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These Days

Hey baby, is that you?
Wow, your hair got so long
Yeah, yeah I love it, I really do
Norma Jean, ain't that the song we'd sing in the car?
Drivin' downtown, top down, makin' the rounds
Checking out the bands on Doheny Avenue...

Punch the clock, head for home
Check the phone, just in case
Go to bed, dream of you
That's what I'm doin' these days
Yeah, that's what I'm doin',

Jared Staal could never quite forget Brianna Lombardi. But the young girl he remembered her as couldn't be more different than who she is now.

Brianna Lombardi didn't want to leave Thunder Bay when her parents hit it big with their design company. New York City never became home. Home was exactly where she left Jared Staal- on the banks of a beautiful lake on a farm filled with hockey.

(I do not own Jared Staal, the Staal family, any NHL franchise or anyone affiliated with them, or any real people. Brianna, the Lombardis, her friends, and this plot are mine. The song this story is inspired by, These Days, is by Rascal Flatts.)