Status: Ongoing :D

One Story, Four Lives, and the Thing that Changed Them All

It started when I was 17. Senior Year. It was supposed to be great. Starting new chapters, finishing old ones. Except my family is about as unconventional as you can get. That year turned from busy, but happy, Amelia G. Waltz into miserably depressed Mrs. Aiden Adams-to-be.

You might be thinking what's so bad about that? Aiden is smart and attractive and funny and you have an unmistakable bond with him. Did I mention he's attractive? He's really attractive. But that's totally beside the point. The point is I don't want to marry him. First, we weren't friends anymore. How could we be? He'd been mean to me for the last five years of my sad life. A legit bully. I hated him for it. And second, it wasn't even our choice. It was a bullshit arranged marriage. How fucking corny and lame is that?

Super fucking corny and lame.

And why is our marriage arranged? Because my dad's a dick. And because we aren't exactly human...

My best friend explained it really well once, so I'ma try to do the same. So basically vampires (Aiden's family) and the pixies (my family) have been the equivalent to high school frenemies since the dawn of the human race. Like, all of that bullshit between France and England way back in the day has absolutely nothing on the kind of backstabbing bullshit we had between us. We were killing each other in mass genocides, and then having fucking tea and sleepovers. It was ridiculous.

So, in short, the royals of each race have realized how 'elementary' they're all being and are using me, the third cousin to the queen, and Aiden, the king's nephew, as a cheap, fast, and easy means to armistice.

And this... this is the thing that ruined my life.