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Inside Your Heaven

the beach.

The alarm goes off, and Virginia groans, cuddling into my chest. “Babe, we’ve got to get up,” I urge, trying to pull myself out from under her.
“Stop,” she whines. Her voice is ridiculously raspy and even breaks midway through her plea.
I can’t help myself. It’s too fucking funny. I explode in laughter, and Virginia rolls off of me and onto her other side.
“This is your fault.”
“I will gladly take credit for this. Probably one of my proudest moments.” I get out of bed and walk around to the side she’s face. “But you have to get up. We can’t miss our flight.”
She sighs heavily and slowly pulls herself from bed. “How much sleep do you think we got?”
“I didn’t.” She slips her hand into mine and follows me into the bathroom. “You couldn’t have gotten more than an hour. It’s five now, and we went to bed at, like, four.”
I let out another laugh at her poor voice and choice of word. “Well, yes, technically.” I actually get a small laugh out of her, which is better than the eye roll I was expecting.
She lets go of my hand and wraps her arms around my middle. “I love you.”
I smile and kiss the top of her head. “I love you, too.”

We somehow manage to make it to the airport before our flight leaves despite the colossal pace we get ready at. I’m absolutely exhausted, but at least we have a twelve-hour flight to catch up on sleep.
Fuck, she’s going to go crazy during a flight this long.
We’re both passed out, her head on my shoulder and my head resting on hers, until our layover in LA. Virginia is wired the next flight on coffee, red bull, and little sleep. I, on the contrary, can feel my eyes rolling back into my head.
“You can’t possibly be tired,” she whines, her voice still a little rough and broken.
“I didn’t have equivalent to fifteen cups of coffee, Virginia.” I close my eyes and rest my head against the seat in front of me.
“It was only probably about seven or eight,” she corrects. “Stay awake with me. We can sleep on the beach.” Her nails graze gently over my back, sending a wave of goose bumps through my body.
“Or we can sleep now and give Cassadee’s present a go when we get there,” I respond, lifting my head just in time to see her roll her eyes.
“I already have a plan for those. So, don’t get ahead of yourself.” She smirks as I lean back into my seat. I slide my fingers through hers and admire the white gold band wrapped around her finger above her engagement ring. She smiles down at our hands and leans her head on my shoulder.
We both end up falling back asleep until the plane touches ground in Bora Bora. It’s about 2:30 when we land and almost an hour later when we’re finally in our overwater bungalow. “Alex, this is beautiful,” Virginia marvels, walking out onto the deck that faces the clear, aqua ocean. I look around the room—a king bed against one wall, a couch across from it. To the left of the bed is the deck, to the right is a bathroom with a large shower with glass doors and a Jacuzzi tub. Just as you walk in, there’s a small kitchen complete with a stove, fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker.
I walk up behind Virginia and wrap my arms around her waist, resting my chin on her shoulder. “Not as beautiful as you, sweetheart.” She turns around in my arms and wraps her arms around my neck.
She pecks my lips. “Let’s go swimming.” I smile and nod in agreement. Virginia rushes past me and unzips her suitcase, pulling out a light blue swimsuit. She doesn’t even hesitate throwing off all her clothes and leaving them in a pile around her ankles.
I know we’ve been together for five years, but I’ve barely seen her in a bikini. We just never really go to the beach, and when we were in hotels over Warped, we never went swimming.
Her skin has the same LA tan as when I met her, and her hair back to the same light brown for the wedding (which is apparently very different than the darker brown it was a few weeks ago). She walks onto the deck and stands there with her toes hanging off of it. She runs a hand through her long, wavy hair and leaves it partway through.
It’s just picture perfect. So, I pull out my phone and snap the picture. Her blue suit is just a little darker than the water, and her tan skin radiates in the afternoon sun. Her hair glows amber, and her body…all that yoga and running…
Damn it.
I will admit to love watching her do yoga. Her and Grace started going to a local studio, but the days she can’t go, she does the P90X video at home.
It’s fucking hot. She’s fucking hot.
Not that she wasn’t before, but I’ve never seen Virginia toned like this.
She turns and looks over her shoulder. “Are you coming?”
“I’ll be right there, babe.” I set my phone down on the table and change into my swimsuit.
I dive right past her into the water. She squeals as some of the water splashes onto her.
“Come on in! The water’s awesome.” She smiles and jumps in next to me. The water is only about six feet deep at the most. So, I can stand, but she can’t. She wraps her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I kiss her lips slowly. “I am so lucky to have you,” I mumble against her lips.
“I can’t believe we’re finally married. I’m so happy, Lex.”
“Me, too, babe. I get to spend the rest of my life with you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The warm, salty breeze blows through the doorway, and I stretch my arms above my head. I reach over to my right where Virginia sleeps, but the spot is empty. I sit up and rub my eyes. Upon looking around, I see Virginia drinking some coffee on the deck with two breakfast plates in front of her. I get up and head over. “Morning,” I yawn.
“Morning, babe.” She pushes the coffee thermos towards me. I thank her and pour myself a cup. “Breakfast should be here soon.” She turns the page of the magazine in front of her. “Ooh! Alex, couple’s yoga.”
I raise my eyebrows.
“What? Yoga is good for you.”
“If you think I can bend my body like you can yours, you’re sadly mistaken.”
She lets out a laugh. “You’re being such a little bitch.”
I scoff. “Whoa, fighting words! We could take this into the bedroom.”
She leans on the table and smirks. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
“Probably too much.” She giggles and stretches across the table to peck my lips.
“Love you.” She walks around the table and sits herself in my lap. I wrap my arms around her waist. She touches her lips to mine again and again and again. I feel her lift herself up for a moment and then sit back in my lap with both legs on either side of me. Her hands wander over my chest and around my neck. Her lips trail from mine to my neck. I grip her sides and pull her hips against mine.
Her response is to slowly roll her hips. “Jesus, babe,” I groan. We start getting more into it, and I’m literally tightening my grip on her waist to bring her to bed when there’s a knock on the door. “Fuck.”
Virginia giggles and pecks my lips. “I’ll get the door. You hide…that.” She glances down and then back up at me.
“Fuck you,” I laugh.
She gets up and winks at me. “Oh, you will.”
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everybody's living like
they're crazy in love.
i'm a dizzy mess,
and everything is so above me.