Sequel: Ghost Town.

The Everetts.

For as long as anyone can remember, there's been something in the land that lies in the shadow of the mountain.
Though beautiful, there is a darkness to it. You can feel it all around you.
It was only fair that the Everett family lived there.
Like the mountain, it's woods and it's waters, it was as though there was something wrong with them.
Something very wrong.

'Blood is thicker than water.'

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Everyone has darkness in their soul. It cannot be helped. We are born with it and we will die with it.

In some people, that darkness is stronger, more vicious and cruel then the darkness in your soul or even mine.
Some choose the darkness and it’s seductive ways. Some are unable to cope with it and destroy themselves with trying to stop it.
And there are some who have no choice in the matter, who, because of the choices of others, are cursed with this darkness.

It does not matter though, that darkness must be satisfied or else it will break them. Every time they give into that darkness, it consumes them a little bit more each time until, in the end, nothing is left.

Sometimes, one must do monstrous things for the greater good.

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