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Bay Boy


I waited patiently while Jordan and the rest of the team did mandatory media stuff. It was pretty amazing how even though there were countless microphones just inches away from Sid's face, Sid remained calm and answered the reporter's questions politely. Jordan was doing the same thing, being the epitome of chill. Wow. If I had been them I probably would have eventually snapped and yelled at an annoying reporter. Seeing Jordan all diplomatic was really interesting. He had so many layers, there were so many different sides and parts to him, and I wanted to see them all. I sat cross legged, in awe.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I jumped and whipped my head around, my hair flying. Jordan grinned. "Your reaction was priceless." Jord bent down to kiss me, our height difference was huge as I was sitting on the floor and he was standing but he bent over almost as if he was stretching, making it work. His kiss was a little more heated this time and it lasted quite a while before a couple guys started yelling. Jordan shot them the finger and our lips remained locked. A few seconds later, we pulled apart, but our eyes still bored into each other's. Jordan's blue eyes were so gorgeous, so much nicer than my freaky two colored ones. Stupid heterochromia.
"So Mila, wanna go grab something to eat? I'm starving!"
I grinned and rolled my eyes. "What else is new? But yeah, I know this awesome diner."
Jordan grabbed my hand and we headed outside.

I led Jordan into the metro station, the diner was just three stops away and I didn't want him to waste money on a cab. Jordan looked at the machine that had just spit out his metro card curiously.
"What? Have you never taken the metro before?"
"I've taken the T and the subway in New York, but never the one here in DC."
I added five dollars to my smart card, a reusable card that was almost like a metro debit card. I'd taken the metro a ton when I had lived in DC.
"Well don't worry, the metro here is gorgeous, and I'm honored to be your guide on your first metro ride."

Jordan grabbed my hand and we waited at the terminal for a few minutes before the train finally came. We found an empty car, a rarity, and squished into the metro's orange seats. They usually had ample room for two people but Jordan was a six foot four hokey player. He was practically the size of a whale. I tried to weasel in but there just wasn't enough room. I didn't want to move though. I loved how close Jordan and I were, how I could feel his thigh against mine. I didn't want to give it up.
"Here, I've got a solution," Jordan said, swiftly lifting me onto his lap. I smiled.
"Thanks, I was squashed! Your ass is almost as huge as Sid's!" Jordan chuckled lowly and pulled me in closer to his chest. Mm, he smelled good, like a musky cologne. Whatever it was, I couldn't get enough of it. Jordan kissed the top of my head and I smiled blissfully. Generally, the metro wasn't my favorite place to be but I currently loved it.

Soon, the cheery automated female voice I'd come to love told us we'd reached Farragut North. "This is us," I told Jordan and we untangled our limbs before walking out, Jordan grasping my hand, our fingers laced together. We walked into the brisk late November air.
"What are you doing for American Thanksgiving?" Jordan asked.
"American Thanksgiving? You mean the real Thanksgiving? Cause the Canadian one in October is just weird. Well, nothing special. Dad and I will probably just make a turkey. We usually have people over, but I don't think he wants to invite anyone and neither do I."
Jordan's fingers made circles on mine, he seemed to be mulling something over. "You should come see me for Thanksgiving."
I wanted to so,so bad but I knew I couldn't. I couldn't leave Dad alone on Thanksgiving. It had been Mom's favorite holiday besides Christmas. She'd loved that it was an American holiday and believed she had so much in life to be grateful for. So Thanksgiving had always been a big deal in the Narkov household. Now that she was gone, the holidays got my dad pretty down. I needed to be there for him. I sighed.
"I can't Jord. I need to be there for my dad. Thanksgiving was really important to my mom and it's still a big deal to me and dad. We always spend it together."
Jordan nodded, he seemed to understand. "Of course Mila. I wish you could but I get it."
I frowned, wishing I could be a better girlfriend to Jordan.

We reached the diner and Jordan held the door open for me. It was ten thirty now and the diner was almost empty. We had plenty of time though, the diner closed at two in the morning. We were seated in a big, comfy red booth. Jordan flipped through his menu aimlessly but I hadn't even picked mine up. I already knew what I was going to order from the multitude of times I'd had late night study sessions at the diner. A waitress ,a platinum blond with teased up hair, red lips and her uniform unbuttoned a bit too low, spilling out cleavage, arrived. She chewed her gum loudly. "What can I get y'all?"
"I'll have scrambled eggs with blueberry pancakes and a glass of orange juice please," I said. The waitress wrote down my request and turned to Jordan.
"Whatta 'bout you sweetie?"
"The French toast with scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee, decaf." She winked at Jordan before turning away, her high heels clacking.

Our food arrived soon and Jordan took a big bite before announcing he liked it, his mouth still half full. I burst out laughing at Jordan's antics.
"Glad to know this place has your approval Bay Boy."
Jordan finished chewing and his face grew serious. "Mila, our next game is at home on Thursday? Can you come?" I shook my head ruefully.
"I can't just take off school, I'm sorry. Do you have a weekend game?"
"No, we have a road trip. We're playing the Senators and the Wild." I sighed, guess I wouldn't be seeing Jordan until after Thanksgiving.