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Bay Boy


I woke Jordan up half an hour later again, my thoughts still racing at a mile a minute from his kiss. "Mila. . ."he moaned. "Jordan, come on, wake up. I'll just ask you a question and you can go back to sleep."
"And I ask you a question too. . ."
Jordan was so adorable and sleepy in his Peterborough Pete's shirt and sweats. "Jordan you don't have to, you're tired. What OHL team did you play for?"
"I want to Mila. The Pete's. What's your middle name?" Jordan's voice was thick with sleep and I felt guilty for keeping him up. "Peterovna. In Russian culture, the kid's middle name is a variation of the father's name. Sleep now Jordan. You're fine, no concussion. I won't wake you up again." Jordan leaned over and looked like he was about to fall out of bed and I put a hand on his arm to steady to him. "Thank you Mila. For everything." He gave me a bone crushing bear hug and I retreated to the guest room. I crawled under the covers and sleep overtook me almost immediately. It was three a.m and I couldn't have stayed awake if I wanted to.

I awoke in the morning feeling refreshed. I looked at my watch, it was eight. I'd only gotten five hours of sleep but I felt fine. My flight left at two. I had plenty of time. I went down to the kitchen and sat down at the island. Orange juice, muffins and bagels were laid out. I grabbed a blueberry muffin and a glass of OJ. Yum. I'd have to thank Jordan when I found him. I heard his familiar footsteps behind me and turned around. "Mila, I can't thank you enough for last night. I just got back from the doctor and he said I have a very, very minor concussion, so minor it's barely a concussion. I'll be out for a week or two though. But if I had gone back out and gotten hit again it could have been way worse, like Sid's concussion. Thank you so much. And you staying up last night for me was amazing. Lucic didn't get suspended which is kinda annoying, but whatever. Thank you again. My mom called to make sure I was okay and I told her about what you did. I'm pretty sure she likes you more than me now,"Jordan said. "Jord, I was just doing my job, I've been a certified EMT since I was sixteen." I wondered if Jordan remembered the kiss, my heart was screaming but I didn't want to bring it up. He probably didn't remember, our kisses were meaningless to him. Jordan looked slightly disappointed. "Oh. Um, Mila? When's your flight? I can drive you to the airport."
"My flight leaves at two. It's nine now, I should probably pack. Thanks for breakfast, it was good."
Jordan blushed. "It was nothing compared to your omelets. You'll have to teach me how to cook sometime." I nodded. "Will do." I went upstairs and zipped up my Adidas duffel before dragging it downstairs. I drank some water and ran my thumb over the tattoo on my wrist. I reminded myself I was nothing to Jordan. I couldn't get attached. Jordan emerged, wearing jeans that fit him perfectly and a black Pens sweatshirt. He looked great, whereas I looked crappy in my travel outfit of black yoga pants, Keds and a navy sweatshirt with Alaska printed on it. Jordan swung his keys around on his finger before asking me if I was ready to go. I said yes but instead of driving to the airport, Jordan pulled up to a small shop. The shop sold Pittsburgh souvenirs and Jordan insisted on getting me a refrigerator magnet and a penguin stuffed animal. "Hey Mila, I think I'm heading back to Thunder Bay for the next week and a half. Do you wanna come visit me? It's really nice and I could show you T-Bay." I forced myself not to give into Jordan's expressive blue eyes. "I don't think I can Jordan. Flying is expensive."
"But I could take care of that! I'd pay!" I shook my head firmly. "No. I don't accept charity."
"It's not charity! It's a friend visiting another friend. Please?" Fuck. He was pouting like a puppy. He was beyond adorable. But we were friends, no more. He'd just said it plain and clear. Those kisses had been him being sleepy and confused, no matter what Vero said he didn't like me. "I'll think about it. I have a lot of work Jordan. I have my first licensing exam at the end of this semester."
"You'll do great on it, you're Milena! Please, come visit me."
"Maybe. But I'm not taking your money."
"You're so stubborn, you're impossible." I giggled. "Now you know what it's like being around you!" Jordan laughed and we climbed into the Range Rover. "Are you taking me to the airport now or are you kidnapping me?" I secretly wished he would kiss me again, but I knew that wouldn't happen. I was Milena Narkov and he was Jordan Staal. I was me and he was perfect and fascinating. "As much as I wish I could enslave you as my personal chef, I'm taking you to the airport. What would McGill do without the genius that is Milena Narkov?" I smiled and turned the radio on, switching from the classical music station to an indie station. Two Birds by Regina Spektor started playing and I hummed along. I loved Regina Spektor. Jordan smirked at me. "Do you know every single song in the world or something? You're always humming along." I laughed. "Yup, I'm just cool like that." Suddenly, Jordan grabbed my hand and started humming along too before dancing wildly while driving. "Jordan, be careful," I warned, not wanting to get into an accident. But I couldn't reprimand Jordan much, not when he had such a happy boyish expression on his face and his warm hand grasped mine.
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