Status: Don't be such a baby, Francis - ~-

The Last Grave

-Wednesday; 5 days ago-

"Yeah, like the living dead can actually come back to life, Sam," seventeen year old, Francis Morgelly, responded as she shook her head and took another bite of her lunch. Her brown eyes, dull in expression, stared unamused as she chewed.

Eighteen year old Samantha Gruder sighed. Her shoulders slightly fell and her expression began to read discouragement.

“…And anyways, these things never worked before,” Francis continued.

“Well who even cares?” Samantha shrugged; “All I’m saying is: let’s do this one last thing together, just to-… well… for old time’s sake. I mean, who knows how long it’ll be before I get to see you again and this could be fun, right?”

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