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Inside Your Heaven

baby, it's cold outside.

“Dude, are you kidding?” We collectively groan and throw more complaints towards Flyzik.
“Why would you even schedule this?”
“Guys, cut the shit,” Flyzik snaps. “It’s a huge opportunity for you, and it’s not something you can back out of now. Forgive me for having your best interests in mind. They’re paying you a lot for this show.”
“Well, I’m going to go call Cass and tell her I can’t make it out for Christmas,” Rian sighs, pulling out his phone and heading towards the couch in the room.
“And I need to call Grace,” Jack adds.
Flyzik looks at me expectantly, but my phone is already pressed to my ear and ringing. “Hello?” Virginia greets. She sounds like her mouth is full, and I can hear a TV in the background.
“Hey, babe,” I greet.
She gets quiet for a moment. “What’s the matter?” she asks cautiously.
“Listen, I’m going to do everything in my power, but I’m not sure I’ll be home for Christmas anymore.” I hear her cough a few times. “Are you okay?”
“Flyzik booked us a last minute Christmas show, and we can’t back out of it.” She sighs heavily.
“Do you still want me to head over to your parents’ place or what? I was kind of looking forward to it.”
“I’m going to talk to them today and ask them.”
“Alright. Well, call me back with their decision.”
“I will. I’m really sorry, babe.”
“I know…”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.” She hangs up the phone. Rian’s still on the phone with Cass, and Jack left the room to finish his conversation.
“How’d she take it?” Zack inquires.
I shrug. “She’s not happy about it, but we’ve been together long enough that she understands.” Zack nods and pats my shoulder.
Flyzik tries convincing us that it’ll be fine. We’re scheduled to go on at three, add the two hour set, then a three hour drive back. Then include the snow we’re supposed to get. He’s got to be joking.

Just like yesterday, Virginia’s asleep before I get home. Judging by the empty chocolate ice cream carton in the garbage, she went to bed upset. Suffice it to say that I feel like shit. She was really looking forward to seeing my parents, and we were going to announce to my entire family that we got engaged. I asked my parents not to tell them just so we could, and they agreed.
So, I brush my teeth and change into some sweats before getting into bed. Usually Virginia wakes up when I get home and snuggles up to me, rests her head on my chest right in the perfect spot where I can press my lips to her forehead and remind her that I love her. But she doesn’t tonight. She stays curled up on her side of the bed, breathing gently with her arm wrapped around the corner of her pillow. It just plain sucks to see her this upset.
I my alarm goes off in the morning, and Virginia’s already out of bed. I head into the kitchen, and there’s a note sitting next to a plate with eggs, hash browns, and bacon.
‘Alex – finishing my Christmas shopping with Grace. Be back after lunch.’ And she leaves a little heart at the bottom. I grab the plate and heat it up a little in the microwave before sitting down and eating alone.
After breakfast, I call my mom again seeing as she didn’t answer the first time I called. “Hello, dear,” she greets cheerily. “Excited for Christmas?” It breaks my heart to have to tell her. “Alex?”
“About Christmas, Mom…Flyzik got an offer for us to play Christmas Eve in New York, and he took it.”
“He said it pays really well, and it’s a huge opportunity. None of us are happy with it, but I don’t think I’m going to make it this year.”
“But Virginia still really wants to come and meet everyone, if that’s okay with you guys.”
“Yeah, that’s perfectly fine! Might as well have half of you over rather than none of you. We’d love to see Virginia and that ring in person.”
I smile a little. “Thanks, Mom. It means a lot.”
“Oh, no problem, honey. How’s Virginia taking it?”
“Well, I called her right away, but we haven’t really spoken since. She’s pretty upset, so she went to bed before I came home and left to run errands before I woke up this morning. I feel awful about this entire situation. I mean, Jack has to cancel with Grace, Rian can’t make it to Christmas with Cass…”
“Well, we’d be happy to have anyone who doesn’t have plans join us.”
“Jack was just going to join Grace for Christmas eve, and Cass is still in LA. Do you want me to as Rian if he wants to come?”
“Oh, I just ran into his mother yesterday at the mall. He’s going with his family, I think.”
“Okay. Well, I just wanted to let you know what was going on. I’m going to try by best to make it, but I won’t know until the show’s over, I guess.”
“Thanks, Alex. I’ll talk to you soon.”
“Love you, Mom.”
“Love you, too, sweetie.”

Virginia walks through the door, spots me, and immediately hides a pink striped shopping bag behind her back. One I recognize immediately as a Victoria’s Secret Bag, seeing as Virginia’s obsessed with the store. “Close your eyes.” I laugh and follow her directions. I hear her rush past me. “Okay, you can open them!” she hollers from the bedroom. She comes back into the living room a few moments later.
“Well, it’s nice to actually see you.” She forces a smile onto her face.
“I was a little upset.” She drops down on the couch next to me and curls into my side, lounging her legs across my lap and wrapping her arms around me. “But it’s your job, and you didn’t get mad at me when I left for six months. You were happy for me because of the opportunity. I should be happy for you.”
I’m actually pretty surprised at her change of heart. “Really?” She nods.
“I just don’t think it’d be fair. You didn’t get upset with a decision I made, and I got all worked up over something you have no control over.”
“Aw, my little girl is growing up.” I fake a sob, and Virginia pinches my side. “Ouch!” I laugh and lock my arm around her neck. As much as she squeals and fights me, I still manage to ruffle her hair.
“Stop it, asshole!” She’s trying so hard to be serious, but she’s laughing too hard. She finally squirms out of my grip. “You so asked for it.”
Her eyes flick to the pillow in the corner of the couch. We both reach for it, but she pulls it out of my grasp and smacks me. “That’s it!” I pick up the other pillow and chase her around the apartment.
I back Virginia against the door, and we’re still laughing and hitting each other with the pillow. She yanks the door open and bolts down the stairs. I follow her, finding far too much enjoyment in our fight.
We carry it through the small lobby of the building. She’s shrieking with laughter, and the tenant gives us a dirty look. I feel the pillow contact the side of my face. Virginia cheers and takes off outside. The people walking past don’t find much amusement in us chasing each other up and down the sidewalk in this disgusting rain-snow combination. I accidentally nail a runner, and Virginia eats shit on a slippery spot on the sidewalk.
“Your elbow’s bleeding,” I laugh, pulling her to her feet.
“I don’t even care,” she responds, wrapping her arms around my neck and pushing her lips to mine.
A car honks at us as it goes by. I mean, we either look ridiculous or adorable. I’m still in my pajamas—a pair of boxers and a white t-shirt—and she’s wearing one of my Raven’s t-shirts and a pair of yoga pants. No complaints there.
But our clothes are both soaked and literally freezing from the outside temperature by the time she pulls away to take a breath and kiss me quickly once more. “I love our relationship.” I smile as she slides her hand into mine and heads back inside.
♠ ♠ ♠
you've really been grand;
your eyes are like starlight now.
but don't you see?
how can you do this thing to me?