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The Moonlight Between Us

What if the reason Alexander wasn't interested in Luna was because he was gay, and Raven herself wasn't particularly straight herself? This is mostly a focus on Raven and Luna. Alexander is just best friends with Raven and Becky... (Mostly Raven.)

Note: I completely love Raven and Alexander's romance, but it has crossed my mind before. I also intend to make a similar story from Alexander's point of view, sort of a story about Jagger hating him for not taking his sister, and Alexander never being able to tell him why.
  1. Halloween Syndrome
    If you've read the first book of the Vampire Kisses novel, you can skip this. It's just getting to know Raven and sort of introducing Alexander.
  2. Corpses of the Same Kind
    Getting close to Alexander
  3. I'm Such a Sucker for a Pretty Girl in Black With Skin So White