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Bay Boy


After Anatomy I went up to Professor Laneau. I knew some medical school students at McGill were TAs, teacher's assistants. They graded undergrad's tests and homework. TAs got reduced tuition, and I was interested in becoming one. It would give me something to do and help me not break the bank. My college account only had about 15,000 dollars left in it, I would graduate with about 10,000 dollars of debt. It wasn't a lot compared to many med school students but I still didn't like the fact that I would owe money. I liked Professor Laneau and Anatomy and would love to help out. I asked him about becoming a TA and he said I'd have to wait until next semester to apply to become one. He told me that one of his TAs was sick and wasn't doing their part of grading some biology 101 tests and offered to pay me fifty dollars if I graded forty tests. I took the offer gladly, I needed to start saving to pay off my debt.

I walked home and started on my homework. My phone rang frantically. It wasn't Jordan, thank god. I didn't recognize the area code, it wasn't a Montreal one or a DC one. Weird. I picked up. "Hello?"
"Hi Milena, uh, this is Sidney. Um, Crosby, Sidney Crosby. I'm the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, we've met before." I had to laugh at Sidney's awkwardness but I wondered why the hell he was calling me. "I remember you Sid, don't worry. What can I do for ya?"
"Well, um, Jordan's being acting strange lately, not going out and partying, just drinking at home until he's wasted. We've tried asking him what's wrong but he won't tell us. His brothers don't know what's going on either. I was kind of hoping you knew what's been up with him lately. It's starting to affect his game, whatever it is." Fuck. I'd been hoping Jordan would sleep his pain away with random women, not let it affect his game and his life. Shit. "I can come down to Pittsburgh and try slapping some sense into him. I don't know how effective it will be though. Are you guys gonna be at home this weekend?" I'd have to do this face to face. It would be difficult but I could do it. I could lie through my teeth. "Thank you Milena. Yeah, I'll give you Jordan's address. Oh, and his security code is 245187." I wrote the code and Jordan's address down quickly, my handwriting messy. "Alright, bye Sid. Good luck against the Devils tomorrow. Kick Parise's ass." Sid chuckled. "Will do. Bye Milena." I turned on my laptop booked a ticket to Pittsburgh, departing on Friday, the return date open. Maybe I'd take some time to see Pittsburgh.

I touched down in Pittsburgh at four o'clock on Friday. I took a cab to Jordan's house and sat at his kitchen island, waiting for him. I was in the middle of my biochemistry homework when I heard the door open and close. I closed my notebook and sat up straight. I didn't hear any other voices, Jordan was alone. I told myself over and over that this was for the best, it needed to be done. It calmed my nerves a little,but not much. I heard Jordan, go upstairs and knew he hadn't noticed me yet. He would have to come down eventually though. Soon I heard his footsteps coming down the stairs and I tensed up. He walked into the kitchen and I glared at him. His jaw literally dropped. "Milena. . .how. . .what?" I crossed my arms over my chest. "Sid gave me the code. He called me and said something was wrong with you. That you were getting wasted and not playing well, that not even your brothers knew what was going on. Now what the fuck is going on?" Jordan's eyes were still wide with disbelief, like he thought I was a ghost standing in his kitchen. "N-n-nothing. I'm fine." I huffed. "Jordan I did not sacrifice my weekend to fly out here and listen to your shit, don't lie to me. Now what's really going on? Is this because of me?" Jordan nodded. "Jordan I am not worth fucking up your career, your relationships with your brothers and your liver for! Jesus Jordan, how stupid are you?" Jordan looked at his feet sheepishly. "I was worried about you, Mila."
"Jordan I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry that I've been ignoring you, okay? But getting drunk, not talking to your family and playing like crap isn't a good solution. Actually, it's a terrible solution, it just makes everything worse." Fuck. This wasn't going how it was supposed to. I wasn't supposed to be apologizing.
"But it made you come. . .Mila, why were you ignoring me? I trusted you. I talked to you, I told you everything. And you just fell off the face of the earth one day." Jordan's eyes were such a soft blue. "Because Jordan, you fucked with me. And it's better for us not to be around each other." Jordan's eye brows furrowed together. "I fucked with you? You fucked with me! You were this great girl and then you just cut me off for no reason! And I actually fucking cared about you. I'd known you for six weeks but I fucking cared about you a fucking lot. And I've known you for eight weeks now, just two little months, and I still really fucking care about you. I care about how you're doing in school, and how you're feeling, and how your day was and how your dad's doing and you don't care enough to fucking answer my calls!" Jordan was angry now, pacing back and forth. My demeanor was calculated and calm as usual but I was a mess on the inside. "I do fucking care! That's why I didn't fucking answer your goddamn calls. Because I care. Because you fucking kissed me and ruined everything! Because I knew you didn't like me like that, that you just kissed me because I happened to be there and you're Jordan."

Shit. Had that really just came out? Oh no. I turned to leave but Jordan grabbed my arm. "Milena Peterovna Narkov,"he said, his voice low and soft. I whipped back around. "What?" Jordan picked me up and put me down on his leather couch before sitting next to me. "We need to talk Mila." I nodded. "I'm listening."
"Mila, I think you're great," I squeezed my eyes shut, bracing myself for the 'but', the part where he told me he didn't like me like that, or there was someone else, or he was too busy. "I think you're remarkable Milena and when I kissed you it wasn't because I was all hyped up from winning a game or because I was sleepy or because as you said, I'm me. I kissed you because you're Milena Narkov and you're truly amazing. And you're going to be Milena Narkov, and amazing and exquisite forever, and I'm so captivated by you and I just want to spend time with you. So I was wondering if you'd be my girlfriend? I know I'm supposed to take you out for diner and coffee but I feel like we're past that. So will you be my girlfriend?"
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