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Maybe I'm A Different Breed

To start off, the story title is inspired by, and one of the lines of, Sail by AWOLNATION. I do not own this song. Look it up on Youtube if you would like to listen to it. I recommend a lyrical video so you can just, so to say, feel the music instead of being distracted by the official video.

I got the idea for this experiment by reading stories such as 1,000 regrets and so on. However, this is different. I plan on this becoming more of a journal entry for whatever and whomever. You can state something that made your day absolutely wonderful or something that is bothering you. For instance, a regret, personal problems, or just random thoughts is acceptable. Basically anything goes. Unless, it is promoting drinking, abusing drugs, and so-on-so-forth. Because this rule is so general and has not been very specified, I will keep tabs on what each chapter says and would please appreciate well-behaved conduct on here. I will delete chapters if it comes to that.

You are able to use song titles for your journal entries or just the date. However, if you use song titles, I request that you put a link to the song from Youtube or a public music website in your author note so others may experience the music as well.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to message me with what you wrote and I will post it to the story without mentioning your user name. (I will use whatever you give me for the title or state it as 'Anon guy' 1,2,3,etc or 'Anon girl' 1,2,3,etc.)

The rating is PG-13 but if your entry is more graphic than that, please state so in the brief summary allowed for each chapter.

If you would like to be apart of this journal idea, just request via comment or inbox.

Also, If you would like to make a layout for this story, you are more than welcome to do so.