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Chapter Four

~Vic’s POV~

I was slouched in the seat I was assigned for Math, constantly glancing at the clock above the door. I just wanted this class to be over. But no matter how many seconds went by, it seemed like it would be forever until the bell would ring. I turned my head around, looking around the room at the posters with positive messages and math projects. I haven’t finished my in-class work. Sure, I’m just passing this course, but I could care less.

What was the point in learning half of this stuff? When would I ever need to know how to do this? Why is it important to be able to do these long ass equations? I wish I knew.

Since time no longer seemed to be moving forwards, I pulled out a sheet of paper so I could just doodle until class was over. But I gave up after I had a blank sheet after five minutes.

I began to listen to my classmates, who had finished their work a while ago. There were a few popular kids in my class, so maybe I should tune in and find out what’s up.

“Did you hear that Rebecca has a crush on Kyle?”

“Oh my god, no way! Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?”

“Yep. She doesn’t know that though.”

Oh, typical high school girl talk.

“Dude, I got 52 on the last test!”

“That’s great!”

“No, it’s not! My mom’s going to kill me! How am I supposed to get into a good college with these marks?!” One of the boys in our class started to panic a bit, which got me thinking. I’ve got a below average in this class, ever since freshman year. Oh am I supposed to get into a good college? My mom and dad don’t have enough money to afford it. What will happen if I don’t get a scholarship? How will I have a good future without a decent education? A full education is important right? That’s what teachers always told us. Will I be broke when I’m older? Will I end up in the streets? My palms started to sweat. I could hear the constant clicking of people’s pens, erasers rubbing against the desks. I couldn’t stand this room any more.

So I stood up, all eyes on me.

And I ran out the door, the teacher calling for me to come back.

But maybe running wasn’t the best idea, as it just got even harder for me to breath. As soon as I got outside of the school building, I slouched against a wall and tears began to blur my vision.


Then the bell rang.

Today was colder than usual, as it had been for the past few days. It was very unlikely that we could get another rain fall though. It doesn’t rain here very much.

As soon as the bell had run I ran away from the building before anyone could see me. I could just hear the words flooding into my ears as soon as the students stampeded out of the school.

I eventually reached my house. I started preparing for work the second I walked through the door. I didn’t see Tyler today, so I guess I wouldn’t be getting a ride this time. Tyler had gotten Mike to drive our car back after that night at the barn.

I got into the car 10 minutes later, pulling out of the driveway like I always do to head off to work. Soon I realized that I didn’t bring a CD to play on my way there, but by the time I had gotten out of the house I knew I would be late if I stopped. So once I was a good distance away from home I decided to turn up the radio. The mainstream pop radio station was playing ‘Friday’, so I changed it until I found a station that was playing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I remember all the days I spent dramatically singing that song. The thought made me laugh. I realized it’s been a while since I’ve even giggled a bit.

“So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and leave me to die
Oh, baby
Can’t do this to me baby
Just gotta get out
Just gotta get right outta here.”

I sang along to Freddy Mercury as I pulled up the long driveway that leads to the stable, mesmerizing the horses graze at the little grass that grew in the dusty fields. I reached the small parking lot and swung out of the vehicle. I locked the doors and walked up to the barn. A few boarders were here. But it was still pretty peaceful compared to when the students were here.

I took out the shovel and rake so I could start mucking out the stalls; probably the most tiring part of this job, but at least I’ve gained some muscle from it. There were only about 5 empty stalls, so it wouldn’t take that long.

Soon I had finished one stall. I made my way to the hay loft to replace the dirty hay. I heard a door open abruptly. Tyler must be here. I started walking towards the hay-less stall, making sure not to trip as I couldn’t see over the blocks of hay blocking my view. I was then hit by a sudden force, which sent me flying backwards, the hay falling onto the floor with a little thump, followed by another body falling onto my chest.

I opened my eyes and was face to face with the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, a light blue color, the right eye slightly covered by strands of raven black hair.

“Oh my god are you alright?!”

I jumped, scared out of my daze as I studied this boy’s face. He jumped off of me and dusted off his baseball shirt, me soon following by standing back up and doing the same with my black tank top. Tyler was rushing towards us.

“Uh yeah we’re fine… well I’m fine…” I said. Is the boy ok?

“Oh Vic, this is Kellin, Kellin Quinn. I met him today, he just moved here from Florida.” So Kellin was the boy’s name. I leant out a hand, which he took and we shook. “And um yeah Kellin this is Vic Fuentes. Vic works here.”

“Cool.” That was all that Kellin said. Even his voice is beautiful. What. No. Victor Fuentes what are you doing.

