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She's Glitter and Gold


I wake up to the somewhat familiar body of Jack against my back, and when I open my eyes I find myself in his room, but I can't quite remember how I got in it.
I roll over with a grunt and prop myself up so I can see over his sleeping body at the alarm clock. 7:30am.
I let out a sigh and collapse back onto the pillows, and roll my head to the side so I can see Jack.
His hair is messy and in his face, and one of his arms is slung over my waist while the other is smushed between his cheek and the bed.
My heavy eyelids shut and I start dozing in and out of sleep, until I give in and fall fully to sleep.
I wake up again, this time to the feeling of something poking me in the ribs. I groan and try rolling over, but the poking continues.
"Stop," I mumble out in a scratchy, sleep filled voice.
"Good morning," Jack sings back cheerfully, and the poking stops.
I roll onto my stomach and press my face into the pillow, wanting desperately to go back to sleep. "Goodnight."
I hear him laugh softly, and feel the bed shift. "Fine, I'll just go make pancakes myself... And maybe burn the whole house down..."
I feel him get off the bed and walk to the door, and I look up just in time to see him leave.
I let out a deep breath and force myself out of bed. Knowing him, he would burn the house down.
Since I'm still in yesterday's clothes, and not quite ready to get dressed for the day, I change into my pajama pants and a tank top before heading to the bathroom.
After peeing, splashing cold water on my face and brushing out my tangled hair, I walk tiredly to the kitchen where I find Jack staring intensely at two bags of flour.
"What's the difference between bleached and unbleached flour?" he asks as he turns one of the bags over.
I roll my eyes and walk over and grab the flour from him. "I'll make them."
"No, I wanna help!" he says as he grabs one of the bags.
I smile and set my bag on the counter. "Get the eggs, milk and lemon juice," I instruct as I get two bowls out of the cupboard.
He does as he's told, then watches me intently as I mix together different ingredients. "I think you're the best girlfriend I've ever had, and you're not even really my girlfriend."
I laugh and bring the big bowl of batter over to the stove. "What? You were never an ass who woke Holly the Playboy Bunny up to make you pancakes?"
He rolls his eyes and leans against the counter and watches me dump batter onto the frying pan. "She wasn't really the 'wake up and make Jack pancakes' type."
I glare at the clock on the stove that reads 9:30. "And I am?" I grumble. "It's an abomination to wake up before twelve on the weekend."
He just laughs and pulls two plates out of the cupboard as I'm flipping the last pancake.

We spend the afternoon packing his bag for New York and showering. Well, he showered, and used every ounce of hot water due to the forty-five minutes he spent in there.
When it's time to leave for the game, he's back in the bathroom fixing his hair.
"Hurry the fuck up," I yell as I bang on the door he'd locked. "We're gonna be late!"
"Looking like a sex god takes some time, calm your fucking tits!" he yells back, then a second later the door is thrown open, revealing Jack with his usual fauxhawk.
I grab his hand and pull him out of the house, ignoring his whining about needing to pee.
"Why are you in such a hurry?!" he whines as we get in his car.
"Because we should be there already, and I hate being late."
He starts the car and rolls his eyes. "You're lame."
"Says the guy who spent thirty minutes doing his hair," I tease as I turn the radio on.
"Hey! Sorry if I don't look perfect as soon as I roll out of bed like somebody."
"I look like a drowned rat when I first wake up," I point out.
"I didn't realize drowned rats were fucking sexy."
I roll my eyes, but blush at the compliment, however weird it may be. "I love this song!" I say as I recognize the familiar guitar in the Bon Jovi song. "Shot to the heart, and you're to blame," I sing out, then Jack joins in.
"You give love a bad name!"
We continue singing obnoxiously along with the radio until we pull into the crowded stadium parking lot. "Told you we were late," I say as he parks in what seems like the furthest spot from the stadium.
" Told you we were late ," he mimics in a high falsetto.
"Imitating me only proves that I'm right," I say as I get out of the warm car, into the freezing December air.
"Fuck you" he mutters before grabbing my hand and pulling me to the entrance.
By the time he hands the guy our tickets, I'm already shivering and wishing I'd worn layers under Jack's hoodie.
Jack ushers me to one of the many food stands that moves quickly, and he orders two beers and a cup of coffee because, according to him I'm, 'shivering your tits off.'
I gladly take the warm cup, and follow him through the crowd of people towards our seats.
We sit down just as the game starts, and Jack all but forgets I exist.
I find his reactions to the game more entertaining than the game itself, especially after he buys a few more beers from the walking vendors.
"THAT'S WHAT I'M FUCKING TALKING ABOUT MOTHER FUCKERS!" he screams as the Ravens get a touchdown just as the second quarter is ending.
I laugh at his excitement, and he grabs my hand and pulls me out of my seat, saying something about hot dogs and halftime.
We wait in a long line for food, and Jack babbles happily about football, and I honestly have no idea what he's talking about, but I smile and laugh at how adorable he is.
When it's finally our turn he orders two hot dogs and two beers, then we start weaving our way through the crowd.
We're almost back in the stadium when I hear a familiar voice calling my name.
I grab Jack's hand to stop him, and turn in the direction of the voice.
I stare at Jim for a minute, and completely freeze, unable to say anything.
"What are you doing here?" he asks as he looks from me to Jack, and back to me.
"Watching the game..." I say in a 'duh' voice.
He raises both eyebrows and says, "I thought you hate football."
Before I can reply, Jack steps forward, makes a point of slipping his arm around my waist and says, "I guess it depends on who she's with," and I almost laugh at the arrogant tone in his voice.
Jim looks between us again, then says, "And you are...?"
"Jack. And I'm guessing you're Jim?"
Jim smirks at me and in his familiar, cocky voice asks, "She told you about me?"
My cheeks heat up, and I suddenly become aware of how awkward this all is. "She mentioned that my dick made yours look like a gummy worm," Jack shrugs, and I have to cough to hide my laugh at his immaturity.
Jim's face turns red, and I recognize the angry look in his eyes. "Whatever. I gotta get back to my date," and with that he turns and melts back into the crowd.
Jack rolls his eyes and leads me in the direction of the stadium. "What a tool. You could've done so much better."
"I can't believe you said that about his dick," I giggle as we walk up the stands.
He grins back at me, and winks, "Just stating a fact, babe."
I feel a swarm of butterflies when he says 'babe', and as we're sitting down I realize I didn't feel anything about Jim. I mean, yes it was awkward seeing him, but I hadn't even thought of begging him to come back.
Jack hands me a hot dog, and I hand him a beer, and we eat in silence for a minute, before he asks, "You're not mad at me, are you?"
I raise an eyebrow and crumple up the wrapper of my finished food. "No, why?"
He shrugs his shoulders and glances out at the field. "I don't know, I kind of pretended like I was your boyfriend or whatever."
I laugh at how nervous he is, and pull him into a hug. "Jack, you're adorable."
"I would prefer sexy," he says as we pull apart, "but I guess adorable works."
I laugh, and suddenly a bunch of people around us start screaming and cheering about kissing.
We both look around, confused, until my eyes land on the big screen in the field, with mine and Jack's faces across it.
Jack elbows me and grins. I roll my eyes, and he leans forward and presses his lips against mine.
Everyone erupts in cheers, and even after their voices die down, we continue kissing, resulting in a few people yelling at us to get a room.
I finally pull away, laughing and Jack says, "I think we just made gummy worm dick very jealous."
I grin and shake my head, then the game starts up again and his attention is back on the game, and I can't seem to stop smiling.
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