Status: Formerly 'I Still Hear the Rain'

Desperate Conversation

Alex Gaskarth is the popular pretty boy. He's a stuck up jerk. He always makes fun of her. What he doesn't know is that he's slowly killing her. Every time someone says something to her she deteriorates more and more. Yet Alex has a secret. He has feelings for her. He isn't going to admit it any time soon. Brittany is the shy, quiet, unpopular one who people are "afraid" to associate with in fear of catching some disease. Rian Dawson, Alex's best friend, slowly befriends her. He starts to break her out of her shell. Does Rian start so gain feelings for her and cause Alex to become insanely jealous of the two? Or does he help him realize that she's not a bad person and make him try to make things right?
  1. Speak Up
    Not like Alex or Jack?
  2. Keep My Conscience Clean When I Wake
    What do you mean 'bad' family?
  3. Don't Make This Easy
    Apologies go a long way.
  4. Say You Mean It
    Band practice