chorus slowly, but perfectly. She stops and turns her neck to look at me, and her face is so close to mine, it makes it hard to breathe right. "Is that right?" she asks, before biting on her lip.
"Yeah, it was perfect," I say before kissing her once. She smiles and kisses me back, then turns her focus back to the guitar.
She starts playing the intro cautiously, and she's about to go into the chorus when the door opens and Alex skips in, yelling, "Alex in the room, stop making out."
I frown at him, and Rihanna mumbles, "We aren't making out."
Alex smirks as he sits down on the floor and eats what looks like crunchy peanut butter in a bowl, with a spoon. "You were before I came over," he says matter of factly.
"Were not!" Rihanna lies as her cheeks turn pink.
"Then why's his shirt over there?" he asks as he nods over to my discarded article of clothing that's hanging off of the neck of my electric guitar.
"I was trying to seduce her," I explain, seeing as Rihanna obviously didn't want him to know the truth. "But she's very hard to seduce."
She flashes me a small, thankful smile, then turns to look at Alex. "He was really just teaching me guitar. See," she starts playing the beginning of the chorus, then smiles proudly at me.
"I'm a great teacher," I tell Alex, but he just rolls his eyes.
"Whatever, deny it." He stands up and walks to the door. "I'm leaving, have fun making out!"
I laugh at the embarrassed look on Rihanna's face. "He's just trying to embarrass you."
She lets out a small sigh, then hands me the guitar. "I should probably get going," she says as she stands up.
"No, don't," I hate how I sound borderline begging, but I stand up and grab her hand. "You've hardly even been here."
She laughs awkwardly and tucks some loose hair behind her ear. "And what time I was here we spent making out..."
My lips curve upwards and I take her hand and pull her closer to me. "What's wrong with that?"
Her eyes lock with mine and for half a second she starts smiling, then she shakes her head and pulls her hand away. "Jack, we're friends."
"So?" I ask as I cross my arms.
She lets out a sigh and mirrors my pose. " So I don't want to get emotionally invested in anything right now."
I raise my eyebrows and say, "You don't have to then. We can just be completely casual about the whole thing and just be friends who-"
"Are you asking me to be your friend with benefits?" she asks with an amused, and somewhat honored, look on her face.
"No, but you obviously are," I say with a smirk.
She frowns at me, "Am not!"
I laugh and uncross my arms, then hook my index fingers through her belt loops and pull her closer to me. "You sure?" I ask as I move my hands to her hips and press my forehead against hers.
Her eyes flicker from my eyes to my lips, then back to my eyes again. "Are you trying to seduce me?" she asks quietly, and I can feel her warm breath send imaginary sparks against my lips.
"Why, is it working?" I ask as I push the hem of her shirt up and put my hands on her warm skin.
"Kind of," she admits as she moves her hands to my chest.
I grin and say, "Good," before kissing her again.


"Jack, the pizza's ready!" I yell through the house as I slip oven mitts on and pull the pan out of the oven.
Two seconds later a freshly showered -and shirtless- Jack skips into the kitchen. "We could have just ordered one," he says for the twentieth time.
"You had all the supplies in the house," I say as I set the pizza on the top of the stove and start digging through his silverware drawer for a knife. "And this tastes better."
"I'll be the judge of that," he says as he grabs the knife from me and starts cutting the pizza into four huge slices.
I grab two plates out of the cupboard and turn around to find Jack already scarfing down his food. "Good?" I ask as I hand him a plate that I don't think he'll need to use, then I grab my own piece and sit on the counter before eating.
"Amazing," he clarifies through a mouthful of cheese and sauce.
I smile at his approval and take a small bite of the pizza that slightly burns the roof of my mouth. How he's almost done with his is beyond me.
We eat in silence, because I think it's impossible for Jack to speak and eat at the rate he's going. I'm not very hungry, so I just keep picking at my food and steal an occasional glance at him.
