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Bay Boy


Jana invited me to stay in her and Ben's apartment, an offer no broke girl like me could refuse. I threw my bag down in her apartment and grabbed a glass of water. I gulped it down, flying made me thirsty for some weird reason."So when's Jordan coming?" Jana questioned. "We're meeting up for diner at seven thirty. I was thinking Khan's." Khan's was a yummy Mongolian restaurant all Georgetown students loved. You could make your own stir fry and it was a nice splurge for college students. That being said, Jordan would probably think it was super affordable. But it was a fun place with good food and it showcased the best of my hometown. I just hoped Jordan wouldn't be recognized and bombarded by Caps fans. I showered and talked to Jana for a while, before realizing it was six. Khan's was a fifteen minute walk from Jana's apartment. Shit. I really had to get a move on. I was going to wear my plane outfit but Jana insisted I changed for the chilly DC November night. She also was vehemently against me wearing my Vans and loaned me a pair of black loafers. I blew Jana a kiss and stepped out into the cool DC air after texting Jordan the address of Khan's. Jordan texted me back a minute later telling me he was on his way.

I stopped at the front door of Kahn's, waiting for Jordan. He appeared a minute later. Usually I hated waiting for people but I had actually been five minutes early, it wasn't Jordan's fault. Technically he was four minutes early. Jordan held the door for me and I walked in. He looked adorable in jeans and a blue long sleeve t-shirt. "I'm glad you picked this place. I was worried I'd be under dressed."
"Ugh, I hate dressing up so you never have to worry about me dragging you to some fancy shmancy restaurant where I have to wear a dress." Jordan laughed. "You're the opposite of literally every girl I've ever met." I just shrugged and soon the hostess seated us. "Do we not get menus?" Jordan questioned me once she was out of earshot. "Yeah, here in DC we don't give players on enemy hockey teams' menus. Staal, it's a make your own stir fry place. You have to get up and put all your ingredients in a bowl then give it to the chef and they'll cook it for you. C'mon." Jordan got up, as did I. We had tons of fun getting our ingredients ready, Jordan making faces at the weird veggies, like bean sprouts and bok choy, that I put in my bowl as I laughed at his practically all meat bowl. The chef stir fried our food in a huge wok and we headed back to our table.

We were having a pleasant conversation when some college kids bustled into Khan's. They got their food and then a boy who looked maybe my age noticed Jordan. "Holy fuck guys, I think that's Jordan Staal!" His voice was so loud he may as well have been shouting. Almost all eyes turned to Jordan and I. Shit. "Yeah. That is Staal!" A girl piped up. Soon, people were swarming Jordan. He politely signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. After about five minutes the crowd subsided and Jordan breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm so sorry about that Mila. I hope you're not upset." I shook my head. "Jordan I'm so sorry for bringing you here. If I had any idea people were going to recognize you I wouldn't have, I swear." I looked down, I felt terrible for getting Jordan into that situation.
"Mila, it's fine, it comes with the job. I was kinda surprised Caps fans wanted my autograph though. Whatever. Don't sweat it. This place is awesome, the food is good, and it's all you can eat which is pretty much heaven for a hockey player." Jordan smirked, his hot Staal smirk. Damn. No wonder women went home with him.

Jordan and I briefly argued about paying the bill. I thought it was only fair that I picked up half the tab but Jordan was convinced otherwise. "What kind of boyfriend would I be if I let you pay? C'mon, please." I sighed. He was giving me his bet puppy dog expression and I couldn't resist him. "Fine." Jordan smiled and squeezed my hand before laying down money. When the waitress came to collect the bill he smiled and said "Keep the change." I gaped at him, he'd left a twenty five dollar tip. Wow. But in a couple years, when I was a doctor working at Sibley Memorial or some other hospital, I'd be able to do the same. Maybe not to the same extent as Jordan, but once I was a doctor I certainly wouldn't be broke.

Jordan grabbed my hand as I stood up and leaned in to me. "How about a walk? You promised you'd show me your hometown." I nodded eagerly and we exited the restaurant. Jordan let go of my hand to open the door for me and I instantly missed his touch. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I leaned into his waist, putting my arm around his midsection. He was so warm and he smelled good. "Okay, how about we walk past the national mall to the Lincoln memorial? It's a little less than three miles but it's a nice walk. It's my favorite monument, besides the Washington monument but that's closed right now. I'll take you sometime though. The view's amazing."
"I'm game for it if you are. Is the Washington monument the big white one that looks like a huge pencil?" I giggled. "Wow you're such a Canadian. But yep it is, although I've never heard it described that way before." Jordan leaned in and kissed me and I was glad for having a mint at the restaurant. His kiss was warm and we were so close, standing toe to toe. I cherished every second of it.

Jordan looked at the many lavish stone buildings that housed important government agencies and offices. "You're right, this place is kinda pretty." I smirked, no one could resist DC's charm. "You should get yourself traded to the Caps, I'd definitely come visit you here." Jordan's eyes bored into mine. "More than you visit me now?" I met his gaze, "Maybe."
"In that case I may have to consider it. Never mind, I take that back, I would rather die than become a Cap. Ugh, I'd have to play with Ovechkin." I was rendered speechless, maybe I actually meant something to Jordan. Jordan noticed my silence. "Hey Mila, you okay?" His grip around me tightened protectively. I smiled genuinely. "Better than okay."
"Good," Jordan said, swooping in to kiss me. Our kiss was longer this time, more passionate. Jordan was amazing.

We arrived at the Lincoln memorial and as usual I was taken aback by the huge sculpture of Lincoln sitting in his chair. Jordan seemed slightly awe struck too. "Wanna know something?"
"Yeah?" Jordan said, turning his attention to me. "When I was a little girl, I sat in Lincoln's lap." Jordan scoffed. "No way. There's no way you could get up there." I smiled, recalling the memory. "You're right, I didn't. But in the National Gallery of Art, the artist made the original, smaller memorial. It's maybe your height. When I was five I went and saw the exhibit with my parents. And I sat in Lincoln's lap. I didn't know I was doing anything wrong but my parents freaked out. The original is pretty much priceless, and it has my five year old butt print on it now." Jordan laughed before leaning in to kiss me again. Mmm, I couldn't get enough of his warm, soft kisses. The night was perfect, the darkness, the chill that made Jordan and I snuggle together, his blue eyes, the gleaming white of the Lincoln memorial, the way Jordan held me close to him as we sat on the memorial's steps whispering quietly. There was no one else I would rather share the moment with than Jordan.
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