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The Legacy of the Mountain

This is a tale of long ago, one that takes place deep within the rocky fortress of Erebor which lay in the heart of the Lonely Mountain.
Hidden deep within the city of Erebor's great walls lies a multitude of treasures, precious stones and gold – all things of value to the dwarves who live within the great city.
With its warm hearths, many tankards of ale and endless supplies of meats, cakes and pies – Erebor is as welcoming on the inside as any other grand city, be that inside of a mountain or not.
For those who resided outside of Erebor's protective walls, the city was an impenetrable fortress – one that would not fall to the might of the axe, sword nor any warped, evil entity that thrived on power and bloodshed.
As such, Erebor and the accompanying city of Dale provided the perfect safe-haven for those in need. For Esrëndal, a half-elven who had long ago left her peaceful fjord-side home town of Tharbad, the promise of safety and plentiful work found in Dale drew her in. Making a name for herself as a common scribe, it wasn't long before her lucid, elegant script drew the attention of Erebor's great King, Thror, and Esrëndal was, once again, left with no choice but to leave her home and move, this time deep into the heart of the Lonely Mountains where she was to become King Thror's scribe.
However, I must warn you; this is by no means a tale of love, romance and trust which is so easily –and foolishly- thrown away. Instead is a tale of courage, defiance, a war to change a nation and a legacy that will be passed on through the dwarvish dynasty for centuries to come.