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"How did you even convince me to come?" Brooke surveyed the room as she sipped her punch, trying to keep her hands occupied so they wouldn't tug at her dress. It was just so short!

Lee laughed as she swayed her hips to the music, raising her hands and not seeming to notice that they were in the corner by themselves. "Because you fucking love me!"

Brooke's heart dropped as Dan and Ronnie walked in, hand in hand. She didn't want to see it, didn't want the image of them dancing, laughing, kissing burned into her head. But he looked so good in his tux ...

"Stop torturing yourself." Lee's voice was quiet in her ear as she danced circles around her.

"I'm not," Brooke lied as her cheeks burned hot.

Veronica saw them, running over with a squeal before throwing her arms around Brooke and Lee. "Hi girls! Isn't this the best? I mean, the place looks incredible! Are you guys having fun yet?"

"Um, sure," Brooke said back with a shy smile.

"The best time!" Lee gushed out loudly. Ronnie may not have caught the sarcasm in her voice, but Brooke did.

"Doesn't Dan look dreamy?" Veronica cooed, throwing a wave over her shoulder to him as they spoke. "I'm thinking of losing my virginity to him tonight!"

"Like it still exists," Lee muttered low enough that Ronnie couldn't hear. Brooke had to bite back a laugh as her heart broke a little more with every passing second.

"Wish me luck, girls!" Ronnie cried out, hugging them once more before returning to her date.

"I really, really hate her." Lee's voice was hard as she followed her progress across the room.

"She's not so bad ..."

"You are way too nice for your own good, you know that?"

Brooke blushed, watching jealously as Dan pulled Veronica into his arms for a dance. "Yeah," she sighed. "I know."