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King For A Day

You complicate my breathing just by your existence

"Hey Vic I'm bored of Mario now, you got any good movies?" "Err" said Vic looking deep in thought "We got The Possession?" "Is it scary?" asked a concerned Kellin "Yes but no worries I shall keep you safe from the monsters" Vic joked "Alright, alright" Vic walked over to the mini tour bus book shelf and grabbed the DVD. Kellin wondered into the kitchen for a moment, then returned with a hand full of snacks.
They were both slobbed on the couch with Vic's legs dangling over the edge of the sofa and Kellin's dangling of the other side, his back leaning against the sofa cushions awkwardly so that he wasn't lying on Vic.
Kellin's POV
Jesus I'm so fucking uncomfortable all I wanna do is snuggle up to Vic but he'll just think I'm some big weirdo. Okay, he's stretching now's your chance to move.
He moved his back upwards and sat crossed legged looking tired in the face.
Vic's POV
Fuck, this sucks he's all tired and cute looking, sitting right their with the most adorable expression on his face ever and all I want him to do is snuggle up to me. Great now he's moving I was so hoping he would just fall asleep on me. Disappointment covered my face and I think Kellin noticed because as soon I looked down he said "You 'kay bro?"
Kellin's POV
He looked startled as if I had disturbed him from being deep in thought.
"Yeah, just tired" Vic lied "Dude, seriously you look like someone just shot a puppy in front of you, are you sure everything's alright?"
"Yeah I'm good" Vic chuckled at my concern when suddenly the lights switched off and the TV was still screeching away. "Dude, this is fucking creepy" said Kellin chuckling "It really is, one sec I think I found the light switch" Vic said with relief but the light didn't come back on straight away and by that time Kellin had bumped straight in to Vic and they both fell to the floor with Kellin on top of Vic.
They both exchanged blank stares before fully realizing the position they were in. Kellin shifted slightly trying to climb off of Vic but before he could get to his feet Vic grabbed his hand and pulled him back down in to a position much like the one they had been in before only now Vic's back was higher in the air and his breath was hot on my lips. "Vic, I er-" (Kellin's POV) Vic leaned in capturing my lips and pulling me downwards, he was gripping the back of my head and lacing his fingers threw my hair, are lips moving together even more perfectly than before and with know body to interrupt who knows where this is going...
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry to leave on a cliff hanger but I wanna read now so yeah...