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Chapter Two

~Tyler’s POV~

After driving about 20 minutes in the pouring rain, I finally made it to Vic’s house. Unfortunately the lights were on inside, so that means someone would see Victor’s tearstained face, which I doubt he’d want to happen. I parked my car and grabbed Vic’s hand as I led him out of the car and carefully led my upset friend to the front door. But once I closed the door and turned back around, Mike was coming down the stairs, wearing a look of worry, looking directly at Vic.

“What happened? Vic are you ok? Tyler, is Vic ok?” he started asking the same questions as we started going up the stairs towards Victor’s room, passing by Mike.

“Mike, I’m sure he’ll talk about it to you later, ok? I’m not even sure what happened yet.” I answered. He nodded in understanding and continued down the stairs, probably to watch television. I made Vic sit on his bed as I made my way to his bedroom door to lock it.

“Do you want to tell me what happened?” I asked him as I rubbed his back to help calm him down.
“S-she.. Ursula…” Uhg, that bitch! I swear, those girls we’re nothing but spoiled, evil kittens. Sometimes they can’t keep things to themselves, especially when Vic is around. “she called me a faggot… I was start-starting to worry a lot, my thoughts kept getting to my head so I went to the washroom ‘cause I just couldn’t… and then she saw me and called me a faggot.”

I wish Vic wouldn’t take so much shit from people, I wish he wouldn’t take the things they said to heart. He was called names often, and “fag” was one of the words that seemed to affect him the most, and the one he was called most often. At school there were also a few kids who were racist, and would mutter racial slurs when he was around. I can’t believe some people!

“Vic, look at me.” He looked up from his shoes, and looked into my eyes before I spoke. “Fuck what Ursula says, ok? She’s a stone-cold, pampered bitch. You are an amazing, beautiful person, Victor. Please believe me. You deserve to be treated better than this, and one day you will, trust me.” I opened up my arms, inviting him in for a hug, which he accepted. I find that hugs can always help make things better. Who doesn’t love hugs?

“Thank you.” I heard Vic whisper.

“No problem, Vic, you’re my best friend.”
~Kellin’s POV~

After another long day of driving, we finally made it to San Diego, our new home. I was dreading the move. I didn’t want to leave all of my friends back in Florida. My mom said that I should see moving to another state as an opportunity to start over again, after being bullied at my last school. She also said that meeting new friends can make you learn more about yourself. But I don’t really care. I was scared to be starting at a new school. It wasn’t going to be like freshman year, where no one knew where anything was. I was going to start in the middle of the school year as a Junior. I hated asking people questions, especially people who I don’t know. How was I supposed to ask someone where my class is without feeling uncomfortable and awkward? I hope my first day goes by quickly.

After about another six minutes, we pulled up to a decently sized, one storey house.

“Welcome to our new home, Kellin.” My mom looked at me and smiled as she got out of the car.
I figured that she was going to make her way into the house first to look around, so I started unloading boxes from the moving trailer attached to the back of the vehicle. I picked up about 2 boxes in one trip, I’m not very strong but I’m not weak either, and as I walked back to get more boxes I noticed a car pull up a few houses down from ours. I did not want to meet neighbors, at least not yet, so I quickly grabbed one before the strangers got out of their car and ran into the house.

“Oh, thank you for starting to bring in the stuff sweetie. I’ll help you out in a second, ok?” My mom said, once she noticed a few boxes outside the front door.

“No problem mom.”

I quickly walked back outside, making sure the neighbors had gone inside the house, to finish unloading. After I got about 10 more boxes inside, I heard footsteps. It didn’t sound like the footsteps of one, but a group of people.

“Yo, skinny kid, you going to Clairemont?” One of the bigger guys confidently asked.

“um… yes?”

“Well you better watch it then queer.” What he just said really stung, and my thoughts started flowing. I’ve been questioning my sexuality ever since I was in grade 6, when I thought a boy I had befriended in my class was cute. I remember telling my mom that I had made a new friend, which she was really happy about that, and she asked me to tell her what he was like. I accidently slipped out the word “cute”. I remember my mom’s eyes slightly widen, but she didn’t really talk to me about it since. I wish I had never said that.

One of the other boys, the smallest of the group, shoved me to the ground before they walked away. Great, I haven’t even been here for an hour yet and I’ve already been harassed.

It has been two days since my mother and I have moved in. My bedroom was now covered in posters of my favorite bands that I had to put up again, mostly of Of Mice & Men, and The Used. When I opened my eyes this morning, I sighed. I was secretly hoping that I would not wake up- today is my first day at Clairemont High. I sat up, and reached over to my bedside table, picking up my bracelets and putting them on over my scars. I’ve been cutting since freshman year, which makes it 3 years. I winced as I tugged one of the bracelets on my wrist, as it ran over one of the few scars I had made my first night here, after the incident with those guys on the street. No one ever knew about my self-harm, I always kept it to myself, not even my closest friend, Justin, knew.

After I dressed myself in a white Dance Gavin Dance tank top, dark blue skinnies and a pair of black toms, I skipped down the stairs, smelling the scent of bacon and eggs- looks like mom made breakfast.
“Hello Kellin! I decided that since it’s your first day at a new school, I’d make you breakfast this morning. Do you have all of your stuff?” My mom asked.

“Yes, I’m ready mom. And thanks for the breakfast!” I answered, chewing on a piece of bacon, my mom giving me a look.

“You know you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full.” My mom said, pretending to be mad

“Yeah yeah mom I know.” I laughed after I had swallowed my food.

“Have a good first day at Clairemont sweetie!” and with that I exited the house, making sure I locked the door before walking to the bus stop.

Once I made it to the bus stop, there were a couple of people there. There was this skinny, really tall guy with long black hair, a shorter guy with spikey hair, (which made me giggle in my head) and a girl with short-ish dark-brown hair, wearing a Bring Me The Horizon shirt. Once I was near them, the girl noticed me.

“Hey dude, I like your shirt!” She complimented.

“Oh, um.. thanks! Uh I like yours too. Bring Me The Horizon is great!” The girl smiled.

“My name’s Tyler, what’s yours?”

“Nice to meet you Tyler, my name is Kellin. I moved here a few days ago.”

“Nice to meet you too Kellin! Where did you move from?”

“I moved here from Florida with my mother.”

“That’s cool. Do you want me to show you around once we get to school?” Thank god, there was no way I could’ve found my way around unless someone offered to help.

“Yes, please” I smiled, and then the bus pulled up, filled with student.

Here goes nothing.
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