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It’ll Be Our Little Secret


Josh was laid in bed, pushing his sheets away from him in an attempt to cool down. It was the seventh of August, Josh’s sixteenth birthday, and he was rolling around above his sheets in a flimsy pair of boxer briefs. He heard his door creak open slightly and he gasped, pulling his covers across him slightly as a face popped round his door frame. When he saw it was just his older brother he smiled and edged up on the bed so his brother could sit down.
“Hey Oli.”
“Hey bro. Why aren’t you asleep? It’s almost midnight.”
As Oli sat down next to his little brother the moonlight shining through Josh’s open curtains lit up his colourful skin, the tattoos covering his arm seemed to shine slightly from the position Josh was in. Oli had took his shirt off as he snuck in to the house, black skinny jeans covered his long, skinny legs and his feet dangled off the edge off his little brother’s bed as his bare back rested against the cram wall Josh’s bed was shoved up against.
“I’m too hot.”
Oli chuckled and nodded as his brother mumbled, resting against Oli’s arm.
“Why are you here? Not that I don’t want you here, but it’s really late.”
Oli had moved out when he was eighteen to tour with his band, but occasionally he’d come back to see his brother. Their parents weren’t very accepting of Josh’s “choice” to be gay so had basically disowned him as soon as he’d come out at the tender age of thirteen. Oli was the only one there for him the whole way through his teen years. Oli was gay too, but he’d never come out to his parents. He hadn’t really talked to them since he moved out, and that was three years ago.
“I came back to wish my favourite brother happy birthday, and to give you your present of course.”
Josh smiled and lightly hit Oli’s arm.
“Arsehole, I’m your only brother.”
The boy’s laughed and Oli passed his brother a small box.
“What’s this?”
“Open it.”
As Josh’s fingers pried open the lid he frowned and pulled out the two keys sat at the bottom of the small, velvet box.
“What are these for?”
“One’s a key to my flat, and the other is a key to the band’s bus.”
The younger’s eyes bugged out of his head at that and he looked at Oli with a huge grin on his face.
“What!? Are you serious?!”
“Deadly. I want you to come live with me, and to come on tour with me and the band. You’re an amazing singer Josh. And you’re old enough now. We’ve all agreed as a band that we want you to come with us. You can do some vocals on our songs, and when we’re not touring or recording you can come live with me. That is if you want to?”
The elder male looked at Josh with so much hope in his eyes that Josh was sure his heart would have broken if he’d had said no. This was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He got to live with his older brother who was the only person he had ever loved and he got to tour with him making music.
“Yes, god yes thanks Oli I love you so much.”
Josh pulled Oli in to a hug and as he pulled back their faces were inches apart, Oli had an intense look in his eye and he licked his lips.
“I love you too.”
And Oli meant it. Every word of it. See, Oli had been in love with his younger brother since Josh was about thirteen. It was sick and wrong, but that was what made it even more appealing to the older male. Oli was the only family Josh had, and the younger boy depended completely on him. Oli knew what he felt for his brother was wrong and dirty, but you can’t help who you fall in love with. The age difference was wrong, never mind the fact that they were brothers, but Oli loved Josh. He’d had three years to think about whether this was just intense brotherly love or love love, but after starting to jack off thinking about his younger brother Oli was pretty sure his feelings for Josh were stronger than they should be.
The tattooed male leant towards his younger brother and rested their foreheads together.
“Oli waht are you-“
The older male silenced Josh with a kiss and quickly pulled back to look at his younger brother’s reaction. The teen was sat smiled, looking in to his lap.
“Took you long enough.”
Oli smirked at Josh’s statement and rose his eyebrows, which Josh found so sexy he had to bite his lips to keep in a moan.
“At least two years. You think I don’t hear you when you dream about me?”
Oli’s mouth hung open as his younger brother winked at him before chuckling.
“Just kiss me idiot.”
Oli pushed their lips together again before laying his brother down under him, shutting the door with his foot.
“You can’t tell anyone ok?”
“Our secret, I get it.”
The brothers smiled at each other before re attaching their lips, letting hands roam and fingers unzip and unbutton. Oli was soon rid of his jeans and his tattooed legs were tangled with Josh’s pale ones.
“Are you sure you want to do this Josh? It’s wrong and that age difference and we’re brother’s I shouldn’t even be thinking about this.”
The younger boy chuckled and pulled gently on his elder brother’s hair.
“Shut up.”
