Sequel: Faith
Status: Complete.


"I need you to make me forget."

Jade was so caught up in the rest of the game that he didn't have the heart to bring Andrew up again. She just seemed so happy, all her worries forgotten for just a little while as she threw herself into the game. Tommy didn't want to burst her bubble, didn't want to bring her back down to reality. It was part of the reason he had chosen hockey: he had hoped she would get lost in it. So he let her be, spending more time watching her reactions than the game itself.

He wondered if this was the Jade he would have met if the other men in her life hadn't broken her. Carefree, light, happy, not burdened with anger or fear. Tommy secretly loved it when she was angry at him, loved seeing the fire burn in her. It was her passion that had turned him on to her in the first place. But this Jade he loved to see too.

The game ran into double overtime, Flyers ousting the Penguins to force a game seven. So it was late by the time they started making their way home. She leaned on his shoulder on the train ride home, linking her arm into his. "Thank you, Tommy. That was really amazing."

"Anytime, doll." She looked up, eyes locking with his before he leaned down to plant a kiss on the top of her head. Jade breathed a sigh of contentment. He hated to bring it up, but it needed to be discussed. Tonight. A glimpse at the clock on the train told him the order had already expired. Their time was out. "We gotta talk about Andrew, Jade."

He could feel her tense beside him, her fingers digging into his arm and a panicked look crossed her features. "Oh God, Tommy, the order-"

"I know, doll, I know. But I think I mighta figured something out."


He didn't respond at first as they exited the train, thinking carefully about how to put it. Tommy knew her now, knew she wasn't going to like his idea. "I want to stay with you, at least until I win the tourney and we have enough money to move you and Nanna somewhere safe."

Jade tensed beside him, but continued walking. "That simple, huh?"

"I just want you safe, doll." He didn't dare say anymore, not yet. Tommy could almost hear her brain working as they moved. It wasn't until they had arrived back at her place that she spoke again.

"And if I don't wanna move? This is Nanna's home, Tommy! This is where she grew up, where I grew up! She's not going to want to go anywhere." Jade stormed up the stairs, looking back at him defiantly.

Tommy followed her, ready to do whatever it took to convince her. How could she not see this was the only way? "I already talked to her, Jade, Nanna-"

"Again?" She attempted to shove him backwards but he didn't budge. "You fucking went over my head again? You have no right-" Tommy silenced her with a kiss, her arms lashing out at him as he pressed her against the door. She eventually calmed, hands moving to the back of his neck, a moan eventually escaping her lips. She was going to drive him crazy.

Jade pulled away, trying to talk again. "You still-" Another kiss, harder, pressing her body against his until she curved around him.

He lifted his lips from hers, daring her to say something again with a glare. When she didn't, he continued. "Do you have any idea what it would do to her if something happened to you? To me?" Tommy pressed his lips to hers again, this time gentle, soft, desperately trying to convey what she meant to him in this kiss.

"Well isn't this sweet." The voice came from the yard, Jade's body tensing under him telling Tommy all he needed to know. He turned slowly to face the threat behind them.

His immediate impression was that the man looked like the preppy villain from a bad 80's movie. Preppy, blonde hair slicked back, an arrogant smile on his face. He was already making his way down the steps when Jade's hand on his arm stopped him. "Tommy, no."

Andrew wagged a finger at him, tutting under his breath. "Now, now, listen to the lady. Last thing you want is to be sitting in a cell for assault with no one to watch out for her, right? Though I would gladly take a beating for that opportunity."

Tommy dug his fingers into his palms, stopping in his tracks, the asshole's words sinking in. Fuck if he wasn't right.

"How are you, Jade, honey?" Andrew called out to her. "I'm a little disappointed you didn't wait for me, but I'll find a way to get over it."

And suddenly, Tommy was holding her back as she scrambled to get at the man who had caused her so much pain. "You son of a bitch!" she spit, nearly clawing at Tommy's arms to get past him.

"I suppose that would be my cue to leave. Just wanted to say hi, see what you were doing. Or more accurately, who you are doing. I'll see you around, honey." And at that, he walked to his car across the street and drove off.

Jade collapsed into his arms, sobbing. Tommy just held her as she cried, rubbing a hand against her back while the other cradled her head. They stood there for a while like that, the flow of tears eventually slowing. "C'mon, let's get you inside," he whispered. She nodded into his chest, sniffling.

Jade turned her back to him to unlock her door, her hands shaking so hard that she couldn't do it. Tommy quietly took the keys from her, turning the lock in one swift motion to let them in. She seemed to be in shock, barely acknowledging his presence behind her as she went into her room. Figuring he'd give her a moment to change, he cracked the door and peeked into Nanna Paul's room, just to check on her.

"Tommy?" her voice drifted out from the bedroom. Satisfied that Nanna was okay, he closed the door behind him before making his way to Jade.

"Yeah doll?" he called to her, pausing outside her room. "You decent?"


All thoughts flew from his head as he opened the door to find her standing naked before him. "I'm sorry, I thought you said-"

"Make me forget, Tommy?" her voice was small as she interrupted him, eyes wide and scared.

"Are you sure this is the best time-" Tommy forgot what he was saying as her fingers trailed down her stomach before sliding a hand between her legs. His physical reaction was immediate, his jeans suddenly uncomfortable.

"Please, Tommy?" she begged, breath hitching in her throat. "I need you to make me forget."

It was all the invitation he needed. He closed the door behind him with his foot, taking her into his arms and kissing her, head swimming as he laid her on the bed beneath him. She really would be the end of him. But what a way to go.