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Locked Out Of Heaven

chapter two

"What do you mean 'locked out of heaven'?" I questioned, eyeing him curiously.
I knew I was a pretty bad person, but I didn't think I was bad enough to not only not be able to enter heaven, but to get fucking locked out of it.
Kellin rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a cigarette, bringing it to his lips and placing it tentatively in between them.
"It means exactly what it sounds like, dumb ass," he mumbled around
the cigarette as he drew a lighter froßm his back pocket and flicked it on, cupping the flame with his hand and lighting it up.
I sighed, exasperated. How long was this guy going to act like an ass to me when he barely even knows who I am?!
"But why was I locked out?"
"I don't know," he shrugged. "Everyone here is locked out of heaven. Apparently there's some kind of huge rules and regulations type book that warrants who gets in. You not only have to be good, but you have to be problem free as well. You can't hold any grudges or be mentally unstable or shit like that. " he took a drag of his cigarette, closing his eyes in pleasure as he exhaled.
"I don't have any of that."
"Sure you don't," he said, "And I haven't been here for the past 20 years."
20 years? This dude's been here for 20 fucking years?!
"No you haven't, you don't even look like you could be 20 years old."
"Of course I don't," he scoffed and took another drag. "I'm as dead as you are. Get used to never aging, man. You're going to look the way you do now forever. And by the looks of it, that's pretty unfortunate for you."
I scowled at him and he chuckled slightly, finishing up his cigarette and dropping the butt of it on the ground.
He turned around and gestured for me to follow him back into the town area, and if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't know jack shit about anything here I wouldn't have done it.
I need him, though. If he's going to be my guide, I need to get as much information about this place as possible out of him.
He walked forward and took a key out, unlocking the gate and stepping back to allow me entrance. I hastily jogged inside and looked around at my surroundings, mesmerized.
The skyscrapers seemed to be built of reflective white walls and the light from the sun (which was incredibly close to us, maybe that's why it was so fucking bright) reflected off of the windows, creating a glowing aura around us. There were houses lining the sides of the skyscrapers, each one identical to the other and it reminded me of the houses back home on the rich side of San Diego.
One house, though, stood out from the rest; it was spectacularly large and grandoise, really closer to a mansion than a house. The fencing surrounding it looked similar to the gate, but it was smaller in stature and definitely more expensive. There were windows all along the side of the house, which meant that it had many rooms on the inside and the garden out front was well-trimmed and kept, with an assortment of flowers lining the outside of the fence that made it look like something out of a story book.
I must've been staring for a while because Kellin snapped his fingers in front of my eyes annoyingly and kept calling out to me.
"I'm sorry, what?" I asked, thinking that maybe he had said something I missed while I was trapped in my thoughts.
He sighed and licked over his lips hurriedly, getting ready to speak.
"I said that that," he said, pointing towards the mansion, "is David's house. Whatever you do, don't go over there without his permission. He has a bit of a temper problem and it doesn't always end well for newcomers like you."
"Who's David?" I questioned, looking back towards the mansion.
"David," he said smugly, "is my father. He owns the Gray Zone. Every house, every building, every person, hell, he even owns every little grass blade around here."
So that's why this kid was such a brat. His father was Mister Rich Guy around here and apparently the boss of everyone too.
"How'd your father get up here?" I questioned, my gaze flicking towards his eyes curiously.
"My father didn't get up here, he got down here. He was an angel and he got sent to live down here for his sins against the Almighty up there."
"If he's an angel, why are you not?"
"I am an angel, asshole," he rolled his eyes yet again at me. "I'm just a half-angel. His 'sin' was procreation with a mortal. I wasn't allowed to see him because of that, so I lived with my mother until I died." He tapped his foot impatiently and placed his hands on his hips, staring at me with an annoyed look in his eyes.
"How'd you die?" I asked, and he immediately dropped his gaze from mine and looked down at the ground.
"Its none of your business how I died. After today we won't even need to speak to each other anymore so it makes no difference whether or not you know. Hurry up, I've got shit to do." He turned around and walked hurriedly into the town, but that wasn't enough to stop me from noticing the sad look in his eyes beforehand.
I followed after him silently, thinking about what could've happened to him for him to look so upset all of a sudden. Sure, this guy's a brat, but maybe there's more to him than he's letting on. No one looks that sad when someone asks them how they died, right?