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King For A Day

Just the beginning

"Er Vic" Kellin moaned and they both broke apart for air "Oh my god, Kellin I'm so so sorry, I don't even know what came over me" cried Vic "Hey sh-sh it's okay, we fell; So was that kiss an accident then?" "Yes Kellin I'm so sorry please don't hate me" "Vic, I could never hate you, I lov- er would never not be your friend I-" Kellin said frowning, a tear rolling down his pale cheek.
Kellin's POV
FUCK! He didn't mean to kiss me and now I can't stop frowning; Oh great and now I'm crying! I've gotta go.
With that last thought Kellin got up and ran to the bathroom and locked the door leaving Vic on the floor with a confused look.
Vic's POV
Oh god what have I done? I've ruined our friendship for good- Wait where is he going? Is he crying?
"Kellin, are you okay? questioned a concerned Vic through the bathroom door. All could hear were loud moans and cries coming from inside.
"Kellin, If you don't let me in or say something I will kick the door in" Vic said Kellin's POV - SHIT! I'm still crying!
"I'm fine really, it's - it's just hay fever" "Bollocks" Argued Vic kicking the door carefully open without breaking it.
"Oh Kellin, why are you crying?" "I'm not crying" denied Kellin, walking out of the bathroom and sitting back on the couch "Lets just finish the movie yeah?" Vic sighed "Yeah, okay"
Vic sat back down next to Kellin and without even thinking Kellin snuggled right up to Vic like it was instinct. Vic didn't even realize until at least 2 minutes and that's when he looked down at Kellin in confusion and Kellin looked directly back at him. Kellin sat up and stared straight at Vic but Vic couldn't resist the site of Kellin's beautiful eyes and without haste grasped his face with both hands pulling him inwards until their lips met exploding fireworks in both their heads. Vic pulled away shortly "Kellin I don't wanna lie anymore. I did want to kiss it meant everything to me because I love you and I know you only see me as a friend but I just needed you to know" Kellin looked at Vic in shock before replying "You really l-love me?" "Yes" Vic sighed "Oh my god Vic I love you too, why didn't you tell me I've been in love with you for weeks why do you think I planned that 'prank' kiss?; it's because I wanted to get close to you to see if you liked me back but I just thought you hated it" Vic smiled "I would never hate it, when we kissed it was like- "Fireworks" They said in unison before smiling and reattaching their lips when the drunk members of both ptv,sws and mod sun came in to the bus and grabbed some beers. Both Kellin and Vic were startled by their band mates sudden arrival and were confused as to why they hadn't questioned them about the kissing. They were about to open their mouths to speak but before they could Mike interrupted "'Bout time 'ay Tony" Tony smirked "I'll say" commented Justin "I swear anymore sexual tension and my dick would have exploded for the both off you" Mod sun just laughed at Justin's joke "Wh-a wh- what!? how do you even know?" said Vic "Err hello guys you're always together, always checking each other out and you're always getting lost in each other's eyes, it's so cute I may throw up" Answered Jaime chuckling in the process. Vic and Kellin just smiled and nodded in agreement. "Well then we shall leave you two cuties alone" smirked Tony and with that they were gone.
"So, where were we?" joked Kellin kissing Vic again, their pants were getting tighter making both of them realize that this was just the beginning. <3
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Hope you guys liked this<3