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Inside Your Heaven

santa baby.

“Have fun, okay? Let me know when you’re on your way home.” Alex nods and kisses my forehead.
“I will. I love you,” he reminds me.
I smile tiredly. “Love you more.” I wait until I hear the front door close before I roll onto Alex’s side and cuddle into the sheets for a few more hours of rest.
I spend a solid four hours making the dessert I promised Isobel and getting ready and making myself presentable for Alex’s family. Without him. Yeah, I’m still upset but not at him. I just wish he were here.
I check my reflection again and make sure I look presentable. Nice red sweater with a white scarf, black skinnies, heeled boots, and my hair done in loose curls. Good enough.
I end up getting there a little early to help Isobel finish cooking and decorating. “Honey, let me see the ring!” she gushes, pulling my hand towards her. She admires it with a smile. “Alex sure knows how to pick them.”
“Absolutely,” I agree, smiling as well.
“And not just rings.” She winks and turns back to her mashed potatoes. It’s really interesting to me that their family came from England and that some of their family who will be here tonight came all the way from England. Isobel and Peter’s fading accents are fucking awesome, if I must say, and Alex’s accent, when he chooses to use it, is sexy as all hell.
Family starts arriving in a little over an hour from when I arrive, and I just introduce myself as Alex’s girlfriend and replacement while he’s not here.
“So, how come you chose to spend the holidays here rather than with your family?” his Aunt Lara wonders, her thick English accent powering her words.
“My family is all the way back in LA, and I just moved back from LA. So, I didn’t really have the money to fly back to LA for the holidays.”
“Even without Alex?”
I nod. “I’ve heard a ton about you guys, and I couldn’t wait to meet you.” Lara smiles widely.
“How long have you two been together again?”
“Four and a half years.”
“Wow…that’s impressive, that is. Especially for Alex.”
I’ve come to the conclusion that Alex’s family is amazing, and even though they’ve never met me, his aunts and uncles all got me gift cards of some sort. The insist it’s in thanks for changing him into a man, and I’d just laugh with them. His parents picked me up a 100$ Visa gift card, and I returned them with two of their favorite bottles of wine and two brand new monogrammed glasses. Isobel absolutely loved it; she’s halfway through the first bottle.
Alex texted me about two hours ago saying that they’re all stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and won’t make it back until about midnight. So, it’s eight now, and I’m playing a modified version of Apples to Apples with all of family over the age of 18.
Modified into a drinking game, anyways. Losers drink. First ones done with three beers/glasses of wine/mixed beverages are out.
Luckily for me, I’m winning.
We all hear the bells on the front door ringing as it opens but just disregard it as Peter returning from his beer run.
“Oi, you bloody well started without me? How many of you buggers are bladdered?” I feel my lips pull into a smile at the voice sounding rather similar to Russell Brand’s. I turn around in my chair, and Alex flashes a brilliant smile to me.
“You lied!” I accuse.
He gets close to my face. “I would never!” He pecks my lips. “Did you tell them?” he whispers back in his normal voice. I shake my head. “I see you’ve met my fit fiancée.” His voice is back to the Russell Brand impersonation, but the biggest smile is on his lips.
His family throws a million excited questions and congratulations at us. Alex pulls up a chair next to me and wraps his arm around my shoulders.
“Deal me in.”

“Babe, give me the keys,” Alex laughs, backing me against the snow covered car window. I shake my head in protest and hold the keys above my head.
“No, I don’t think I will,” I respond in my horrible rendition of a British accent.
“Virginia, now.” I shake my head again. “You’re not driving. You fucking lost Apples to Apples!” Laughter continues to leak through his voice.
“No, your mom lost Apples to Apples, and I mean that quite literally.”
“How many drinks did you have?”
“Three, and a glass of wine at dinner. I’m just being a little shit right now.” I smirk and kiss his cheek, dropping the keys into his hand. I dust the fresh layer of snow off of the car using the sleeve of my jacket.
We drive home blasting Christmas music and singing along poorly. “So, I know we said no presents until tomorrow morning, but this one can’t wait,” I tell Alex.
He furrows his eyebrows.
“I’ll be right back.” I rush off into the bedroom and pull out the small Victoria’s Secret bag I stuffed in the back of the bottom drawer of the dresser. I quickly tug on my purchase and pop my head out of the doorway. “Hey, you,” I call.
Alex turns his attention from his phone to me. I hold out one hand and gesture him over just like the women do in the old cowboy movies. His eyebrows peak with interest, and he kicks off his shoes before approaching the bedroom.
“Shit,” is the only word to leave his mouth. He just stares for a moment before closing the distance between us, letting his fingers graze his Christmas present. A red and black lace corset top with matching cheeky underwear. Complete with a Santa hat.
Probably the best decision of my life.
Out of our four and a half years together, I’m not sure I’ve seen this smoldering look in his eyes before. It makes my body shake with anticipation, and it contradicts his gentle hands. It’s such a sweet gesture to show how much you fucking want someone but do it in a gentlemanly way.
Honestly, I more than half expected him to pick me up and drop me on the bed. I guess I should have known him better because I’m not every other girl he’s been with. I’m special to him, and he doesn’t let me forget it ever. From the daily reminders to the ring on my finger. I stole the heart of Mr. One-Night-Stand himself.
Alex’s lips linger on mine, but he doesn’t kiss me. Not yet. “Merry Christmas,” I whispers, our lips brushing.
It’s like those two words hit a switch, and he presses his lips to mine, wraps his arms around my waist, lifts me around his waist, and pushes my back to the now closed bedroom door.
My skin crawls with hot desire, and judging by the way he’s kissing me, I’m not going to be left dissatisfied.
♠ ♠ ♠
santa cutie,
there's one thing
i really do need--
the deed.