Judgement Day

The Last Ride of the Day

Andrew walked into the Irish Judge's version of the Hall of Justice. This one was different as it had a lot more chain smokers and random bottles of whiskey sitting in plain sight versus the uptight neatness of the American Judges version of mandatory rigidness.

It was also brighter, much brighter. The halls were a lot more lively and upbeat. People had random dolls and idols and other oddities as office decorations. One person had a shrunken head lying randomly on their desk.

Andrew's head felt like it was ripping apart, as if some little insect was burrowing and threatened to come bursting out of his head. Yesterday had been the second night in a row he had gotten way too drunk and woken up with way too much of a headache. The lack of a ban on hard liquor had started to take its toll on Andrew's strict discipline psyche.

"Oi!"Maeve shouted at him as she shoved a box of armor into his arms. "New armor from America. Gear up!"

Andrew looked down at the armor, it actually looked like armor instead of something out of a seventies comic book. The jacket was hard shell that had the eagle and other pad inserted into the shoulder pads so they didn't take up space. Other than that it looked more or less like his old uniform.

His mind went blank and somehow he was out on the streets on his Lawmaster patrolling with Pete and an Irish Judge named McClinty who was serving as his guide through the twists and turns of Murphyville. Although he somewhere along the line had gotten the new armor and had equipped it, so had earlier happened? He blinked twice before the memories came flooding in, he had been riding all the time, he had been remembering a previous days encounter. Or had he? He hadn't been that far in the Irish Hall of Justice, so how could he remember something that hadn't happened yet? And when did he put the new armor on?

His mind snapped out of questions he didn't know the answers to and were making his mind spin in confusion. He looked over to see some blue haired civilian pull out a gun and shoot someone else straight in the temple. Andrew braked hard and pulled over, nearly jumping off of the bike in the process. He grabbed his Lawgiver and dismounted with Pete and McClinty.

"Aye! You doing a hames of a job if you're tryin' ta get 'way wit' this." McClinty shouted as he raised his weapon.

"Maybe I am getting away with this." the civilian told McClinty as she turned and pulled a long sword that seemed to be infused with fire from the sheath on her belt.

"Put down your weapon!" Andrew shouted as he lined his shot up perfectly, his arms freer without the shoulder pads in the way.

"No!" the person yelled, her lavender eyes twinkling as she ran forward and impaled McClinty on her blade, Andrew watched in horror as McClinty shriveled up as if he had been rapidly aged in seconds.

"EWWWW! OLD PERSON!" the murderer yelled.

Andrew had had enough of this…bitch, as the local populace would put it. He pulled the trigger on his Lawgiver three times. One bullet bounced off the sword and pinged off into the side of a building. The other two projectiles traveled through into the assailant's temple and heart. The blue haired girl's head snapped back as a quick spurt of blood shot out onto the sidewalk, where it began to sizzle and burn a small hole into the concrete, her body crumpled to a heap on the ground.

"Acid blood? Really? What the hell do they put in the water over here?" Pete asked as he walked over to the corpse.

Andrew clicked the safety back on his gun before putting it back into his holster. "Call an H-Wagon and Irish HQ," Andrew began to tell Pete before the blue haired woman gurgled, causing Andrew to turn and look at her.

The blue haired woman was smiling; Andrew pulled his Lawgiver back out and aimed it right between her eyes. She should not have been able to think about smiling let alone be able to do it. "You have one last chance to comply, either surrender and face the Ise-Cubes or feel a bullet sink into the bridge of your nose." Andrew threated.

"How about neither, poser?" she giggled before Andrew and Pete dropped to his knees in pain, dropping his Lawgiver. He could feel his scar reopening, his hand darting up instinctively as the scar went back to a cut then to a full-blown gash. Pulling his hand back he could see the blood that had pooled onto his hand as he felt the warm red liquid running down his cheek.

The sound of his Lawgivers safety clicking off made Andrew look back at the blue haired woman who stood above them, holding his gun. Andrew grinned, the Lawgiver had a defense mechanism, anybody who picked up the Lawgiver who wasn't him would get his or her hand blown off.

"I know about your Lawgivers and how you have them set up to blow people's hands off. Thank god I can replicate your D.N.A by thinking about it and then change the settings to accept mine as well." she told him.

"That's not, argh, possible!" Pete groaned before nearly collapsing onto the ground.

"But I'm feeling nice, you can have your gun back." the woman told Andrew before tossing his Lawgiver back to him.

Andrew snatched his Lawgiver out of the air with his left hand and aimed it at the menace in blue hair once again. "Murder of a Judge, resisting arrest, tampering with Judge equipment. The sentence is death." Andrew snarled and gritted his teeth as he tightened his grip on the Lawgivers trigger. Nothing happened, Andrew pulled the trigger again but still nothing happened. The blue haired woman began to laugh hard and harshly.

There was a beeping sound coming from his gun that confused Andrew. Three seconds later he found out exactly what the beeping sound was for. Andrew's eyes widened as he tried to throw his gun away.

Before Andrew could toss his weapon it exploded. Sending bits of flesh and bone every which way. Once there was a hand but that was now a bloody stump. Andrew could see bone sticking out from jagged piece of stump flesh as his mind sent endorphins to block the pain out.

"Andrew!" Pete yelled as he tackled the blue haired woman into the building through a window. The building was under construction so there was no civilian life nearby.

"You bitch!" Pete yelled as he punched the blue haired woman in the face with a ferocious right hook.


