A Siren's Call

Avalon was the daughter of a ruthless, feared pirate. One night, during a deadly storm on the seas, her father's ship crashed onto an unknown island. A mysterious figure walks towards them. The mystery man would help him, only if he could have something in return. He agreed, without asking what the man wanted in return. Once his ship was rebuilt, the father went on his merry way; not realizing the mysterious man kidnapped his daughter and thrown her into Neverland; cursing her to live her life part mermaid, party human. The man told Avalon that the only way for her curse to be broken is if she kills a certain pirate; this pirate being Captain Hook...
  1. Introduction.
  2. My light house, rescue me
    And please don't let me drown before I reach your shore (Land ahead!)
  3. And my heart is a hollow plain
    For the devil to dance again