Their kiss was getting heated now, tongues fighting for dominance while teeth bit and lips sucked. Oli won the battle for control, humming in the back of his throat as Josh wrapped his arms round his brother, his fingers lightly playing with the hair on the nape of the elder’s neck as their lips moved in sync. Oli came up for air, only to attach his mouth to the teen’s neck seconds later. His teeth and tongue worked on creating a purple bruise on the younger boy’s soft, pale flesh. Josh’s fingers were tangled in Oli’s messy hair as he pulled the elder’s lips back up to meet his. Their kisses were all sucking and biting, both men getting hot and flustered as hands roamed. Oli’s long, thin fingers teasingly slipped under the waistband of Josh’s boxers and ran back and forward a couple of times. His teeth bit down softly on his brother’s bottom lip before he created a trail of kisses leading down to his collar bone. Oli sank his teeth lightly in to his brother’s flesh. From what the elder male remembered from reading his brother’s diary and listening to him talk to his friends, Josh had a thing for pain. The younger male whimpered slightly before letting a small, deep groan vibrate through his throat. Oli chuckled to himself and ran his tongue over the spot where his teeth had slightly punctured the skin. The lanky, inked man shimmied down Josh’s body, leaving a trail of wet kisses and tiny bites in his path. He finally reached Josh’s hip bones, his teeth sinking in to the flesh slightly as he nipped and sucked on the pale canvas, aiming to leave a purple bruise. He licked a stripe along the top of his little brother’s boxers and smirked as the younger male whimpered. Oli’s perfect, white, teeth tugged at the soft cotton covering the only part of Josh he hadn’t seen yet and his fingers soon followed, ridding the boy of the item of clothing completely. The older man took a deep breath as Josh was left totally exposed on his bed. The younger male felt vulnerable and self-conscious, but he couldn’t cross his legs or role over because his brother’s hands were pinning him down by his hips, so he just had to close his eyes and lay his head back in hopes Oli didn’t totally hate him or something. This was so totally wrong, Oli could get up and leave at any moment, but that was what Josh liked about it. It was so wrong and dirty, and that sent a sort of chill down Josh’s spine that made him smile and get slightly hot under the collar. Oli was feeling the complete opposite to what Josh thought he was though, the elder male’s jaw went slack at just how big His younger brother was and a small chuckle slipped past his lips before he crawled back up the bed and placed a soft kiss to Josh’s lips, smiling as the younger boy’s eyes fluttered open.
“Calm down Josh, OK? Have you done this before?”
Josh chuckled and nodded, pushing his lips to Oli’s again and spinning them over so he was on top before quickly pulling off the elder’s underwear and tossing them to the floor. The younger male latched his lips on to Oli’s stubble grazed neck and licked a stripe from his collar bone to the point where his jaw and ear met, nibbling slightly on the shell, just the way he knew Oli liked it. His fingers danced along the tight, colourful, strong canvas that was Oli’s body, leaving trails of sparkling warmth behind him. Shivers were sent down the elder male's spine and he arched his back as Josh’s magical hands pushed down on his hips, his short nails digging in to the soft skin leaving crescent shaped wounds. Blood rose to the surface of the elder’s freshly opened skin, colouring the peach a warm crimson, flecks of pink and white dotted through the art. Blood rushed through Oli's body as he started to harden even more, Josh's body brushing against the part of him screaming for attention, causing whore like moans and whines to slip past the lanky man's reddened lips. Oli eventually shifted, turning them back over and growling in to his little brother’s ear.
“I'm in charge.”
Josh let out an audible gulp and nodded, a shaky breath passing his lips and Oli's teeth grazed his skin, travelling down to his naval. The teen rutted up in to his brother’s touch as his lanky fingers wrapped around Josh's base, but the elder man growled and pushed his hips down again, a smirk on his face. The younger male took a sharp breath in as Oli licked a hot, wet strip up the bottom of his dick before making a tight seal round the top with his lips. The teen groaned, tangling his fingers in Oli's messy, brown locks as his head began to move up and down, his hands still forcing Josh’s hips against the soft mattress he’d bought for him a few weeks ago. He took all of his brother, causing the younger boy to whimper at the sight, before pulling off and smirking at the 'pop' sound that echoed through the warm room. The man climbed on top of Josh again and pushed their lips together, resting his arms either side of the boy's head before smiling softly and holding up three fingers, showing Josh what he was going to do.
“Are you ok?”