Pete was slammed onto a workbench. The blue haired girl immediately was on top of him punching and clawing at him. Sometime during this he had lost his helmet and now she had a screwdriver. The woman brought the screwdriver down threatening to stab him through the eye. Pete grabbed her wrist to prevent her descent, she was strong, uncommonly strong.

A sheen of sweat began to cover Pete's forehead. He was doomed as she kept inching forward with the screwdriver, she was too strong and Pete couldn't hold her back.

From somewhere behind the woman there was a whirling sound. The woman barely had time to turn around before a circular saw cut into her neck. Sending out torrents of blood everywhere. Pete tried to cover himself before realizing that this was not the acid blood from before, nor did he know how the hell that happened, he closed his mouth and eyes as he felt the warm, coppery liquid splatter all over him.

The woman's face was stuck in a permanent state of shock as her head fell off and rolled onto the floor. Pete wiped blood from his eyes and took a look at his savior, it was Andrew who had somehow managed to scrap up enough willpower to find a saw and kill the perp.

"Hey buddy." Andrew told him before dropping the saw and falling to the floor.

Yvaine and June were in the sewers of city, more like the bowels of the sewers of the city. They had been assigned with tracking down a group of bandits that had been raiding shops and robbing pedestrians. They too had been assigned a guide but she had been shot in the head while trying to stop a group of bandits from robbing a pharmacy. They had followed the bandits here and had quickly got lost in the twists and turns of the sewage system.

"Guess we're fucked." Yvaine said simply as she flicked the flashlight on her Lawgiver on.

"Maybe, if you wanna fuck me then you would be fucked." a voice that exuberated manliness came from out of the darkness.

Yvaine pointed her gun at the sound. "You know, if you wanna get me into bed you gotta at least buy me a drink first." Yvaine replied, trying to get him to talk so that she could pinpoint his location.

"I bet that could be arranged," a man told her as he came out of the shadows.

Yvaine heard June gasp as she saw the man. He was impossibly beautiful; every feature on his face looked like it had been carved from stone. Every hair on his head fell into a perfect stack that most men could barely even dream of. He wore tight jeans that showed his package off very well and an opened button up shirt that showed his lean yet defined swimmers build.

"My grud," June whispered, Yvaine rolled her eyes as she could hear her getting wet from where she was standing.

"How about it blondie? You and me go get a quick mojito and then we roll around in bed together for a few hours?" he asked her, as he got very close. Yvaine smirked and closed the gap between them, on finger trailing up and down his six-pack.

"How do you know I'm blonde? I have a helmet on, and you sure know how to get a girl raring to go." Yvaine whispered into his ear, she felt soft lips on the nape of her neck. She let out a fake moan as her hand gripped tight around her Lawgiver stock.

"Damn right, or my name wouldn't be Cloud McCloud," he whispered as his hand began to roam over her chest, she wished that she could punch him.

Yvaine took a quick look over at June who was drooling; quite literally, her violet eyes had turned hazy. Almost like she wasn't all there.

Yvaine slowly slid her Lawgiver out and pointed it at Cloud's testicales. He hadn't noticed yet.

"You're gonna get your damn hands off of me or I will have you singing soprano the rest of your life." Yvaine threatened as she pulled back, still keeping her gun pointed where she needed it to be pointed.

"Fucking bitch." Cloud grumbled as he stepped back a few feet.

Yvaine looked over at June who was slowly coming out of her haze. "What did I miss?" she asked with a small blush of embarrassment that some boy had distracted her.

"Cloud here was trying to slide into second base, but the threat of him losing his mancard prevented him from sliding further." Yvaine briefed her as she kept her distance.

"Well, you're about to lose your cherry." Cloud told her before he sprinted at an impossibly fast pace.

Yvaine felt as her Lawgiver was knocked out of hand and she was slammed up against the side of the sewer wall, she was glad for her new armor as the old one would have given her barely any protection against being. He was strong, she couldn't move as her arm was pinned behind her back. A inch upwards and her arm would break like dry firewood.

"What kind of man harms a defenseless woman?" Yvaine asked trying to play the damsel in distress card, where the hell was June?

"I sent your friend into a deep trance like I had her in earlier. She won't wake up until I've done what I want to you." Cloud whispered into her ear.

"Mother-Drokker, what's with you people and rape?" Yvaine groaned at his unoriginality.

"Well I am hung like a horse, but I also like to break my victims bones while I do it. I'm a bit kinky in the BDSM region."

Yvaine frowned and tried to wiggle free, she was not about to get her bones broken while this guy attempted to rape her. IT wasn't cliché but she had had enough of the attempted rape for a change.

"JUNE!" Yvaine screamed as Cloud pulled her back and tried to unzip her jacket.

Cloud began to clutch her chest and Yvaine tried to headbutt him, only to find out he had a chin stronger than steel. His hand kept roaming all over her body; it was rather soft. She closed her eyes and wondered what it would be like to have a bottle of scotch, something new she had tried the other night, a soft bed, and an unlimited amount of time to spend with him.

Yvaine shook her head and grunted as he started to rip her undershirt open, after that she had one more layer before she would be exposed. "JUNE!" she screamed in one last attempt to awaken her friend before she fell underneath this man's "charms" and couldn't fight any more.

Cloud went stiff as his grip on Yvaine slackened causing her to drop to the floor. Yvaine turned around to see Cloud's face blacken and crack from June's touch on him. Weird streams of purple energy were bursting from him and flowing into June. She looked to be in a massive amount of pain. Her head snapped back revealing purple light shooting out from her eyes and mouth.

"BEWARE THE PURPLE PARADE!" she screamed before being thrown away from Cloud and cracking her head against the sewer wall.
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