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I'm What Time and Consequence Have Made Me


When I wake up the next morning to find John no longer there my heart drops for a moment. Filled with disappointment I manage to get out of bed and make my way downstairs, the sweet scent of pancakes flooding my airways. Was John still here? And making me breakfast? My question was instantly answered when I walked into my kitchen. The coldness of the tiles against my bear feet made me shiver.
“Good morning sunshine.” Said Austin - not John.
“Did you just let yourself into my house?” I ask and he nods.
“Shouldn’t leave the door unlocked.” He said as he flips a pancake into the air, catching it quickly in the pan again. “How was your uh, date thing.”
“It was good.” I responded, pushing myself onto the kitchen counter near Austin, watching him cook. Now this was what friends are for: making them your personal slave.
“Did he spend the night?” he asked, flipping the pancakes again.
“Yes but he was gone before I woke up.”
“Did you two…y’know?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows and he plopped the pancakes onto two different plates and handing me one.
“Not like it’s any of your business,” I told him taking the plate from his hands, “But no, we didn’t.”
“Good.” He said as he picked up a pancake with his hands and began shovelling it into his mouth. Pig.
“What do you mean by ‘good’?” I asked curiously.
“You shouldn’t be sleeping with people you haven’t known that long Hazel so I’m proud of you.”
“I’m glad you’re happy dad.” I said sarcastically, cutting my pancakes up. “Thanks for breakfast anyway, but why are you here?”
“I got a phone call from Kenny inviting us to dinner with the guys today and it’s a Sunday so dinner will be at like three so you might want to eat up and go get ready for you new boyfriend.” Austin said shaking his ass as he walked over to the fridge, pulling out a carton of orange juice and taking a swig it.
“He’s not my boyfriend and you know I have to drink from that right? I mean, who knows where your lips have been.” I said in disgust but he just winked and took another swig. Quickly, I finished my pancakes and got dressed all before 1pm so we made our way straight over to the apartment The Maine were currently staying in. It was nice, you could tell that they had tried to clean up but failed miserably. Dirty clothes were strewn in every corner as if someone had placed them there thinking it was a good hiding place. Austin dragged me through the house, giving me a quick tour since he had been here numerous times before.
“Hi sweetheart.” John said greeting me once we had reached the living room, pulling me into a tight hug. I was really starting to get used to these; they were so nice and comforting and you could almost get lost in his scent.
“Hey.” I replied into his chest as I hugging back.
“Sorry about leaving this morning. I just wanted to come here to get everything ready for later.” He said with a shrug and I smiled, he needed to stop treating me too well. He takes me to dinner, he writes a song about me, he makes me dinner and what have I done for him? Nothing at all. He let go and Garret appeared in the kitchen door frame.
“Gentlemen and Hazel, would you please make your way into the dinner area for, uh, dinner.” Said Garrett in an overly fake posh voice which caused me to laugh slightly before being pulled by the hand towards the table by John. I sat beside Austin and opposite John while the boys filled in the seats everywhere. They served us a roast dinner although it was more of just a plate filled with different kinds of meat. Nevertheless, it still tasted pretty damn good although obviously not half as good as last night’s dinner.
“This is really good.” I said halfway through the meal, “Who made this?”
“Me.” Said John with a lopsided smile although I could see right through him.
“He wishes. John can’t cook at all, it was all Jared and Kenny.” Said Pat. John glared at him whilst stuffing another piece of chicken into his mouth. I laughed and carried on eating my dinner, talking to the boys about nonsense while Austin didn’t say too much.
Once we’d all cleaned our plates Jared told us to all congregate into the living room and then disappeared into the kitchen before reappearing moments later with a tray filled with shots. I cannot remember the last night I spent sober since I’d met the boys.
“Time for the party games!” He said placing the tray on a table in the centre of us all. John and I were sat on the floor with his arm draped lightly over my shoulder. He smirked at the sight of the tray along with Austin. God, I swear I’m just surrounded with alcoholics.
“What game are we playing?” asked Kenny, not looking too impressed with the amount of alcohol in front of him.
“I never.” Said Garrett. “Because that game is basically the easiest way to get drunk.”
“True.” Agreed John. “But just so you know, I will smoke you all.” He smirked.
“I doubt it.” I whispered in his ear and he looked at me.
“Is that a challenge?”
“Alright, alright. Enough flirting you two.” Said Pat. “Who’s going first?”
“I will.” Said Austin whilst shifting on the sofa into an upright position. “Never have I ever left the country.” He said with a smirk knowing that he had caught all of us out. ‘Ugh’ some people groaned as each one of us grabbed a shot and poured the liquid down our neck.
“Jesus, that is strong.” I winced as I choked it down. John laughed at me as he downed his with ease.
“Alright, my go. Never have I ever smoked pot.” Said Jared. Dammit, at this rate I would be drunk in seconds and I had work tomorrow so this was not playing out well for me. Garrett, Kennedy, Austin John and I all took a shot. When I was done I noticed John staring at me in shock. “Really?” he mouthed and I giggled.
“I’m friends with Austin, what do you expect?”
“In my defence,” said Austin, holding his hands in the air. “She did pot before I met her, I just increased the amount she took.” He added making everyone laugh.
“John you’re up.” Said Jared.
“Never have I ever cried over a film.” He said and everyone groaned again.
“You heartless bastard.” Someone muttered and I laughed again, taking another shot.
