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I'm What Time and Consequence Have Made Me

All By Yourself

We had an hour or so to kill before Austin’s shift finished so the three of us sat around the counter for a bit, Austin was taking swigs from his flask as usual and slacking off from work while John and he where talking about something that I had no interest in. After I’d listened to their endless drabble, I sighed and announced that I was going to go wonder around the store for a bit. They nodded and I got up from my seat and walked towards the far end of the store so I wasn’t in sight of either of them. Soon enough, I had planted myself to the floor and surrounded myself with books I had never heard of. I always thought it was better reading books you knew nothing about, they were always filled with so much more surprise. Before long, my mind had stuck on one book and I was delving into the fourth chapter of it before I heard the shuffling of shoes behind me.
“What are you doing?” I heard John smirk and he sat down beside me picking up some of the books I’d strewn across the floor. He gave a couple of them a once over before placing them neatly in a pile beside him.
“Reading.” I mumbled, a little too engrossed in the book.
He chuckled, “Yes darling, I can see that. Austin said you’re a bit of a dork and practically live here although I thought he was only joking.”
I turned around to look at him, “And you didn’t guess that from the massive bookshelf in my house?”
He nodded, peering over at the book in my hands, “I was too occupied with other thoughts to take note on what’s in your house but it’s cute seeing you like this. I like a smart girl.” I blushed slightly and I could almost feel his pride when he noticed the redness of my cheeks. “So what’s your favourite book?”
I thought about it for a second, finally placing down the book I was reading and shifting my body so I was facing John fully, I quickly met his eyes and trapped myself into a perpetual stare. His eyes just drew me. “Maybe ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak.” I finally answered.
He nodded, accepting my answer. “Never heard of it, is it any good?” I nodded. “Heartbreakingly good.”
“Oh god, is it some romance book?” He said throwing his head back but a smile was planted on his face so I could see he was joking.
“No, it’s just sad.” I stated and he smiled, “I promise to check it out sometime but anyway, Jared just called and I have to go write songs and whatnot so I’ll call you tomorrow.” He said as he stood up. All I could see was his long, lanky legs as I looked up at him.
“Yeah, okay.” I nodded, smiling slightly although I was disappointed he was leaving.
“Do I get a kiss before I go, sweetheart?” he smirked even though he already knew the answer. I shook my head and he just smiled. “I’ll settle for a hug.”
His hand fell in front of me and I used it to pull myself up from the ground. John quickly pulled me close and wrapped his, perfect, strong arms around me. It was nice the way I perfectly fitted between his arms and chest. I felt safe and secure and I never wanted him to let go. I felt his lips brush lightly against my forehead before he let go at me and whispered, “You better answer the phone tomorrow.” And began to walk away.

After John left I decided to tidy up the mess I’d made at the back of the shop as Austin’s shift would be ending soon. After placing them all back where they roughly belonged I made my way over to the desk where Austin was still lounging around.
“Had a good day huh?” he said with a wink as he stuck some price tags on the backs of books. His hands where so used to it that he didn’t even have to think about what he was doing. He just picked a book up, put the price on it and then put in a pile.
“Don’t start.” I told him as he stood up, collecting the books he’s stamped and placing them into a cardboard box to his right.
He chuckled, “Seriously though, you and him? That was the last thing I expected.”
“It was one date; we’re not together or anything.”
“Yeah, yeah, you will be soon enough.” He smiled and I slapped his arm, “I feel like you owe me a thank you, I mean you wouldn’t even know him without me.”
“Thank you Gibbs.” I said sarcastically, “Now are you ready to go?” He nodded and together we closed up the shop and made our way to his.
As soon as we arrived I made myself at home and lay down on his alcohol stained sofa while my mind circled around memories of today’s events. I felt happy if I was honest. Like really, really happy and I hadn’t felt like this in a while. John seemed to have some kind of effect on me and I just couldn’t quite explain it. Whenever I saw him I was instantly filled with euphoria. It kinda reminded me of being high, speaking of which: Austin pushed my legs off the sofa making space for him to sit down beside me with a blunt in this hand. I sat up and watched him light it before going to put it between his lips.
“Ladies first!” I told him before he got to chance. Rolling his eyes he sighed and handed it over to me. I carefully took a long drag from it before passing it back to Austin while I held the smoke in my lungs for the longest possible time before blowing it all out. It had sort of became a Friday ritual for me and Austin to get high together; I can’t remember when it started but I also can’t remember a Friday since being here where this hasn’t happened.
I watched Austin repeat the actions that I did before throwing his head back slightly with a smirk on his face. “Our Friday’s are the best.”
I nodded and grabbed the blunt from between his fingers, following the sequence from before whilst Austin got up and wondered into the kitchen. A few drags later he returned back with his trusty friend: the bottle of Jack.
“Y’know, you drink too much.” I told him.
“I don’t drink enough.” He mumbled taking his first swig from the glass. “You not drinking tonight?”
I shook my head, “I’m not in the mood for a hangover tomorrow.”
“Hazel, you suck, I can’t drink on my own. It’s not as fun.” He complained. Taking another drag, I shrugged, blew out the smoke and mumbled, “Deal with it.”
Seconds later Austin jumped on top of me, causing me to yelp in pain. It wasn’t the fact that he weighed a lot because he didn’t, at all but his elbow decided to rudely plant itself in my stomach and he landed on me. Before I had a chance to scold him, he sat up on me and grabbed the spliff out from my hand and took it with him to another sofa. I looked at him puzzlingly and he smirked.
“Drink with me or no more pot.” He said motioning towards the second glass on the table – one he had gotten for me.
I folded my arms and pouted but he just shook his head whilst taking a long drag and blowing smoke in my direction, “ No puppy dog eyes and no pouting at me Hazel. My pot, my rules darling, now drink up.”
“Ugh.” I groaned before pouring myself a glass of whiskey. “One glass and that is all Austin.”
He smiled and moved back beside me, “One glass, fine.”
But somehow one glass ended up becoming two and before I knew it together we had finished the whole bottle.
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so this is a pretty pointless chapter like idek and i have no idea where this story is going because i am literally just winging every chapter oops