Sequel: Escape the Madness
Status: Completed ^-^

Method to the Madness

The Selva are a race of women who inhabit the realm of purgatory. They can also be described as Deathwitches or in some cases, Grim Reapers. Their main purpose is to escort the souls they collect to their appropriate destinations. 0074, or Alyson Taylor in life, is a new Selva, training in the art of magic to perform her duty to Purgatory. Elias Ward is her mysterious Guardian, a boy sworn to protect her life. Will this pair turn Purgatory upside down?

As surprised eyes watch me, I grin at the pair of them. My bold statements, calling them out and telling them how I expect things to be, has shocked them into silence. That was what I was going for, so I’m becoming bolder and happier by the moment as I continue. “Remember though. Madness is basically a part of purgatory. Your madness will consume you but my madness… it has a method.” I smirk, a lopsided, certainly goofy looking thing. “A method to the madness. Has a ring to it, don’t you think? Well, even if you don’t… it’s true. And you both would do well to remember it.” With those words said, I promptly turn and take my leave.

dancingskiingwriter:: 0074
beautiful monotony:: Elias Ward