“Nice to meet you K-Kellin.” I smiled. I had to get out of this situation fast, it all feels too awkward. “Uh w-well I’m going to go back to work now.” I started picking up the rest of the hay, until Kellin reached down trying to help. It was really nice of him to do so, but… “Thank you Kellin, but I’m the one who should be cleaning this up. I am getting paid for this.” Gosh I hope I don’t sound like an asshole.

“No I’m the one that ran into you! I’ve gotta help you out somehow!” He smiled widely at me, resulting in me hiding my face with my hair while I blushed. Am I blushing over someone that I just met? Plus, a someone who is also a guy?

“Oh, o-okay.” I looked back up at him. It looks like he didn’t even wait for me to respond and just started helping out right away, as half of the hay was already back in a pile. In a few minutes we were all done.

“Thank you so much Kellin.” I sighed after dumping half of the pile into the empty stall.

“No problem.” Again with his fucking smile. I bet his presence could lighten up the dark side of the moon, or at least a very dark cave.

“So how’s school been Kellin?” I asked. I wasn’t just trying to make conversation; I really was curious.
“Eh, it’s shit.” He laughed. Jesus fucking Christ. I chuckled a bit.

“Ah I understand.” I said, walking out of the now clean stall. It’s gonna take longer to do my job than I thought…

“So Vic, tell me about yourself?” He asked me, sliding down one of the four wooden walls that created the enclosure.

“There isn’t much to say I guess.”

“Oh come on! Want to play 20 questions?” I nodded. I wasn't very good at summarizing myself to people I've just met. We talked for about half an hour.

“Favorite animal?”


“Taste in music?”

I pretty much listen to bands labeled under post-hardcore to classic rock, you know, that kind of stuff.


There’s one of the many things we share in common. We asked each other more questions for a while.

“Vic?! What are you doing?!” Me and Kellin stopped our laughing, a strict voice hovering from above us. I looked up.

Oh shit.

My boss.

“Oh I’m so sorry sir I jus-“

“No excuses Victor! Get back to work! This is not a place or time to talk to one of your friends! You've only done one thing over the past three hours! We have more horses coming back in soon! Don’t mess up again.” When he was done scolding me, he angrily marched off.

“geez” Kellin sighed looking down at his feet.

“I know. I really should be doing my work though… not that you’re a problem or anything! You’re not a problem at all! You’re really awesome and stuff but um…”

“We should talk later?” He said, finishing off my sentence.

“Yeah!” He just giggled and waved.

“See you later Vic.”

“Bye Kells.”


Did I just call him Kells?

~Kellin’s POV~

I slowed down a bit. Did he just call me Kells?

Yup I’m pretty sure he did, and it made me feel all funny and warm inside. I hope I see Vic again soon.
Tyler had invited me to stay and watch her lesson, but I had to go home and get started on my Science and History homework. History isn't that hard I guess, you pretty much just have to memorize things. But for Science I decided to take Chemistry, which I find hard to grasp onto.

As I walked out of the main barn, realization hit me. How the fuck do I get back home now? I didn't have my car, since Tyler drove us here. I guess I’m stuck here until her lesson is over. It’s only an hour wait, right? So I walked back into the barn, taking back in the unfamiliar scent of hay. As I looked around, I noticed more people have arrived, probably for the lesson that Tyler was doing. Speaking of Tyler, she was in the back of the row of horses, getting ready. I didn't want her to see me, because that would be awkward and I don’t want to bother her. I searched around for a way to sneak around without being seen. Then, I noticed a very slanted stair case leading up beside the front entrance. I climbed up the steps, being careful to not fall. That would probably hurt, a lot.

When I reached the top I looked around. It was like an attic, I guess, but there was a lot more light coming in compared to a typical one. And it wasn’t creepy, the silence was almost peaceful. There was a small pile of hay in the corner, pretty much like every other room in this place; I guess they need a lot of it. I sat down next to one of the windows, sliding my backpack down my right arm that was hanging from my shoulder, and pulled out my notebook. It’s technically a diary but I call it a notebook because… whatever.

I started writing about my first days of school so far, Tyler and Mike, and then Vic, the smaller handsome guy I bumped into today. By the time I had finished writing, it had only been 15 minutes. So that’s like, 45 minutes left? I decided to at least attempt my science homework. Maybe Vic’s good at this stuff, unlike me. Hopefully he takes this course too.

Why am I only hoping that Vic can help me? Can’t I just ask someone else? Oh wait, I don’t know anyone in my Science class! Too bad I've been too shy to say hi to anyone. But that doesn't answer my question. I think Tyler takes Chemistry too though.

After another 5 minutes of blankly staring at the questions, not processing anything, I gave up and started reading the latest issue of Alternative Press.

“Hey.” I heard a voice. I looked up only to find Tyler, half of her body covered in dirt. I couldn't help but laugh.

“Hi. What happened to you?” I asked her and she started giggling.

“I fell off, no biggy. Wanna go home now?”

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