Status: Work in Progress

The Tomboy and Her Nine Brothers

Katherine has always been one of the guys, growing up with a male dominant family; her tomboy attitude has always dubbed her in the friend zone for many guys.

It doesn't help that her dad is a built up like a body builder after years in the Marine’s and having nine brothers to tease and taunt her as well as to protect her and threaten any boys showing interest in her.

They move to sunny California from Florida for a new start, and Katherine has to be careful with how she befriends as most girls use her to get to her brothers.

As she makes new friends, discovers new relationships, her bond with her brothers grows tighter then ever, Katherine has to make a choice as her brand new start at school doesn't go the way she thought. New enemies arise as jealousy shows his colors on most of the schools female population.

**Rated R for cussing, and major slutty girls**
  1. My Hectic Life
    Katherine's POV
  2. Breakfast then the Mall
    Kyle POV
  3. Shooting at the Mall
    Katherine's POV