The boy nodded, pulling a bottle of lube and a condom out from under his bed before licking his lips as he watched Oli pop of the lid and coat his fingers with the sticky substance. The male pushed his first finger in, watching sadly as the boy's face contorted in pain. Lips were soon locked as a way of taking the teen’s mind of the initial pain and as Oli pushed another finger in and started to scissor his younger brother. A small hiss of discomfort slipped out of Josh's mouth and in to Oli's.
“Shhh, it gets better. Just relax.”
The third was soon added and Oli let Josh adjust to being so full before he started to push in and out with his digits, smirking as Josh's look of pain was replaced by a look of pleasure. Sluttish groans and whines echoed through the boy's bedroom and he whimpered as Oli's fingers were removed, clenching around nothing as his eyes squeezed shut at the feeling of being so empty after being so full.
“We have to be quiet, mum and dad are down the hall.”
The thought of getting caught sent shivers down both male’s spines and they let out identical whimpers. The elder male ripped open the condom with his teeth, smirking at Josh as his tongue ran across his red, swollen lips. Oli pushed his lips to Josh’s, slowly and passionately, before pushing completely in and watching Josh's face contort again. Oli dotted feather light kisses along the teen's jaw and neck, muttering quiet “sorry”'s until Josh finally breathed a hot 'Go' in to the colourful male's ear. Oli started to thrust in and out, finally finding a rhythm and smirking as Josh's moaned softly. Both men shook and whined, groaning with pleasure. Oli thrust in at different angles, trying to find the spot that would turn his brother in to a crumpled mess. He finally hit Josh's prostate and bit down hard on his lip as the younger male's back arched, a load groan passing through his lips followed by a stream of curse words.
“Fuck Oli do that again.”
The older male followed instruction and smirked as he looked down at his brother. Oli let out a breathy moan as his gaze wandered across Josh’s body. Josh was spread across the damp sheets, moaning Oli’s name and bucking his hips as the older male hit his prostate. It sent shivers down Oli’s spine and the tiny growls he emitted when Oli sank his teeth in to Josh’s perfect, clean skin made the older man shake with pleasure. The younger boy’s short fingernails scratched against Oli’s back, opening his flesh and making Oli moan his younger brother’s name. Oli’s hands clasped around his younger brother’s wrists and he forced them above his head, letting his eyes wander over Josh’s stretched out, perfect body. Oli had been waiting for almost three years to do this, and he wasn’t going to let it go to waste. This was the first time he’d ever been allowed to see his brother like this, and he was grasping the opportunity with both hands. Oli bit down on Josh’s shoulder, smirking as the younger boy moaned and bucked his hips up against the elder male. His fingers were clasped so tight round Josh’s wrists that the younger male was sure it would bruise and his teeth sunk so far in to Josh’s skin that blood seeped out of the fresh wounds and on to the white sheets underneath their damp, sticky bodies. Josh ached all over, fresh cuts and bites were littered all over his pale, tight skin and bruises were beginning to bloom across his bones already. Oli’s arms soon returned to Josh’s sides and he pulled them up so Josh was sat on the elder male’s lap. At first Oli thrust up to meet Josh, lolling his head back as pleasure coursed through him and made his bones scream and his blood boil, but then Josh got the hang of it and began to bounce on Oli’s lap, causing the elder male to emit a deep groan.
Soon both men were messes, white hot fires burning in both of their guts. The boy’s had somehow assumed their original position and Oli's thrusts were getting sloppy as the pleasure coursing through him got so intense it was painful. His hand snaked shakily between his and Josh's sweaty, rocking bodies and he moaned in to the younger's warm neck, his lips and teeth working on leaving a mark that would last for weeks. As Oli's hand pumped faster and his fingers squeezed a little harder Josh writhed around beneath him, gripping the sheets and biting down on Oli's neck where his head was buried. The pain coursed through Oli’s shoulders and made it hard for him to stay above Josh and not just collapse on him. The younger boy soon tipped over the edge, every muscle in his body tensing as pleasure shot through his whole body and his bodily fluids coated his stomach and Oli's hand. His vision blanked out, a flash of hot white dancing across his clenched eyelids as he dragged Oli down with him, clenching around his big brother and making him come inside the condom with a loud, stuttered cry of Josh's name. The pair collapsed down next to each other, Oli tossed the used protection in the bin next to them before wrapping his arms round Josh and smiling as the teen hummed in sleepy content and snuggled his completely spent body in to his brother’s side.

“No once can know.”
“I know.”
“It’ll be our little secret.”
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