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Locked Out Of Heaven

chapter three

The first thing I noticed as we delved deeper into the town was that it was empty.
There were no other people, or spirits I suppose I should say, to be seen. It was deathly quiet and quite honestly a little creepy. This place was like a ghost town - literally and metaphorically.
”Where is everyone?” I asked Kellin, who was still walking ahead of me with his head down.
“Its Sunday, they’re all at mass.” He replied. So dead people went to church. Who knew.
“Why? I thought we weren’t in heaven.”
“We aren’t, you idiot.” He said, looking back at me with an annoyed expression. So he was back to his old self. Great.
“We aren’t up there, but He still has some control of this place. He meaning God,” he explained, slowing his pace to walk with me.”we’re required to go to church every Sunday. It gives us a better chance of going up to Heaven.”
“Why aren’t you in church, then?” I asked, cocking my head to the side. “Because I’m never going up there. Besides, mass here is boring as fuck. I’d have more fun being locked in a empty room for the rest of my life.” He chuckled before adding, “well, afterlife.”
He pointed down the way to a catholic-styled building.
“That’s the church. Mass lets out at 3 pm, and it starts at 9 am. 7 fucking hours of church, that’s bullshit.”
I nodded my head to indicate that I was following along with his words. “So, like, has anyone here ever made it into heaven?” He shook his head and laughed.
“No one. Don’t get your hopes up either, no one is ever going to get up there. That’s why we’re here. We didn’t get accepted into heaven and Hell rejected us as well.”
“There’s a Hell?” I asked, a bit dumbfounded honestly. “Are you really that stupid? What the hell did you think was down there? Dirt?” “Well, yeah,” I said and frowned. “That’s exactly what I thought was down there.”
“No, there’s a Heaven and there’s a Hell.” I nodded.
“So why aren’t we in Hell, then?” “Because our souls are too pure for Hell and too tainted for Heaven. We’re stuck in the middle. That all?” He questioned, sighing at my entourage of questions.
“No. Why aren’t you in Hell if you’re disobeying God by not attending mass?”
“I’m David’s son. David still has the main control over this land, so as long as he has that I’m untouched. Now are you finished?” My persistence was obviously irritating him, so I just let the subject drop for now.
I’ll have to find out more later.
“I think so.” I nodded and he sighed in relief, grabbing my arm and pulling me forward.
His hand on my bare skin felt unusual, almost as if little waves of dull power was pulsing through me. Must be because he’s an angel - half-angel, I mean.
He pulled me towards one of the houses on the sides of the skyscrapers and we walked up the lawn, coming to a halt in front of the door.
He turned around and fished in his pocket before pulling out a key and handing it to me.
“This,” he said, turning around and pointing at the house, “is your house. I suggest you follow these rules if you want to stay in here and not be banished to Hell: pray before bed time, attend Sunday mass, and never, and I mean ever, speak of the Devil in a good way.”
“Fine by me,” I said and stuck the key in the door. It clicked and I walked inside, inspecting my surroundings. Every thing in here was white.
The walls, the furniture, the floorboards, the steps. Everything.
It only had one story and 2 bedrooms, but that was enough for me. After a quick inspection of the house, I decided to leave the actual looking around for later.
“Are you ready for the rest of your tour?” He asked, his voice dripping with hope that I’d say no.
“Yes,” I said, and he groaned before grabbing my arm and throwing me out of the house onto the lawn.
I hissed in pain and sat up immediately, cradling my ankle. Fucking idiot sprained it.
It hurt like hell and I wasn’t sure if I could stand, and I was more than a little confused as the boy who gave this to me in the first place kneeled down beside me.
“Don’t touch it,” I hissed at him as he leaned over to me and grabbed my ankle tentatively.
I would’ve pulled it back if it wasn’t for the fact that it hurt like a mother fucker and I wasn’t willing to feel any more pain.
“Stop being such a cry baby,” he said, and he sounded more than a little annoyed with me.
“You’re the one who sprained it in the first place, and if you do-” I was cut off by a jolting feeling that ran through my veins and up my body, and a dull light being emitted from his hand. He rubbed my ankle thoroughly before dropping it on the floor and I cringed in anticipation, waiting for the pain to flood through me. It never came.
“All better now?” He cooed sarcastically, crossing his arms and poking his lip out.
“H-how’d you do that?!” I asked, standing up and testing out my newly healed ankle. He shimmied his hands and said, “I told you, I’m an angel. We can do that.”
I smiled and murmured a word of thanks, causing him to turn away and blush slightly.
“Yeah, don’t think I’m going to go healing you all the time now. This is a one time thing, got it?”
“Thanks anyway.” I said, following after him as he started walking again. This kid wasn’t that horrible of a person after all. Huh.
Who knew being a half-angel could bring out the good in someone?
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