Status: This will only end in tragedy.

How it Feels to Die

And I knew what to do.

Anne could smell the salty freshness of the ocean, and hear the waves crashing against the cliff. She pauses, confused.

"Charlie, where are we going?"

Charlie pauses, and looks behind him. He wants to say, "I'm going to kill you Anne, so we can be together. I'm going to kill you because I have no one. I'm going to kill you ...because you're the only light I've seen in a long time."

But he doesn't.

He only stares for a moment, at the dark furrowed eyebrows and tiny pursed lips.

"I'm going to show you how it feels to die Anne,” he replies, his translucent eyes cast toward the dull horizon.

“First, it'll feel like you're floating. That's the wind,” he points towards the sky, “carrying you to the ocean. Then, it'll feel like you're drifting on a million soft pillows. That's the ocean,” he points towards murky waters,“putting you to sleep”.

Anne stares at him, and then toward the horizon. She gulps, and takes calculated steps towards the edge; tiny feet bringing more death to dead cold leaves. She looks up at him, unsure of what to do next. But the gray eyed boy stares at her with a small haunted smile on his face.

“Go on, just step over the edge,” he encourages her.

She slowly turns her gaze the dark water below, shivering at the cold biting her skin and how endless the ocean appeared. Endless...and so lonely.

“Will I come back?” she asks him, her eyes the size of saucers and lips rounded in awe.

“Yes, you will and then I'll carry you back to your parents.”

Seconds pass before the little girl nods and then one small white mud stained shoe stretches beyond the boundaries of the jagged edged cliff. And then another, and then soon; it becomes hard to balance as gravity slowly starts to pull at her.

Arms outstretched, waiting to float, waiting to feel, waiting to die.

“Anne?!” her mother shouts.
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Soundtrack: Bleed