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I'm What Time and Consequence Have Made Me

When I'm at Home

The doorbell chimed and I hurried downstairs as quickly as I could in heels to open it. I took a deep intake of breath and then pulled the door open. John turned around with a lopsided smile as his eyes traced my body. “Wow.” He mumbled. “I feel kinda under dressed.” I told him as my eyes scanned his tight suit. Somehow, the suit brought out his facial features even more. His green eyes looked more like emeralds in the dark light and his hair looked even better than usual. A weird part of me was learning to like every feature he had more and more every time I saw him.
“No, no, no. Sweetheart, you look beautiful.” He said, reaching out to stroke my arm as I blushed instantly.
“You look pretty good yourself.” I managed to say which made John look down at the ground smiling to himself.
“You ready to go then?” He asked and I nodded, walking outside to join him after shutting the door behind me. He took my hand in his as we walked over to his car. “You know, you really do look amazing Hazel.” He said as he began to drive. Being on a formal date with John was a lot different to our run around at the aquarium yesterday. We both acted so foolish and childlike yesterday but now, seeing him dressed smart, made me see he him completely differently and I liked it a lot.
“Thank you.” I said with a nervous giggle. John was doing something to me, it made me feel light headed just being in his presence and I didn’t understand. My mind had completely erased the thoughts of earlier from my head and focused itself on the present. When I was around him all I could think about was him. He had a mesmerising face and no matter what I did I just couldn’t tear my eyes off of it.
“Do I have something on my face or are you just enjoying yourself there?” he smirked, catching me out and I shook my head, embarrassed that he’d caught me.
“So what this place called anyway?” I asked.
“I believe it’s called The Sword.” He said and my jaw dropped. That had to be the most expensive place in the whole of Anchorage. I could not let him take me there no matter what. It wasn’t fair on either of us. He shouldn’t have to spend that much money and I shouldn’t have to watch him spend a ridiculous amount of money.
“John, you are aware of how expensive that place is, right?” I asked, warning him of what he was about to get himself into.
He nodded and shrugged, “I want tonight to be good and a little money, well a lot of money, isn’t going to bother me. Trust me darling, I have plenty extra cash.”
“But John.” I whined, not wanting him to spend money on me but he just shook it off and told me he was spending as much money on me as he wished. I pouted at him but it was useless he just laughed at me as we parked the car and got out to hold the door open for me.
“I can’t decide if I want to punch you or kiss you for taking me here.” I told him as I stepped out of the car and he chuckled.
“Please chose the second option.” He said playfully and he pulled me by the hand inside. I automatically felt self-conscious as we stepped inside and waited in the line of people eager to get in. Everyone was dressed so much more elegant then I was. Even the waiters and chef’s looked like their outfits had cost at least $500. John pushed his way to the front and said, “I made a reservation.” Reservation? I wonder how much extra that cost him.
“Name?” said the lady at the desk.
“O’Callaghan.” He stated and the lady nodded, ushering us to follow her. The décor throughout the place was stunning; everything here looked like it should be locked away safe in a museum. The lady we were following was even better dressed than I was and she looked a lot sexier than I did so I was kind of shocked when I noticed that John’s emerald eyes weren’t glued to her or her ass. We ended up being seated at a table beside the window and John quickly ordered us some wine whilst handing me a menu.
“This place is beautiful.” I told him after the waitress left and he grinned at me.
“I’m glad you like it.”
“I still think it’s too much though.” I said pointing a finger at him. “You have to promise to never do this again.”
“So you’re thinking about us going out more?” he smirked but I just nodded being truthful.
“But despite this being far too much, thank you. It’s lovely.” I said.
“Is it worth a kiss?” he laughed making kissy faces at me and I giggled and shook my head, scanning the menu. Even salad was bloody expensive. I felt guilty eating anything tonight but settled for pasta.

The food was just as beautiful as I had expected to be and both of us polished our plates. “As much as you say you don’t want me to do anything like this again,” began John looking down at his plate which once held the biggest burger I had ever seen, “I don’t think I can do that because oh my god, that was the best thing I have ever eaten.”
I laughed feeling bloated as hell and said, “As much as I don’t condone you spending this much money on me, that food was just too good.”
I could tell that John was impressed with himself; he could see that somehow he had pleased me and it turned him even flirtier but at the same time he seemed happy knowing he had pleased me which made me happy too. He paid for the bill which I refused to look at and then the two of us got back into his car and headed to mine.

