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They were laughing over breakfast when she walked in. The echo of her heels against the tile proceeded her. She approached their table from behind Brooke's back, so he saw her first.

"Dan?" she cooed before leaning in to give him a hug.

"Veronica." He made sure to keep his voice short and clipped before taking a bite of his omelette, refusing to return her affection. Ronnie had always been one to take any sign of weakness and run with it.

Veronica straightened up but left her arm on his shoulder, a little too possessively for his taste. He shook it off, catching a quick glimpse of her angry glare before she masked it and faced Brooke.

"Book, is that you?"

"Hi, Ronnie," she mumbled, turning red. It made Dan want to reach out and comfort her. All of her shyness of high school seemed to have disappeared between them in the last twelve hours or so. But one disparaging look from Veronica and the shy little mouse he used to know seemed to have returned.

"I apologize for my appearance, my flight from Paris was delayed." Ronnie gushed as she ran a hand through her perfectly coiffed hair. Dan recognized it immediately as an attempt to make Brooke feel inferior. His blood boiled. How dare she, after everything? "Mind if I join you two?"

Brooke was stammering out a "sure" but Dan cut her off with an apologetic look. "Yes, actually. I do mind."

Ronnie was shaken, he could tell, even if she displayed no outward sign of it. Dan had to stop a smug grin from spreading on his face. Whatever plans she may have had for their reunion were definitely not starting off how she had expected.

"Sorry for interrupting then. See you guys at the party tonight!" she trilled before walking out, the bell on the diner door tingling as she left.

Brooke pushed her food around silently for a few minutes. All the confidence seemed to have leaked out of her in that three minute exchange with Ronnie.

"You know, she was always jealous of you," he finally blurt out when she continued to stay quiet.

Brooke's eyes were wide and glassy when she finally looked back up at him, a quirky grin playing on her lips. "Bullshit."
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