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A Match Into Water

Yeah Boy and Doll Face




I was staring out the window, my mind completely blank. Just staring at the fast pacing scene next to Vic. He looked over at me, but I didn't dare look at him. The threat of tears too great to even lock eyes with him. I turned at the chance to catch him when he wasn't looking, but he was...and our eyes met...but I saw what was behind his eyes as well...

"Vic!" I shouted, horsely. His head snapped up in time to see the large, white turck slam into his side. The car spun and flipped too many times to count. The car finally stopped moving. I had lost my hearing somewhere in the middle of the...second flip, I think. I was strapped to my seat, feeling the blood rush to my head which was already bleeding. Everything was a blur still, but as I finally came to, I noticed the car was completely overturned. That would explain why I was hanging there, feeling almost lifeless. The loud ringing was begining to pierce even harder. It felt like my mind on the verge of bursting. Or maybe it was the fact that my head had been tossed about repeatedly like a game of catch gone terribly wrong. What was I even thinking about? What was there to think about? How do I think again? Well, however you do it or whatever it is, this was no time to think of anything else.

"Vic, wake up! Please, Vic!" I shouted. Hot tears were impossible to be held as they bursted freely down my cheek. Vic, no. Please. I tried to reach out, but my arm was pinned against the seat and what was left of the car door. I had to be strong. For him. I forced myself to unwedge it slowly, the sound of crunching bones making me sick. I unbuckled my seat belt and fell onto what I could only assume as the roof. There's no way it was really a long drop, but for some reason, it felt much farther and hurt much more than to descend a couple of feet.

I crawled over to Vic, wincing and clutching my arm. "Vic, please be okay." I said. My voice barely above a whisper. I looked around to see the damage. Some sort of dust or smoke was engulfing our atmosphere. Mostly all I could really see was Vic. All I was concerned about was Vic. He was still in his seat, hanging limply. The tears couldn't stand that sight at all and escaped even faster, blurring my vision even more. I pulled him into my arms. The one I could only assume broken was stinging and yelling at me to stop moving, but I didn't care. Vic was hurt. And he wasn't moving... "Vic... Vic, please, no." I unfastened his safety belt and let him fall into my arms, mostly my unbroken one, of course.

I whimpered as the pain increased with his body weight, but as soon as I felt his heartbeat, sweet relief gave me all the strength I needed. I pulled him slowly to the passenger side window. I cursed under my breath again as the shattered glass found its way into every inch of my showing skin.

I layed Vic out on the clearest ground I could find and leaned over him. His limbs looked distorted. He was bleeding out, quickly. I reached into my pocket awkwardly. My phone screen was almost completely ruined. I tried to use the cracked to hell mess of a phone. Miraculously, it still worked to my surprise. Thank God for the Otterbox. Still frantically shaking, I somehow managed to dial 911.


The next few hours were a dizzy blur. To our luck, we were a couple of cities away from a good hospital. The emergency helicopter came and went, taking Vic away. He had barely been breathing. They refused to let me go and shoved me into an ambulence. I was too scared and weak to argue.

I sat in my hospital bed with my newly wrapped arm and bandaged forehead. Jesse, Justin, Gabe, and Jack were seated around the room. They all had worried looks. I had heard no news about Vic, which made me more than nervous.

There was a soft knock on the door, making our heads turn. Tony stepped through and looked at Jesse, gesturing his thumb toward the hallway. Jesse took a deep breath and rose silently. The wait was agonizing.

All I could think about was listing all the reasons why Vic couldn't die. He had to be okay... He had to be. I had nothing else except him. Jesse walked back in and came to my bed.

"Vic," He took a deep breath. His eyes beginning to water. No. No, he couldn't have. Jesse shook his head and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. "He's stable. They had to repair several broken bones. Including three broken ribs, left wrist, left leg, left arm, and a broken nose. He has minor brain hemorraging. They had to operate immediately." Jesse took another deep, shaky breath and continued. "They said he should be fine... If he wakes up."

My breath hitched as he finished speaking. If he wakes up? If? Oh my God. This is all my fault. If I had just sucked it up and enjoyed the time I had with him... If I had pulled my head out of my ass long enough to have a decent conversation with him, this wouldn't have happened. He wouldn't have been looking at me.

"The nurse said you can go see him. The rest of us will wait in the hall. His room is probably really crowded with the others in there." I nodded and swung my legs slowly over the side of the small hospital bed.

Jesse helped me stand and put his arm around me, assisting me. Justin stood and put his arm around my other side as I limped to the door. Jack and Gabe opened the door and walked out in front of Jesse, Justin, and I.

We walked down the hall together. We almost reached the room the nurse indicated as Vic's when I heard a long, shrill beep. Nurses and doctors began rushing in and out of the small room. The nurse who had wrapped my arm earlier was ushering Tony, Jaime, and Mike out of the room. I could feel myself put more weight on Jesse and Justin. My legs began to feel weaker and weaker.

"Damn it, that's my brother! I need to know he's okay!" Mike was yelling at the short, red-headed nurse. She looked really nervous and unsure. That only made my body feel more wilted, my mind in a panic.

"Look, he's unstable. I'm sorry, but no visitors are allowed anymore." With that, she hastily shut the door to tend to her tasks. All we could do was watch through the large window. Mike slammed his fist into the wall next to the door and rested his forehead there, as well. I watched in shock. Vic was attached to several machines and had a breathing mask over his face. His face. His face was smiling at me before the blinding light made him disappear...

They brought the defibrillator over on a table. I saw Vic's body convusle as they shocked him multiple times. The doctors and nurses looked at each other. Not a thing being revealed in their expressions. I looked at the monitor showing Vic's heart beat. It was slow. Agonizingly slow. It was slow when I first felt it after the crash, but for some reason, that made me have hope...too much hope, I suppose...

The nurse came out and looked at us. She opened her mouth, but quickly shut it. She turned on her heel and left. The doctors and nurses slowly filed out. One doctor remained. Starting off with a sigh, he looked at the nine of us and shook his head. My thoughts raced faster and faster, probably at an unnatural speed.

He's gone. Shit. He's gone and it's all my fault. Damn it, no. I didn't even get to tell him that I... That I what? That I was in love with him? That he was the only thing I had in my life worth living for? No... It was more than that. It was much more than that.
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