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watch me watch you

Cypher watches Isaac watch himself in the mirror.

His fingers shake, tearing through the knots in his hair that his sunglasses can’t hide. Cypher takes two steps forward and his fingertips lock around Isaac’s hips over his belt; his lips touch Isaac’s shoulder through the fabric of his sweater, gentle enough that he shouldn’t be able to feel it.

Their eyes meet in the mirror and Cypher smiles. He presses kisses higher, on Isaac's jaw, on his cheek, until Isaac swallows and closes his eyes.

“It’s early,” Cypher whispers. Their bed is still unmade across the hall.

Isaac sighs, eyes fluttering open. His fingers go for his tie. “You’re just running late.”

Cypher scoffs and blows on his ear.

“Cypher,” Isaac says, so quietly Cypher almost misses it. Cypher’s arms wrap around Isaac’s middle until they’re back to chest. He’s sure Isaac can feel his heart beating right through. He hums in his ear.

"This is our last chance--" Isaac starts, his voice shaky.

Cypher's chuckle is confident as he pulls Isaac out of the bathroom, back to their messy sheets and too many plans.“There’s no such thing.”