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A Match Into Water

Hell Above




"He is finally stable." There was a simultaneous release of air within the group. "For now. We have to keep an extremely close eye on him. He should be alright, but we need to wait for him to wake up before we can say anything for sure." Mike nodded and shook the doctor's hand. "Only two at a time, please."

Mike looked at me and we made our way into the stuffy hospital room. I looked down at him. His usually caramel skin was pale. His chest rose and fell in shallow, rapid movements. Mike brought me a chair and I practically fell into it. I was completely exausted. Mentally and physically.

Mike put a hand on Vic's right shoulder, careful not to touch any bruises. He bowed his head. Mike looked rough, not that I had any room to speak with my cuts, bruises, broken bones, and puffy eyes. His shoulders began to shake. I managed to stand back up to put a comforting arm around his shoulder.

Vic began stirring in the small hospital bed. Mike's head rose slowly. "Vic?" He croaked. Vic groaned softly. "Vic, come on. Please..." Mike's eyes started to water. "Please, I need you to wake up." Vic's heart monitor started picking up pace. He must be able to recognize his brother's voice. "Dammit, Kellin, what happened?" I sat back down and bowed by head as tears stung my eyes.

"We were just driving... He looked at me and then..." I sniffed, trying to hold back what I knew would end in disgusting sobbing. "Then the truck hit us..." I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. "On Vic's side. Fucking hell, it's all my fault."

He shook his head. "Kellin, no. This isn't your fault." I jumped out of my seat and glared at him.

"Do you not fucking understand? He was worried about me! My pathetic self was taking up all his concentration! If I had just given him the simple courtesy of ending my pathetic silence, none of this would have happened! He wouldn't have turned to look at me if I had just talked to him!" Mike didn't deserve to be yelled at, but he just didn't get it and I really need to yell at this forsaken situation. I ran my uninjured hand through my hair, frustrated. "He could be dead! He could be gone from us forever and it's my fault! It's my fault that he's battered and broken! It's all... It's all my God-damned fault." My voice broke and I lost all energy just as fast as it had come. I dropped into the chair closest to Vic, my good hand holding my forehead. "I'm so sorry, Vic." I whispered with a shaking voice.

Mike put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "I'll leave you alone for a while. Sorry I'm not good with talking like Vic is..." His voice cracked when he mentioned his brother's name. I felt a little guilty for yelling like that, but before I could figure out something to say, he shoved his hands in his pocket and left the room in silence. As soon as he was out of range, I broke. I lost it all. I released the flood that I had been holding back. I laid my head on Vic's bed and rested my hand on his.

I sobbed obnoxiously for several minutes. Vic stirred again in his sleep. I grabbed his hand and tightened my grip. I can't lose him. He is all that I have. He was the only thing keeping me sane through everything that had gone wrong. "Please, don't leave me, Vic. You're all I really have, you know. Even my band is against me. You're my best friend. You're my everything. You're the reason I haven't completely given up. You have me, and I thought I had you...but you have to stay. You have to wake up and let me see your eyes again. Please." I felt the cold hand under mine shift slightly. I lifted my head and glanced at the broken man next to me.

"Kells?" Vic's voice was hoarse. I smiled weakly, still crying. "My God, I am so sorry." I shook my head. No, this was my fault.

"Don't be, Vic. If I had-"

"Shut up, Kellin. I was driving, not you." He coughed very weakly. I opened my mouth to retort, but I was too weak and Vic was glaring. I quickly shut it. I nodded, not arguing. Instead, I smiled at the fact I was seeing his eyes again.

"I'm glad you're awake. I was worried I'd lost you." He smiled, brilliantly. Man, I love that smile. Those almost perfect teeth. The slight dimples he had, and the way his eyes light up. Pure perfection.

"I heard. I wasn't really unconscious this entire time." I know I must have looked shocked because he giggled. Yes, giggled. It was the most precious thing I'd ever heard right along with my baby girl's voice when she spoke to me. "I was going to indicate that I was awake somehow, but you started yelling at Mike... And I sort of heard what you said."

I blankly started at him, mouth agape. He chuckled at me again. "So, let me get this straight. You let me cry my eyes out at your bed side and didn't say a word?" He shook his head.

"I wasn't awake the entire time. I passed the fuck out right after you stopped yelling." I nodded. "Good, because I probably looked and sounded absolutely awful." He laughed and put his hand to my face.

"I'm glad you're okay, Kells. I thought I'd killed you. I thought that you were dead and it was my fault." He shook his head and closed his eyes. I touched the hand he had on my cheek and smiled.

"You can't get rid of me that easy, baby." I winked at him and watched his face go red. He smacked my face and laughed. That laugh was beautifully composed music. "I made you smile. I like when you smile, Vic." He blushed again and turned his head away. "We should probably let your brother and the others know that you're awake." He nodded, still smiling with a slight blush, dusting his cheeks.
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