‹ Prequel: A Summer Romance

Forgive and Forget


Walking down the unfamiliar corridor in the unfamiliar building, Elina could barely keep her hands from shaking and pushing them into the pockets of her jeans, she felt the ID that allowed her access to this part bouncing against her chest.

She didn't yet know what to do once she reached the door she’d been directed to, having planed to play it by ear once she got there, something she was thoroughly regretting right about now.

However, she didn't have to worry about that as the very door opened and a number of familiar faces appeared. Thought none of them recognised her.

Well, almost none of them.

A hand on his shoulder was all that it took for him to notice her, his step faltering slightly before he turned in the opposite direction of where they were going and heading towards her instead.

“You came.”

“I said I would,” she smiled slightly as her blue eyes met his familiar brown ones.

“You did,” Fernando nodded slowly, watching her closely.

“I'm sorry I didn't catch you earlier,” she felt the need to apologise.

“Don't worry about it,” he brushed it off. “Did you...?” he began asking, only to be interrupted by the fair-haired defenseman Sergio Ramos. “Fer!” he called over to them. “We got to go!”

“I don't want to keep you,” she took a step backwards as he looked back at her from the defender that was one of his closer friends on the team, knowing that they had to get out there and warm up before their opening game against Russia.

Licking his lips slowly, he knew that what he was going to ask might just cause parts of his world to crumble around him, right before one of the most important games of his career, but he just couldn’t stay in the dark any longer.

“Wait,” he stopped her from walking away, causing her to turn back to him. “Can you at least tell me...” he licked his lips slightly. “Am I happy?” he asked so softly that she could barely hear him.

But he knew she had by the way her face fell slightly...
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Obviously i overestimated the interest a story about Fernando Torres would have, and even though this re-write is mostly for my own sake, I am disappointing in the amount of comments I've gotten.
Not into begging and withholding for comments, I decided to just post the whole thing at once.
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