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"Why do you pay so much attention to her?" Ronnie whined as they lay naked next to each other in his bed. They were supposed to be studying, but neither was really in the mood for books.

"Why are you bringing Brooke up
now?" Veronica shrugged, her shoulders brushing his as they moved. Dan heaved a sigh, running a hand through his hair.

He still felt for Brooke, after all this time, though it was more of a dull ache now than the sharp pain it used to be. And Ronnie's ministrations certainly helped keep his mind off of her. Was it fair to her? Probably not. But he did have feelings for Ronnie too. Frankly, his heart was a mess. So he decided on the safe response.

"She's my friend. Yours too, if I remember correctly."

Veronica rolled over, pressing herself against him and trailing her fingers over his chest. "But it's me you love, right?"

Dan pressed a kiss to her forehead so he could hide the look on his face. "Yes, Veronica. I love you."

She sighed loudly, almost in relief. "I love you too."

His phone rang, causing each to jump slightly in surprise. Dan placed another kiss to Ronnie's forehead before rolling over to answer the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Dan, it's Lee."

Something was wrong, he could hear it in her voice. He sat up quickly, already starting to pull on his underwear. "What's going on Lee?" He could hear someone crying in the background.

"It's Brooke. Her dad died."

"We'll be over in ten."
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