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Beer Pong With Coffee Mugs

“Mila” The way I answered to my phone sounded dull, I hated it. “Hey, I got the tickets” Francine sang. “So we are going?” everything started to feel untrue, something was really happening in my boring life? “Yes” Francine said, like it was the most obvious thing in the whole world. “I thought Warped was sold out?” Francine started to giggle. “It was, but I still got us our tickets” She always did something like this. Last year she got tickets to the sold out Bring Me the Horizon gig. But this was amazing. Warped tour was much bigger thing that just one night gig. “How many days?” I gulped. “Drum roll please” She laughed. “THE WHOLE FUCKING TOUR!”

Info: Mila and Francine are both 18 turning 19 at the fall. I don't own any of the story's bands. bla bla bla.