I'm beyond confused about what happened earlier. We had never really clarified the 'friends with benefits' thing, because we'd been too busy... well, kissing.
My heart flips at the thought. I want to be with him, and for some reason the suggestion was alluring. But friends with benefits? That's not something I would normally agree to, ever. But Jack...
"Why are you not eating?" the object of my thoughts asks after polishing off his second piece.
I shrug my shoulders and hold out my practically untouched food. "Want it?"
He happily takes it from me and starts eating it, a bit slower than his other pieces. "What are you doing Sunday?" he asks curiously.
I shrug my shoulders and lean my back against the cabinet behind me. "No idea. Why?"
"Wanna go to a Ravens game?" He finishes my piece of pizza and moves to stand in front of me, and bats his long eyelashes up at me. "I have an extra ticket."
I smile and try to ignore his hands when they rest on my knees. "Don't you have friends?" I ask teasingly.
"Yeah, but you're prettier," he says as he moves his hands to my mid-thigh. "and then you can put some good use to my hoodie."
I laugh and consider his request. "Will you buy me a foam hand?"
He rolls his eyes, but smiles. "Yeah, I'll even buy you a beer."
I grin, then dramatically rub my chin in thought. "I'll have to check my calender," I finally decide teasingly. "Something more interesting than football might come up."
His eyes grow to be the size of golf balls and he sputters out, "You don't like football?!"
I shrug my shoulders, and reach over to smooth out some of his damp hair. "I've never really watched it, so I can't judge it."
He stares at me like I dropped off from a different planet, then he proudly states, "I will convert you to Ravenism."
"Good luck," I say with a laugh. "Jim tried for five years to convert me to Eagleism to no avail."
"Only difference is, the Ravens are actually a good team and they're gonna kick Philadelphian ass Sunday."
"You would get murdered in Philly if you said that," I inform him before jumping off the counter so I can start cleaning up the small mess I'd created in the kitchen.
He starts rambling on about football, and I don't try to block him out, but since the subject is of little interest to me I find myself thinking about 'us' again.
Not like there even is a such thing as 'us'. We're friends and we've kissed a few times. It obviously doesn't mean anything special to him, so why should it mean anything to me?
I clean the kitchen as he speaks and when I'm done I interrupt something about Ray Lewis being 'a fucking beautiful ass man'. "It's late."
He seems to come back to reality, and he glances at the stove clock that reads half past nine. "Wanna spend the night?" he asks hopefully as he grabs my hands and pulls me to him.
My entire body is screaming at me to say yes, and to jump him right there in the kitchen, but I somehow restrain myself. "I'm tired," I say, and as if on cue a yawn escapes my lips.
A smirk flashes across his face. "Are you implying that if you stayed we'd do something besides sleep?"
My cheeks flush, and I roll my eyes. "Your snoring is hard to sleep through," I explain, even though that's not exactly what I'd meant.
He grins, then pulls me in for a soft kiss. He pulls away way too soon, and I try to reattach our lips, but he steps away and in a teasing voice says, "Goodnight, Rihanna."
I glare at him and since I don't want him to have the satisfaction of leaving me hanging, I step forward and kiss him again, and he groans at the sudden pressure on his lips.
I bite teasingly on his bottom lip and just as he tries to kiss me back, I pull away and smirk at him. "Goodnight, Jack," I say in a mimic of the voice he'd used.
I start walking to the front door, and I hear him following. When I put my hand on the doorknob he steps between me and the door and kisses me again, with a little more force. I smile against his lips and kiss him back as I slip my hands into his hair.
He pushes me against the wall and his hands slide up and down my sides, finally resting on my lower hips.
"Don't go," he whispers against my lips, and my heart triples it's already dangerously high pace.
I kiss his lips once, then his stubble covered chin. I let out a deep sigh, then slip away from his grip. "Goodnight," I say regretfully to his pleading face, before opening the door and leaving.
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