“Never have I ever,” I began, pausing to think but then I quickly thought of something and carried on, “been on tour.” Everyone glared at me and took a shot beside Austin who looked vaguely happy to be taking a shot but then again he always looked happy when alcohol was involved.
“Never have I ever had sex with someone in this room.” Said Garrett and my stomach dropped. My eyes suddenly darted to find Austin reaching for the shot glass. Shit. I was hoping for my sake he would act like he hadn’t slept with anyone in this room but his eyes met mine and he shrugged, downing the shot. Biting my lip, I guess I didn’t have a choice. I reached for the glass, feeling all eyes on me and quickly necked it back before placing the glass back on the tray.
“I uh, was hoping to catch out you and um, John but if you two want to admit to something then go ahead.” Stammered Garrett. He had a look in his eye that showed he couldn’t decide if he should feel guilty for the past that he had just dug up or smug by it. I looked awkwardly at the ground as Austin spoke for me.
“It happened a long time ago. It’s no big deal.” Austin shrugged and Kennedy took that as his queue to move on.
“Uh, never have I ever slept with more than one person in a night.” He said and John, Austin, Garrett, and I all took a shot. A couple of the guys smirked at me as if they weren’t expecting that but John just looked at me uncomfortably.
“Never have I ever had a gay experience.” Said Pat looking pleased with himself.
“I find that hard to believe.” Said Garrett causing everyone to chuckle while Pat flipped them off. Austin, Garrett and myself all took a shot and the alcohol finally sunk into my veins making me feel light crazily dizzy. Not one single round did I get off the hook.
“I think that’s probably enough shots for now, round two can be later.” John mumbled standing up. He seemed grumpy and it was more than obvious why. I shot Austin a look and he just mouthed ‘sorry’ as I stood up, wobbling slightly and giving John a half smile. He didn’t smile back; he just motioned his head towards a door, hinting me to follow him. I did and together we walked outside onto the snow covered porch.
We stood in silence for a few minutes which made me feel even worse than I already did. Was he seriously that mad about this?
“You and Austin, huh?” he whispered and I nodded slightly. He still wasn’t looking at me - he was looking out into the street. He shouldn’t even be mad at this, if we were together then I could understand it but we’re not so he has no right.
“I should’ve expected it; I mean you two are awfully close.” He said, finally letting his eyes trace my face in the dark.
“John, it was ages ago and you and I aren’t even together.”
“I know, I know but I like you a lot more then I should do at this stage and I don’t know, I mean what we’ve hung out five times? That’s barely anything but I cannot spend a minute without thinking about you and it’s strange, I’ve never felt so jealous before. Jesus Christ Hazel what are you doing to me?” he said laughing a little before composing himself again. “When was it?”
I shrugged, I didn’t remember exactly. “Like over a year ago, I’m not sure.”
“And there’s nothing between the two of you now?” he asked, locking eyes with me. I shook my head.
“We were wasted when it happened. We’re friends nothing more. Neither of us are interested in each other in that way.” I reassured him.
“Okay, I’m sorry for making such a big deal about it sweetheart, I just, I felt so jealous.” I blushed. He felt jealous? And why did it make me so happy to hear? “Let’s go back inside.” He said holding out a hand for me which I took ad we walked back into the living room together. The noise in the room suddenly disappeared as we entered and the atmosphere turned awkward.
“Great.” John chuckled slightly, “Guys, it’s okay.” He said as we sat back down in our spot from before. This time, John pulled me into his lap and I wrapped my arms around his neck. The game quickly picked up again but everyone monitored their statements making sure that they didn’t say anything like Garrett did before.
Somehow I still managed to be taking shots after almost every single statement and before long I was well and truly out of it.
“What time is it?” I asked numerous shots later. I felt completely out of it.
“Like 2am?” someone mumbled and someone else confirmed it.
“Shit.” I slurred.
“What’s up darling?” John mumbled into my neck.
“I have work in like six hours.” I may be drunk but I could still do math.
“Call in sick.” He said, kissing my shoulder.
“John.” I whined. “I can’t.”
“Do it, stay here tonight.” He said kissing my neck this time, sending shivers all over my body.
“If I could, I would but if I don’t work, I don’t make money.” I said pushing him away lightly but strength and alcohol don’t go well together so he didn’t even budge slightly.
“Quit your job, I will buy you everything you need.” He smiled against my neck.
“You’re nice when you’re drunk.” I told him and he moved his head back slightly to look at me.
“Am I not nice when I’m sober?” he pouted looking adorable. I ruffled his hair and he groaned in annoyance.
“I have to go, I’m sorry.” I said kissing him lightly on the lips.
He sighed. “I’ll drive you.”
“Whoa. No John you can’t drive anyone anywhere.” Shouted Kenny from across the room.
“I’ll order us a cab.” Said Austin, grabbing the phone off the table.
“You can’t order a cab, you loser.” I said sticking my tongue out at him.
“Fine, I’ll call us a cab. Better?” he said as he punched in the numbers.

“I’m sleeping.” I mumbled into John’s neck as he carried me to the door once the cab had arrived outside.
“That’s why you should’ve just stayed here tonight but you had to go get a cab instead.” He said as he awkwardly handed me over to Austin. “I’ll call tomorrow.” He told me and I nodded as Austin carried me over to the cab and strapped me in.
♠ ♠ ♠
I haven't read through this since writing it so sorry for any mistakes