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King For A Day

The Prank

Kellin's POV
"We are the shadows screaming take us now, we'd rather die than live to rust on the ground" Oh god it's time, I thought to myself, time for the 'prank' why did my annoying brain have to take over my speech and make me say something so stupid? He is so going find out. *sigh* Oh no Vic's staring at me, he's expecting it, here goes nothing I thought to myself before walking calmly up to Vic, gently gripping around his waist and pulling his body closer to him. There was barely any room between us anymore and I could hear the crowd screaming "KELLIC" I couldn't take it anymore I crashed are lips together instantly and that was it I was gone it was like fireworks as soon as our lips touched. We finally pulled apart and a frown appeared on Vic's face, Could he really be sad that the kiss was over? No stop getting hopes up. "Goodnight everybody" We said concurrently as we exited the stage awkwardly, the crowd still screaming "KELLIC" at the top of their lungs. I bet Vic didn't feel the fireworks like I did.
Vic's POV
Shit it's time I think to myself as I try my hardest not to stare at Kellin but fail greatly. Ah he's coming over, act cool Vic it's just a prank, just a prank.
Then it happened, are lips touched and colorful explosions everywhere. Fireworks in my head, FUCK, this kiss is blowing my mind are lips moving together like they were meant to fit together like a key to it's lock, oh know I'm being all soppy now. He pulled away suddenly and I couldn't help but frown, I just hope that he didn't see it. After walking off stage still hearing the fans screaming "KELLIC" I asked Kellin if he wanted to stay on our bus because Mod Sun had tagged along with the rest of PTV and SWS for drinks, they were all going to be pissed so me and Kellin just played on X-box for a bit.
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