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King For A Day

For The Fun Of It

Kellin POV
*bitchpleaseI'mvicfuentes* screeched my alarm clock while I fell out of of bed and onto the tour bus floor. "Urghh" I said getting up and throwing on my clothes for the king for a day video shoot today. I got cleaned up and stumbled out to the place where the food was. "Hey guys" "Hey bro, you psyched for today?" Justin asked "Hell yeah" I said Me and Vic were going to rock this video.
"bitchpleaseI'mkellinquinn" sounded his alarm He chuckled and got out of bed throwing on his clothes
"Morning princess" joked Tony "Shush you" I said rolling my eyes
I quickly ate some cereal and headed for the set. "I can't wait, this is going to rock!" I said excitedly
We were all hanging around the set while Kellin finished his part on the desk and then we were done for the day it was so much fun filming.
"Hey dude that was awesome" "Cheers man you ready for that thing we've been planning?" SHIT I forgot about mine and Kellin's little plan to 'prank' the fans tonight after the show. "Hell yeah dude, it's gonna be so funny!" Kellin frowned and then quickly smiled to hide it, hmm I was slightly confused

Truth was Kellin had come up with a plan to tease all of the 'kellic' fans by us two kissing.
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Sorry it's so short but I'm posting chapter 2 like straight after this so yeah...