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"Book looks so lonely over there, Dan," Ronnie whispered into his ear, her breath tickling the fine hairs on his neck. Her hand was moving across his shoulder and he had to stop himself from throwing it off. "What with Lee dancing with Jake and all. Go ask her to dance?"

"I wish you wouldn't call her that."

Veronica's smile was innocent and sickly sweet. "I'm sorry, baby, I'll stop. Just go ask her, I'm getting some punch."

There was some hidden agenda there, he knew it. But he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to dance with Brooke.

Dan made his way to her side of the room, trying to ignore the way she lit up as he approached. He knew better than to read into it, knew how she felt about him. Ronnie had told him that she said they'd never be more than friends.

"She doesn't like jocks." Her words from a few weeks ago echoed through his head. "She only likes smart guys. I don't mind jocks, though," she had said with a smirk before running a finger down his bicep. "Especially hockey boys."

"Hi Dan," Brooke beamed at him, her face flushed. "You having fun with Ronnie?"

"Oh, yeah, I guess." He was suddenly nervous. Would she reject him? "Do you want to dance?"

She stared down at the floor and pulled at the bottom of her dress before looking back up at him. "Yes."

Dan pulled her into his arms, not even bothering to lead her to the actual dance floor. She smelled amazing, like vanilla and cinnamon. His heart pounded in his chest as he placed his hands on her waist.

"You look really nice tonight, Brooke," he pulled her close so he could whisper in her ear. Her body pressed against him, taking his breath away.

She squeezed his shoulder, keeping her eyes down. "Thanks, Dan. You too."

They moved in a slow circle, Dan trying to memorize every inch of her, every bit of the feeling of her against him. It was slow torture, and he was enjoying every agonizing second of it.

"Can I cut in?" Ronnie's voice interrupted his thoughts. The same smile as before was playing on her lips.

"Oh, sure Ronnie," Brooke stuttered before extracting herself from his arms. She finally met his eyes. "Thanks for the dance, Dan."