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Dan watched her. Ronnie was sitting next to him, too enthralled with her own conversation to pay much attention to him, so he watched her. Brooke was so engrossed with her book that it took multiple attempts to get each of her fries in her mouth.

"What are you reading?" he asked quietly.

She didn't even look up as she responded. "Jane Eyre."

"Again?" That got her attention. She dog-eared her book and put it on the table as she ate another fry. "Weren't you reading that a few months ago?"

Brooke blushed as she chewed and swallowed. "Yes."

"Isnt that the one with the crazy bitch in the attic?" She laughed and nodded in response, the sound washing over him. "Why are you reading it again?"

"It's good?"

"Nah, plenty of 'good' books out there. Why that one?"

Brooke chewed on her lip as she thought. It was one of the things about her that fascinated him. She always thought about what she said before she said it. Brooke may not speak often, but she was always so deliberate with her words. "It's about finding equal love."

"How do you mean?"

"It's ..." she trailed off, taking another few moments before she spoke again. "Jane wants to find love, but also her equal, you know? She doesn't want to rely on someone else to provide for her, or have someone that thinks they're better than her, somehow superior ..."

Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes bright. She always got so animated when she spoke of her books.

"Sounds fascinating, Book." Ronnie had caught onto his absence, leaning into their conversation. Her sarcasm wasn't lost on him.

Brooke blushed, picking her book back up with a murmured apology as Lee stared daggers at his girlfriend. "Why do you have to be like that?" Dan mumbled low enough so that only Veronica could her. "Isn't she your friend?"

"She is, she's just so ... boring sometimes." Ronnie slid her hand up his thigh, drawing his mind away from their conversation and into his pants. "Besides, you should be paying attention to me, not her."