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"Brooke? I'm home! You ready to go yet?" Lee's voice echoed through the apartment.

Brooke snuggled deeper into her blankets, not willing to face her friend. She was in her most comfortable pajamas and re-reading Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time, and she was not budging.

"No. No, no, no. I am not letting you skip out on this, Brooke!" The cold hit her as Lee yanked the blanket off of her. She lunged for the comforter but was too slow, her friend tossing it into the far corner of Brooke's bedroom. "Mr. Darcy will still be here when we get back."

Brooke groaned, hiding her face in her hands to hide the blush that colored her cheeks. "I changed my mind, I'm just staying in. I don't want to go and see all those people just to have them call me 'Book' all weekend."

"No one is going to be calling you that when you show up in that dress I got you."

"Not this again!"

"Not to sound like a damn period commercial, but you, my friend, have blossomed into quite a beautiful young lady. You're not mousy little 'Book' anymore, you're sexy, smart, confident Brooke. We're not having this argument for the millionth time since the invitation came in. You're going. You're wearing the dress and the rest of the clothes we got you. You're going to have fun."

"Doesn't sound like fun to me."

Lee looked innocent when she spoke the words that would seal her fate for the weekend. "Word through the grapevine is that Dan is going to be there. He's supposed to be doing the matriculation speech for this years graduates."

Brooke turned red. "I'll be ready in twenty."

"Atta girl. And don't forget the dress!"


Daniel's dash lit up with an incoming call as he navigated his rental through the streets of Toronto. "What trouble are you in now, Biz?" he immediately asked as the call connected.

"None yet. We're hitting Vegas this weekend though, my brother, so trouble is sure to follow."

"Can't do it this weekend, remember?"

"Oh yeah, your stupid high school thing, right?" Paul laughed out loud. "You write your speech yet?"

"Um, kind of."

"Let me guess. It's some bullshit about beginnings and endings, hard work and dedication and fucking conviction of character, right?"

Shit. "No!" He was going to need help and he knew exactly who to turn to. If she'd even be there.

"You're fucked, Winnie."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Biz." His friend's responding laugh did nothing for his nerves. Why had he even agreed to do this?

"Ronnie going to be there?"

Dan cringed at the thought of seeing his ex-fiancé again. "Knowing her, probably."

"Sounds like you're in for a fun weekend. You sure you don't want to just ditch it and come to the city of sin?"

"Think I'll have to pass this time."

"Your loss, you bastard." He heard a woman's voice in the background and couldn't help but chuckle at his friend. "Time to get a head start on the sin part. Talk at you later."

"Later, Biz. Try to stay out of trouble for once, eh?"

"Can't make any promises."

Dan pulled up to the hotel as the call ended. He just hoped he could stay out of trouble, even if his friend couldn't.