Status: Don't put any hate against Ronnie on hear for I don't care about your opinion unless you love him.

You Can Escape Your Fate by Falling in Reverse

Ronnie Radke get's a girl who he really likes and enjoys but she is different then what you think. She's quiet and good, but her boyfriend isn't. She falls in love with him and her only friend falls in love with Mr. Max Green but one night she sleeps with Ronnie and Juliet and him fight but at her birthday they love each other again after he sings a song to her. Well over time Max finds a new girl and ETF get's huge. Thats until Ronnie get's in trouble with the law. He get's put away and Juliet is left to go on with her life. She finds a new band and new friends and while at Warped tour she runs in to Mr. Radke for the first time in 17 years.