“Thank you for tonight.” I said as we sat parked outside my house.
“I can walk you to the front door if you like.” He smiled but I shook my head.
“Let’s not make this too cliché.” I said as I leant across and planted a gentle kiss on his lips as a gesture of thanking him. It must’ve taken him by surprise because when I moved back he was sat there just staring at me. A small, weak smile was stuck to his face. It wasn’t the confident smirk that was usually there it was more of a shy one, one that I didn’t recognise.
“Do it again.” He murmured and for some reason I did as I was told. This time when my lips meet his, I could feel a small smile creep upon his lips before he took control of himself and kissed me back harder. His hand found it’s way to my lower back, pushing me closer to him but I didn’t need the guidance, I was already making my way onto his lap, legs on either side of him. The kiss kept getting deeper and deeper until John broke from it allowing his lips to brush against my skin from my lips to neck while his hands roamed around my back.
I pulled away quickly before it got too out of control and his face quickly turned confused.
“Not tonight John.” I whispered before kissing him gently again and then exiting the car from his side and walking into my house. As I shut the door behind me, I smiled to myself but wished I’d had more of him.
Right on cue, there was a sudden tapping on my door and I turned slowly to reopen in. John was stood there smiling at me just like before – Déjà vu much.
“Can I come in? I’m not going to try and continue our little thing in the car.” He told me. “It’s just still early and I’d like more time with you.”
I blushed and opened the door a little more allowing him to come in. He did so instantly and then kicked off his shoes and took a seat in the living room. I was glad that he had decided to come back to spend more time with me because I felt strangely happy and care free around him. He brought a new atmosphere with him, one that tricked you into forgetting all the bad things in life and focus solely on being happy so as I stood there looking at him I felt more than happy. Carefully, I took off my heels allowing relief to flood over me knowing I wouldn’t have to wear them again for a while.
“Tonight went well.” He said as I sat down cross legged on the sofa.
“Tonight did go well.” I agreed and then I watched him wriggle out of his suit jacket before placing it beside him.
“Do you have anything to drink?”
“I have beer. We’re all out of Jack.” I told him and he nodded making his way into the kitchen, acting like this was his house, not mine, before then returning with two bottles, handing me open. We decided to watch some crappy comedy film about a dysfunctional family. Neither of us was enjoying it although neither of us could bring ourselves to turn it off. By now I had managed to cosy up to John. He had a strong arm draped around me which made me lean closer to him and my head rested lightly on his shoulder while our fingers were entwined.
“I never asked and Austin never mentioned what exactly you’re doing here.” I mumbled some time later.
I could feel his mouth twitch into a smile above me. “Recording an album. Although, it’s almost done so we’re just making the most of the time we have in this strange state.” He said and I felt a pang of pain seep through me as I unnecessarily thought about him leaving.
I nodded though, not trying to show him what I was thinking about before he said, “there’s a song about you on the album. Well, there’s going to be. I wrote it the other day and the guys all like it so it’s looking good.” My jaw dropped. He wrote a song about me? Me of all people?
“What’s it called?” I mumbled.
“When I’m at home.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Why would you write a song about me?”
“Because,” he said as I felt him breathing on the top of my head and I could smell the scent of beer as his mouth moved to form every word he said. “I had to write a song and at the time you were the only thing I could think about so you ended up being the only thing I could write about.” I felt a million butterflies in my stomach all at once. To say he had a way with words would be an understatement.
“You’re too good, you know that? You take me to the most expensive place in the whole city and then you write a song about me. You know that’s what most girls dream of?”
“Dream come true then?” he smirked and added a cocky wink.
“I said most girls - I am not most girls.” I told him playing slightly with his long fingers.
“I noticed that the day I met you darling.” He said planting a light kiss on my head before his eyes quickly snapped back to the tv. My eyes joined his and we both settled back into watching a film that we didn’t like.
“I really like you Hazel.” He whispered a few minutes later.
“You know what John, as much as I don’t want to, I think I really like you too.” I said smiling.