Ready for a New Year


I entered the nightclub; music blaring, girls grinding on horny men, and the smell of smoke and alcohol taking over. I walked straight to the bar to buy myself a drink, knowing that's where my boyfriend was going to be once he arrived. I sat down and smiled at the bartender, a young, attractive man. He looked clean-cut, wearing a button down shirt and his short hair perfectly gelled to his liking. The only thing that ruined the clean-cut look, was his tattoos peeking out from his rolled up sleeves. "I'll have a cosmo, please and thank you," I said to the bartender. He nodded and started to make my drink, just as my phone vibrated. I pulled my iPhone out of my clutch, and saw that I had a text from my oh so loving boyfriend. I quickly read the message, and rolled my eyes, knowing that it was coming. He had broken up with me over a text message, again. It happened almost every other week. He'd usually break up with me to fuck other girls, then come crawling back to me as soon as he had no more options. I was tired of it. I was done wasting my time on him. I was at a club, full of attractive men! It was New Year's Eve! It was time to just have fun, and make myself happy!

The bartender set my drink on the bar in front of me and smiled. "It's on me," he said, and winked. I thanked him, knowing that it was going to happen. It always happened when I went to a bar.
I took a sip of my drink, just as someone come the bar beside me. I didn't pay them any attention, until I heard his voice.

"I'll have a Miller Beer."

I smirked and turned to look at him. It was exactly who I thought it was. None other than the one and only, Austin Robert Carlile. He had cut his hair and gotten some more tattoos since the last time I saw him, but he looked good. Real good. "Well, if it isn't Austin Carlile," I said, still smirking. He looked at me, and his eyes got wide. Probably because of the fact that whenever he used to see me, I didn't look like a slut.

"Noelle?" Austin questioned, eyes still wide, checking me out, head to toe. I laughed slightly at his reaction, nodding, and I stood up and gave him a hug. He still towered over me, which wasn't a problem at all. He hugged me tightly, which brought back memories of the last time that I saw him. Honestly, I thought it was going to be the last time I ever saw him. We had been friends for a while, and I had always had a special place for him in my heart, almost as if I had loved him, but I would never let myself admit that. The feelings that I had for him never changed after I had moved to North Carolina for photography school, even though we never really talked. We both got busy. He got busy with his music, and I got busy with school. It's like we didn't have time for each other anymore. So it just ended, but not a day went by that I didn't think about him. I even moved back to California, hoping that I'd randomly run into him again, and we could pick up where we left off. When I got back, there were plenty of times that I thought about calling him, but I always chickened out. It had only taken two years of being back, but I finally saw him. "How are you?" he asked him, pulling away, but grabbing my hands, giving them a gentle squeeze.

"I've been good! Just ready for a new year. It's like a new start, ya know?" I said, then let go of his hands, and sat down.

He sat down on the bar stool next to mine and nodded. "Oh, trust me, I know how that is. Seeing you tonight makes me think that 2013 is going to be a good year for me. The last couple of years haven't been that awesome," he told me, then took a sip of his beer.

I put my elbow on the bar top, and cradled my face with my hand, listening intently to him. I had missed just listening to him. "Why's that?"

"Well," he took a deep breath and started spilling his story to me. "I got married, to a girl named Gielle. Then, I had to quit the band and have heart surgery," he said, pulling down the neck of his shirt, showing me the scar that it had left. "Not too long after that, I got back in the band, and I found out that Gielle was cheating on me. She actually got pregnant with another guy's baby. So that was fun. I've had one girlfriend since then. It didn't work out with her either. I don't know, I'm just ready for a new start too," his voice trailed off, and he looked away from me, taking another sip of beer. A few seconds later, he looked back at me, with his normal smile on his face, and asked, "What about you? What have you been up to since the last time we saw each other?"

I sat up straighter. "I went to photography school and got my degree, then started working with some bands. I toured along with some bands and took pictures. Other than having a horrible boyfriend, that's it," I said and chuckled. "He actually broke up with me tonight, again, so I'm just planning to have some fun. Make myself happy for once."

Austin shook his head. "That's not the Noelle I know and love. The Noelle I know does everything she can to make other people happy. Heaven forbid she be happy!" he teased, causing us both to laugh.
We continued to talk for a couple of hours. We were both so interested in each other that neither of us finished our drinks. I, personally, didn't want to get drunk, because I wanted to remember every single moment that I spent with him. "There's something I should tell you," Austin suddenly said, so seriously. I looked at him with a puzzling look, just as everyone around us started counting down from ten to ring in the new year. I gave him a look to keep talking, and he took a deep breath.







"I've actually wanted to tell you this for a long time, but never had the guts. This is my second chance."


He looked me right in the eyes and said, "I love you."

One! Happy New Year!

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me and kissed him, just as other people were having their new year kisses. Our lips moved perfectly together, as if it were meant to be that way. His lips were slightly chapped, but I didn't mind. I had waited so long to feel his lips on mine. I pulled away, and he rested his forehead on mine. "I love you too, Austin," I whispered. "Happy new year."
♠ ♠ ♠
Happy New Year! :) Thanks for reading! :)